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Glamorous Temptation Episode 18 Recap

Episode 18 Highlight: “Big Bad Wolves”

Previously on episode 17…


Eun soo and Mi Rae are greeted by Manager Go and a cook instead of Hyung woo at the airport. Hyung woo sees the two ladies anxiously waiting in PM’s room as he and PM walks in. it turns out that DH framed Eun soo for embezzling money from the Eun Gang Foundation, which means a travel ban was placed on her. Called it! So, the reason Hyung woo went to the prosecutor’s office was to release the travel ban and not turn PM in. Manager Jo confirms the story and DH shamelessly admits to it. I guess Hyung woo passed the test of love and not of revenge as he shockingly gives his blessing to the young couple. News does spread quickly as the Kang’s discuss the hottest new couple in the house who decide to have a freaking life. PM sees DH privately and tells her to just let go; a mother should want her child’s happiness to come first, but it looks like he is talking to a dead, vengeful soul. Eun soo surprises her mom late at night as she comes in with a sleeping Mi Rae.


Yoo Kyung goes clubbing and this church mouse takes the blame of setting the club on fire. The club owner finds out through #1 speed dial that she not rich enough to compensate, though she frantically begs him not to call her parents. Meanwhile, Beom soo silently watch Yoo Kyung get chewed out. Beom Soo does have an admirer/stalker in Ah Reum as she follows him home and locates his house for the future encounters. DH plays the “our efforts are wasted” card on Hyung woo as she blames Eun soo for coming into their lives to ruin their revenge plan. Hyung woo begs her to quit, but she’s been to hell so, she’ll see the plan through. Eun soo’s mom uses the opportunity to tearfully confess about her bad behavior when dad was still alive due to his constant drunken state and she wishes Eun soo and Mi Rae didn’t have to go. Aww!  Moo Hyuk can’t let things slide as he suggests to the family they have a going away party for the couple. Meanwhile, Hyung woo and Eun soo have a cute date day to freely be happy for once. As the date is going on, DH pays a visit to Eun soo’s home where she confronts mom about using her son. Mom is fed up with the ridiculousness of the conversation and angrily throws rice at the evil spirit of a mother at DH. Hehe! Even in dreams, Eun soo cannot catch a break with the Kangs’ as PM dreams of her happily getting married to him, but damn you, Manager Go for waking him up.


DH decides to partner up with President Gwon who is apt on her revenge plan; slush fund. President Gwon apparently still wants Eun soo as part of his plan against PM. I guess this is enemy #2 in wanting her to stay back in Korea. Il Ran tries to beg Eun soo to stay, but to no avail because Eun soo has refunded her, so she doesn’t owe her anymore. As Il Ran tries to press on, Manager Ma magically and randomly appears to save Eun soo/terrorize Il Ran. Hehe. It is party day and everyone is decked up. PM gives his full blessing to Eun soo, while the maids wish her well. Mi Rae identifies Moo Hyuk as the man she spent her day with before the kidnapping of her and Hyung woo. Moo Hyuk doesn’t see the harm in his actions. Even though Eun soo accuses him, we see aide Kim watching them from the corner. Il Ran pulls Eun soo away and declares that Eun soo has to stay since she owns her. However, before she can continue her speech, Mi Rae shows up to her mom side and her sight irks Il Ran. President Gwon finds a new interest concerning Eun soo, but in Mi Rae.


Eun soo makes her way to the other side of the room as she goes on to apologize to Il Do, who’s drunk and needs his embezzlement money from her. Unknowingly to her, aide Kim and his girlfriend look at Eun soo suspiciously. It seems Moo Hyuk as an admirer/gold digger from a flirty cook as she tries to seduce him, but it comes out as a total fail. Haha! Manager Go notices that PM’s attention is on Eun soo who’s smiling with Hyung woo in front of him. Moo Hyuk plays with Mi Rae in the bedroom, though; he makes a paper toy for her. She’s tired though, so he allows her to sleep, while he leaves. In the other room, PM makes a subtle confession to Eun Soo about her not leaving and staying by his side. She doesn’t make much of it, but she suspects he has feelings for her. Mi Rae wakes up and finds Moo Hyuk’s blazer on her as a blanket. In it, she finds the original document. She thinks back to when she saw mom with the copied documents and asks about its meaning since the shape on the document looks like a Rose of Sharon (Korea’s national flower). She knows it is important to mom, so she can’t tamper with it.


As if on cue, Il Joo comes in the room and as she guessed right, Mi Rae runs with the document with her giving a chase. Mi Rae hides in Il Ran’s closet and hides the document inside a yellow purse. Il Joo is about to find her, but Il Ran drives her out of her room. Mi Rae runs to her grandmother for help, but grandma is too tipsy to notice the worry on the child’s face when Il Joo runs across the room and accuses Mi Rae of stealing her wedding ring. While this commotion is going on, Eun soo asks Hyung woo if PM really had her husband killed. While they are busy flirting, Mi Rae runs out with the band of everyone at the party chasing after her. She stops at the edge of the stairs with everyone’s scary face lurking in front of her. Momentarily, PM distracts them as he wonders why they are all outside, but all the baddies give a scare at the little child. Though, the editing was horribly done, but Mi Rae falls down the stairs, or rather floats down to the edge of the stairs. The chaos distracts Eun soo and Hyung woo, who find Mi Rae on the ground, unconscious and bleeding.


First of all, that editing of Mi Rae slipping off the stairs was horribly done. It shows that someone either pushed her off or she slipped, either ways, this is not a fantasy drama, so, I felt bad that I laughed so hard at that that I got distracted from her being unconscious. Anyways, the question will be who pushed Mi Rae down the stairs? There are couples of contestants that want Eun soo out of the picture or want to use her any means necessary for their own task, so until the guilty party is revealed, I will give out my guesses:

President Gwon-Guilty                                          Cooks-Guilty

Manager Go-Guilty                                                  Il Ran-Guilty

Director Han (DH/Hyung woo’s mom)-Guilty       Se Young-Guilty

Aide Kim and girlfriend-Guilty                           Il Do-Guilty

Il Joo-Guilty                                                                   Mi Rae-Guilty (slipped due to being scared)

Who do you suspect is guilty? 

Stray Odds and Ends

  • The tarot reading implies PM is the one who has a great chemistry with Eun soo. Sorry, Hyung woo, then again one shouldn’t base their destiny on card reading. With Mi Rae in danger, I don’t see that chemistry in fruition, except to seek out revenge. That is if something happens to Mi Rae.
  • Il Ran is getting on my nerves. I know she has a deep hatred for kids, so either this story quickly fleshes out or I’ll ignore whatever sympathy they throw our way with her character later.
  • It seems aide Kim has his own personal agenda and Eun soo will be part of his equation.
  • PM confesses to Eun soo and I just love her reaction. Hehe, confused and flattered.
  • I’m suspiciously looking in Yoo Kyung.

4 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 18 Recap”

  1. I think someone pushed her. I looked at the scene and noticed that the angle of her gaze shifted, like she was looking at someone approaching her. Also there were shadows on her face in that moment. As would happen if someone bigger than you stood in front of you blocking the light that was hitting your face. You could also see it simultaneously, her face shifting and the shadows overtaking her face. I do not think Il Joo pushed her, I think her face would have been more scared if the person that approached her was the one that had been actively chasing her all that time.


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