Glamorous Temptation Episode 17 Recap

Episode 17 Highlight: “Let Me Go!”

Previously on episode 16…


Il Joo is safe for now as the music box sent to Hyung woo comes out empty. PM explains to Eun soo the meaning behind the codes; secret language between him and Cheong Mi. Hyung woo confronts Il Joo and accuses her of framing Eun soo in the past since he never gave her the music box. Delusional Il Joo frames her answers that her love for him was why she held onto it. As the confrontation gets heated, Moo Hyuk interrupts them by inviting them to diner with Eun soo present. Flashback shows Moo Hyuk telling Il Joo beforehand that she needs not to interfere in the new couple’s love, considering he has the original documents. Cue Il Joo, in the present, turning on the puke charm as she butters on the gross act of being in love with her husband, nobody, except moony Moo Hyuk buys the act.

Eun soo tells Il Joo to drop the façade of being in love, but Il Joo milks that she’ll start over with her husband, so Eun soo can have Hyung woo. At home, Il Joo is seethes with anger  towards Moo Hyuk as she requests for the documents since she played her part. Realizing that his wife lacks common sense, Moo Hyuk threatens to expose her to PM if she’s not careful. Hyung woo finally realizes that Eun soo noble-mean act was a cover-up, but she claims that half of the act was real; she doesn’t have the courage to fight that family. PM thinks back of the past; his father-in-law found out about his affair with Cheong Mi. He didn’t have the courage to fight for their lives; literally, Cheong Mi got kidnapped by father-in-law. His thought is in comparison to Hyung woo who’s fighting for his love with Eun soo despite the consequences. Breakfast time is drama time with Il Ran bringing money laundering issue. Yea, she’s not slow as estimated.



Hyung woo wants to know why PM edited the conversation between him and his mother to Eun soo. PM needs someone he can trust and Eun soo looks like she’s gaining his favor. Being a useless husband, Il Do blames Se Young for not taking the blame of laundering. He goes further to insult her father’s business, which tips her over the edge as she creates a secret savings account in a different bank. She calls her dad and begs him to use the money to buy a new boat for his anchovy fishing business. Though, dad refuses, she lies that her husband is in support of it. Eun soo runs into PM in the market as he causally states he’s there to buy mudfish since his cooking staff is ignorant of it. Hmm! Hmm! They have a nice “date” eating spicy rice cake and fish kebab. Upon returning home, Manager Go is on PM’s case about eating unhealthy food due to his health, but the conversation gets shut down before starting.

Late that evening, Hyung woo hands Eun soo the music box and in it are five airplane tickets aboard. He wants to start anew with her and her family since he’s going to quit his revenge. Il Ran joins the gang late for breakfast due to her sudden literary muse which made her stay up late. She innocently asks after her nephew, Woo Jin, but Se Young and Il Do attack her curiosity towards her nephew’s wellbeing. It makes sense that the parents are on alert over the matter considering she almost smothered the child to death because she didn’t like the sound of his crying. WHAT??! Moo Hyuk jumps in on the conversation as he casually asks if her hatred towards kids stem from the fact that her child died young. WHAT? WHAT? They don’t deserve their job title as maids and cooks if they don’t gossip about the households. Though, Manager Go shuts down the conversation of Se Young parachuting her way as Il Do’s wife due to the fact that she has a son for him.


Il Joo needs the damned documents now, but Moo Hyuk isn’t budging because their relationship is not in good shape as he hoped. Eun soo brings home new boyfriend to meet the family and to tell them about relocating. Beom soo isn’t too thrilled about the idea of moving, worse with boyfriend Hyung woo; the guy whose family’s action made his family suffer. Hmm, says the boy who was part of the equation. The disapproval works up the urge for Beom soo to work, this time as a club DJ. He has pretty fans, but his truest fan is no other than President’s Gwon’s granddaughter, Ah Reun, who rescues him from the hands of a drunk crush. Though, her alien-ness freaks him out. Hehe! While Hyung woo is playing dad and husband to be, his mom, DH, finds documents on residency in New Zealand in his room. Of course, Hyung woo can’t have peace with his mom lurking. She confronts him about the emigration, worse with Eun soo and her family. She is too distraught to HEAR him as he tells her that he wants to quit the revenge plan and move on with his life. Blinded by her greedy agenda, she goes to tattletale on her grown-ass son to PM. But PM is flabbergasted about the news of Eun soo leaving him.

Mi Rae is happy that uncle “Koo” is going to be her new dad. PM tells Manager Jo to plant incriminating documents on him as bait to know if Hyung woo’s priority is Eun soo or his revenge. Commence Manager Jo calling Eun soo as anonymous to tell her about the documents, but she is definitely not playing this game again as she tells anonymous caller to suck it. Knowing that man-toy heard the conversation, Eun soo begs him not to act on it and let it be. C’mon, we ALL know Hyung woo won’t sit idle as he tracks the document to a public locker. Eun soo being the bigger person apologizes to DH, who shamelessly trashes Eun soo with words, but Eun soo can see through the lonely, disgrace of a mother as she stands up for herself and her right to love. Beom soo comes around and gives his blessings to his sister, but he’ll stay in Korea with his mom; Eun soo deserves to have a happy life. While Eun soo and Mi Rae are bidding a teary farewell, Hyung woo finds out from his buddy that the documents are indeed legit, but before he can fully process the information, DH storms in his room stating he’s NOT going anywhere. While Eun soo and Mi Rae wait patiently at the airport for Hyung woo, Hyung woo is greeted by PM who is waiting for him at the Prosecutor’s office.



We saw that coming, right? However, I do want to truly believe that Hyung woo did not pursue the plan because mother-dearest distracted him with the words, “you’re NOT going anywhere”. It is like she did something to hinder him from traveling. So, meeting with PM is a different agenda he has on his mind. If we remember, DH did tell PM to do place a ban on Hyung woo’s travel plans. So, here is hoping Hyung woo isn’t as dumb as we hoped. Hehe! The new development in this drama is Il Ran had a child.  The way the new information is being set up puts her in a different spotlight. Her carefree attitude, though highly observant and a little bit sympathetic, yet, alertly ignorant about situations going on in the house makes her behavior seem rational. Okay, I just confused myself, but hope this new development will be dissected more on this character because it will be highly random if Moo Hyuk throw those atomic bomb words at her and then the story on that fizzles. In all, Eun soo is definitely NOT going to NEW ZEALAND. Maybe not until episode 49.

Stray Odds and Ends

  • Il Joo is delusional and so is Moo Hyuk to think his crazy wife will ever love him.
  • A stray of pity came my way for Se Young, but it is not quarter way there for me to care about her.
  • Sweetness, Beom soo will have more lines in the future and I KNOW A LOVE TRIANGE WILL START between Ah Reum and Yoo Gyung

Feel free to comment away in this episode with your own thoughts….

4 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 17 Recap

  1. Well if a love triangle starts between the three youngsters, I really wish the love line to be between Beom soo/Yoon Gyung. That girl needs someone to love her and take her out of that house. But, since the first meet was between Beom soo/Ah Reum, I don’t have much hope 😥


    1. First, thanks for dropping a comment. I did wish they had a loveline because Yoo kyung needed more to do or.say. She was a convenient character as compared to three of them in one place


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