Glamorous Temptation Episode 20 Recap

Episode 20 Highlight: “Hot Da*%”

Previously on episode 19…

screenshot_2016-01-17-16-37-35.pngEun soo thinks back to the beginning, manipulative interactions with Il Joo and rightly deduces that Il Joo had framed her due to her obsession with Hyung woo. The next day, Eun soo asked the EMT if there has been a lost document on the ride on the hospital. Coincidentally, the EMT states that Il Joo had asked him the same question the day before. Il Ran catches Il Joo ruffling through her things and lying through her teeth, Il Ran plays her game. She does lend her the yellow bag, but throws shades at her; like mother, like daughter, aka beggars. Those words are enough to foil deter Il Joo’s quest. Hyung woo keeps Mi Rae company, while Eun soo begs PM to see footage from the party. Security guard informs them that Il Joo requested to see the footage as well. As Eun soo studies the way Il Joo frantically chases Mi Rae down the halls, Il Joo runs into the room with fear curious about Eun soo’s presence.

screenshot_2016-01-17-16-55-54.pngIl Joo “apologizes” to Eun soo and tells her to forget about the ring. No, she must return the ring since it is an expensive ring that caused her (Il Joo) to act hysterical towards a child. Eun soo tells Hyung woo that she doesn’t want any contact from him anymore. Requesting an audience with Hyung woo, PM tells him that being an aide to Il Joo is still available, but Hyung woo tells him straight out that his place is by Eun soo. Besides, he wants PM to stop paying for the hospital bills since Eun soo is his woman. So, stay down PM! Eun soo apologizes to Mi Rae for starting the job at the residence but she’ll get revenge on the lady who started this whole mess. Gauntlet thrown! Il Joo still has the disgusting nerve to tell Hyung woo to work for her since he’s stuck in Korea, but he throws shades at her which is enough to shut her up. As Moo Hyuk ponders what the secret codes means, he has a photographic memory, Il Joo walks by. He tells her that he has scheduled a talk show with his family broadcasting station.

screenshot_2016-01-17-17-03-52.pngEun soo takes PM up on his offer on using the caregiver he offered. She also requests for her job back to keep her busy, news, Hyung woo is not happy to hear.  PM tells Se Young to hand over the gallery ledgers to Eun soo; she’s back. Il Do shamelessly asks PM to back him up financially for his campaign since Il Joo has a talk show to boost her audience.Il Ran excuses herself from breakfast early due to her book signing event later in the afternoon. Se Young advices Il Do to listen to PM for once, but his cockiness is bigger than his ego as he demands for Se Young’s secret stash. She denies she has any which he believes she she’s riled up. Oh, it seems her defense against her husband’s hand is slowly coming becoming confident. Eun soo begs Hae Jeong (the nicer maid) to observe Il Joo’s every move. Se Young tries to get on Eun soo’s good side as she draws out similarities between their lives. So, not the same thing, but Eun soo accepts the brooch Se Young hands to her.

screenshot_2016-01-17-17-16-23.pngDH gives Hyung woo an energy drink to give to Eun soo since she understands what Eun soo is going through. That’s a first! I lied, it turns out that the gift is to throw off Hyung woo and Eun soo as she concocts a plan with President Gwon. New plan, since PM is head over heels for Eun soo, change her appearance to their advantage. On her way to the hospital, Eun soo runs into Il Joo. She still cannot believe that the diamond ring was worth Mi Rae’s accident. So, she’ll try her hardest to look for that document, I mean ring.Gossip maids get a dose of hard slaps from Eun soo after overhearing their conversation about her and Mi Rae. Next time, she won’t be generous on the slaps. Ha! Manager Go did warn them to shut up!Hae Jeong watches Il Joo’s movement, while Il Ran finds disappointment at her supposedly book signing.

screenshot_2016-01-20-21-32-12.pngAfter making a ruckus, she heads to the hospital to see Eun soo. Feeling sympathetic, she gives Eun soo her coat and the yellow purse along with a copy of her book; she needs to look stylish even if she’s sad. It is not a scene if Manager Ma is not fighting with Il Ran. Hyung woo is tending to Eun soo, but Eun soo has had enough. She doesn’t want to waste his time anymore as she feels bad for not reciprocating his feelings at the time being. Though, she was extremely happy with him, she doesn’t think she can return to that place anymore. President Gown pays Eun soo a visit the next day. He tries to get her reaction towards PM, who’s a devout bookwork. He gives her a copy of Olof Palme’s book for her to read on her spare time. But, this should be kept a secret from PM, old man don’t play.

screenshot_2016-01-20-21-48-19.pngIl Joo gets ready for the talk show, but Moo Hyuk is not happy about his wife’s cold shoulders. He shows her the code, but her cockiness reveals that the original has an important key in it. Stoopeid! Aide Kim Gyeong Min tells Il Do that he can get the money for the funds. Il Joo and Moo Hyuk display their fake love on national TV as the interviewer. Caregivers tells Hyung woo that he’s not allowed to see Mi Rae, especially, since he’s not family. Ouch! At work, Eun soo accidentally drops PM’s book which she sees the voice recorder and a bookmarked page. The page talks about love which Eun soo seems to clue in the pieces, but before she can fully process the confirmed information, Manager Go hands her a wrapped dress, telling her that PM wants her at the gala event for Il Joo’s campaign.

screenshot_2016-01-20-22-02-54.pngEun soo tells PM that she cannot accept the dress, but he tells her that it is her decision to make. Joo Hyuk interrupts Moo Hyuk at the station, so, Il Joo used the alone opportunity to pay a visit at Eun soo’s apartment. Eun soo catches her in the act of going through her things. She, then, hands her a huge envelope. Thinking, it is the document, she finds her wedding ring in it instead. Psych! DH informs Hyung woo that Eun soo will be at the event. Seeing Il Joo and Moo Hyuk happily smiling on TV during the interview is enough for Eun soo to change her mind. She dolls up for the gala and damn, she looks smoking. All surprised eyes are on Eun soo as she gracefully and beautifully walks the carpet to accompany PM into the building.


DAMN! WHAT A FREAKING ENDING!  It took 20 episodes and a tragic accident to get sassy, backbone and manipulative Eun soo, but I am not complaining. I am only and slightly concerned for PM because his feelings will be highly messed up by her skillful calculations. Hey, he asked for it, though their chemistry at the end was sizzling, dazzling and dare I say, glamorous. Oh! It is about to be on and Il Joo has shown cracks of her plans being exposed. It is not that it was perfect in the first place. But, now is the time to stop and THINK/STRATEGIZE before acting, Il Joo, because Eun soo is not in it to lose. I think it is TIME you let Moo Hyuk in and I don’t mean sexually. Jus’ sayin’! 🙂

Stray Odds & Ends

  • No one is off yet-GUILTY
  • Brooch by Se Young is bugged
  • PM and Eun soo’s chemistry went off the roof.

4 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 20 Recap

  1. The end reminded me of glass mask. It’s payback time. Eun soon is in it to WIN IT!!! Its long over due. And I am solidly rooting for her.


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