Glamorous Temptation Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 Highlight: “Wake-up”

Previously on episode 18…


Mi Rae is rushed to the hospital, accompanied by panicked Eun soo, Hyug woo and grandma, however, before passing out, she utters a word to Eun soo. PM congregates the family to find out previous events that lead to Mi Rae’s fall. Though, it is worth to note that Il Ran hate for kids is deeper than usual. It turns out that Il Joo had the wedding ring on her and Moo Hyuk wonders how she was able to manipulate the audience with her act. Eun soo is in denial shock as the doctor reports that Mi Rae is in a semi-coma state. Se Young seems to feel bad for Eun soo and Mi Rae, but Il Joo and I are still suspicious on her sudden niceness to Eun soo. The director keeps tormenting us with Il Ran discovering the documents in the yellow bag. The doctor explains Mi Rae’s conditions to the guardians, but Eun soo is in a different state of shock as her mom wonders why Mi Rae would’ve taken a wedding ring to cost her the condition she’s in.


It is another day at the Kangs’ as they blatantly forget the tragic from the night before. PM is fed up with their callousness as he breaks the news that Mi Rae is in semi-coma. Darn, I wished it was real, but Il Joo had a nightmare about PM discovering the cause of the chase; framing Eun soo with the original documents. Meanwhile, Eun soo’s state of mind is in denial and self-blame as she rushes out of the hospital to the store to get new school items for Mi Rae. Hyung woo begs her to snap out of it, but she continues on with a happy face and the thought of Mi Rae needing new school items to start elementary school for next year. Beom Soo sees Il Joo searching through Mi Rae’s stuff, though; he doesn’t make much of her presence. Eun soo goes on full self-blame mode as Hyung woo challenges her mental state. Though, she’s not the only one feeling guilty about the accident.


Post surgery the next day, doctors come with new information, Mi Rae is now in full vegetative state—good as dead. This throws Eun soo over the edge as she wails at the doctor to save her daughter. PM arrives in time as he also puts pressure on the doctors to save Mi Rae. PM tries to comfort Eun soo, but it ain’t working. DH takes the award for the worse mother of the year as she blames her son for trying to start over with Eun soo and the family; if he had stayed put, Mi Rae would still be alive. While PM is crying for Eun soo’s sad state, Eun soo thinks back to what Mi Rae whispered to her before passing out, Yellow Rose of Sharon. Eun soo meets with Hyung woo outside as she blames herself for getting caught up in her own happiness that she forgot about her daughter. She also directs that anger towards Hyung woo as she tells him to never show up in front of her again.


Il Joo tries to worm her way into visiting Eun soo and Mi Rae with Il Ran, but Il Ran calls her on her haughty act. Though, Il Ran’s good intention isn’t received well as she says Eun soo’s place is next to her. Really?! Luckily, Manager Ma is there to straighten Il Ran out. Eun soo catches Il Joo going through Mi Rae’s jacket in the closet, but dummy thinks Eun soo can buy her excuse on looking for the ring and also checking up on Mi Rae. Enemies of progress DH and President Gwon celebrate on Eun soo’s tragedy which will still keep her in town. Beom soo and mom encourage Eun soo to eat and rest at home in order to keep her strength. As mom folds Mi Rae’s jacket, Il Joo’s ring suddenly falls out of the pocket. Eun soo’s mind is not settled upon reaching home as she strongly believes that Il Joo planted the ring in the jacket.


Moo Hyuk tells a panicked Il Joo to cooperate with him since he knows her secret. PM tells Hyung woo to give Eun soo space for her to endure her pain. She’ll direct all her frustration on him which could hurt him. Hyung woo doesn’t take this advice well as he goes on to blame his mom for pushing Mi Rae.  Hae Young, the nice maid, sends Eun soo a congratulatory video she made during the party, with Mi Rae in it. She sees Il Joo in the background drinking her wine, but doesn’t make note of anything unusual. Eun soo goes through Mi Rae things when she sees a drawing of a Pink Rose of Sharon. Putting clues together, she re-watches the video and notices that the ring on Il Joo’s finger. Taking this solid evidence into account, this mom looks out to the night and it seems that vengeance has found her.


Who else felt the chill of that ending? Eun soo has been patient enough and I squealed as I saw how beautiful, yet hell-bent on thinking about how she’ll make everyone who has made her life hell pay. I will like to point out that Eun soo’s reaction to her daughter’s’ bad news is normal. Everything she did throughout the episode made sense and the realistic portrayal of a mother in self-blame mode made her harsh outburst towards Hyung woo and herself sting. I just didn’t like how she explained that her trying to find happiness lead to Mi rae’s comatose state due to her neglect of her daughter and her own pursuit of happiness.

If Mi Rae had just sprained her ankle, I would say that statement is a copout and unreasonable because she’s trying to say that single mothers cannot find happiness again. Being a single mother stuck in raising her child without having a life is what needs to be done, but the fact that Mi Rae is in a predicament due to her “carelessness” as she puts it, her reason is valid, though, not justified. There’s no one to blame other than IL JOO. Yes, I am pointing fingers towards her because she started this whole chain/series of ill-fate towards everyone she has come across with.

Interestingly, this makes me wonder how Cheong Mi raised her daughter before she (Il Joo) entered into the Han’s home (Hyung woo) and the Kang’s. How much of an entitlement did her mother expose her to think that she can go after what she wants AT ALL COSTS. The fact that she’s not remotely sympathetic towards Mi Rae or Eun soo, shows that when Eun soo gives her a dose and series of heart attacks, I will be smiling and rooting for more low blows heading her way.

Stray Odds & Ends

  • We are not closer to finding out who pushed Mi Rae or if Mi Rae fell as everyone pointed fingers amongst themselves. So, everyone is still GUILTY, including Mi Rae (slipping off the stairs due to fright). I know, tough sentencing to a comatose girl.
  • Mi Rae is brain dead, unless the writers pull a miraculous recovery, let’s get ready to say goodbye for good to our little Koo ee.

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