Glamorous Temptation Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 Highlight: “Limits.”

Previously on episode 15…


Speaking with a backbone, Eun Soo tells the assembled about the account book discrepancies; Eun Gang Gallery (Se Young) received 2 billion Won in funds from the Foundation (DH). PM wakes up Il Do to question him about the funds. Eun Soo and Hyung woo fight about what just happened and she tells him that she doesn’t want anything to do with him since he can easily throw her under the bus. Il Do denies the accusation and deflects the blame to Se Young. PM replays the video file, but Il Do keeps on denying the accusation.

PM loses his cool and punches the 49.9 years old Il Do (his 50th birthday is the next day). DH gets on her knees to beg, but PM promises that she and Hyung woo should get ready to be buried alongside late Assemblyman Jin Jeong Gi. Saved by the manipulator, Il Joo steps in playing the same voice file, though, the voice sounds similar to Il Do’s, but it’s different. A flashback shows that Il Joo, legally, did another voice analyze using Il Do’s recorded voice from the dinner table, the day before, the voice sounds exactly the same to human ears, but there are some discrepancies in frequencies. This means that Il Do’s voice was fabricated and he’s being used as a scapegoat to toy with PM.


Without missing the constant eye contact between Il Joo and Eun Soo, we learn that as soon as Eun soo found out about the funds transfer she quickly asked for Il Joo’s help to save both DH and Hyung woo. Of course, Il Joo is not without any trade to offer. She’ll save both of them if Eun soo leaves Hyung woo. Eun soo ups her bet as she says she’ll give up Hyung woo for good. We don’t hear the rest of the conversation, but from Il Joo’s victory smug on her face, she shows PM the evidence of the voice analysis.

PM looks like a fool as he’s being played when DH states that she did give the money to Se Young to support Il Do’s campaign run in Gangman District. As the debacle is pressing on, Moo Hyuk is using the opportunity to try out the hundreds of safe combination to open Il Joo’s safe. He has time on his freaking hands, literally. Calmed, PM tells Se Young to return the money and takes jabs at Il Do, at least, Se Young is indeed a politician’s wife unlike him. HAHA! Low burn. Il Joo runs to her closet after the ordeal, but Moo Hyuk interrupts her to ask what he needs to do to make Hyung woo and Eun soo unhappy. Since, she has her tracks covered, she lied that she made a drunk statement. Il Do is nursing his black eye, when Se Young comments about Eun soo’s skills. Those words makes Il do pull his wife’s hair, about to strike her, as he blames her for her making him beg to bring Eun soo back. Huh??!


PM tells DH that she makes him nervous as she is more ambitious than her late husband. However, he’ll entrust her with a bigger task as the previous was just a test. Hyung woo finds the hidden voice recorder in his home, Eun soo is wallowing in pity on her way home and PM watches the fight between Eun soo and Hyung woo in his study from earlier. Beom Soo is tuning his guitar when Eun soo enters his room to talk to him about studying for his bar exam. He tells her to take care of herself instead. Besides, working in the club bar is what he wants to do. Eun soo knows that he’s throwing away his potential as she tries to appease to him, but declines her help.

Not reading the tired look on her son’s face, DH tells him even though 15 years is wasted, they need to lay low for now, then rise again. I love how Hyuung woo just walks out on her.  At breakfast, PM tells Se Young to give the Gallery account book to Eun soo every month, for a monthly check up. Il Joo gets ready for work to see Moo Hyuk reading. He tells her that he’s not feeling too well, but he’ll need an undisturbed rest to feel better. At work, Hyung woo goes about his job as an aide to Il Joo, who loses focus as she tries to reminisce the past by comparing Eun soo’s actions to his dad’s. She plays the smallest violin as she state that she doesn’t want Hyung woo to go through the pain of losing another parent (he’s a big boy). Besides, she enduring the fact that she knows about the revenge is hardwork. Guess what Hyung woo says, “I’ve nothing to be afraid of anymore.” Eat that, sucker! Sorry, I’m getting carried away.


PM nose begins to bleed as Eun soo is about to leave for the night. She ends up staying to wash the stain away after giving him his medicine. Manager Go is livid as he finds out and tells PM to make Eun soo quit, since all she did was wash the bloodstain off his shirt than call the doctor, but PM is like wateva! PM joins Eun soo in the PPL laundry room to and allegorizes the washing off bloodstains to his life. Now, we know where Il Ran got her poetic creativity from. It seems like the men in her life like her sleep-deprived as Hyung woo stops her on her way out of the residence. He asks what her deal is and she tells him that she wants to be happy, so she yells at him to get lost. PM should invest in some sweet and salty popcorn because he sure loves watching them argue.

Eun soo definitely does regret her words as she cries on her way home with PM and Jo trailing along in their PM- mobile. Jo shows PM the video of Eun soo’s first contact after the misleading in the account book, Il Joo. PM wonders what Eun soo gave up. The next day, PM is decking out at the stairs of Eun soo’s neighborhood. He takes her to his hometown after that, he stylishly gets her tipsy to know what’s on her mind. Girl has dreams, but they got shattered 15 years ago. PM asks if she has a slight clue about the voice of anonymous caller. Cue to President Gwon telling aide Kim keeping an eye on Eun soo.


New face alert: President Gwon’s granddaughter, Kwon Ah Reum, pays her grandfather a visit at work. Apprently, she ran away from home, in the States, because her parents and President Gwon are already arranging her marriage. She wants to marry for love, not money. She’s a free soul and her partner has to be compatible. Please, we need only ONE Il Ran. Finally, Moo Hyuk is able to open the safe and he likes what he finds. He thinks back to the assignment his dad and brother have in task; find the original documents, but he was too happy to listen because he’s getting married to his crush. Il Joo confronts DH about her helping secretly helping Il Do. Did she forget that she knows everything?

However, DH got her tongue when she rightly suspects Il Joo of putting the documents in Eun soo’s bag. Il Joo screams her head off that she didn’t. DH pretends not to let her suspicions rise as she lets Il Joo slide with the misunderstanding. Il Joo runs to her safe only to find a missing music sewing box. Se Young and Il Ran have lunch alone, when Se Young’s mind drifts to when PM states to Il Jo that he’d rather put her in political position than Il Do. Hmm! Manger Go tries to appeal to Il Ran to make Eun soo quit, but it ain’t happening. Il Joo runs in asking Manager Go about Moo Hyuk. Cut to him at the café, doing research on late assemblyman Jin. He visits his brother’s office to ask more questions about Assemblyman Jin, but he doesn’t reveal that he has the original documents.


Hyung woo sees PM drop Eun soo off and he goes ballistic. Why does she trust PM? Doesn’t she know that he fabricated the recording? Eun soo is surprised to hear that, but with her poker face on, she burns Hyung woo as she says that he doesn’t use love as a disguise to use her. As their argument gets heated, mom and Mi Rae see them. Hyung woo introduces himself to mom and her “WHAT” face is hilarious. At home, mom queries her daughter about how she can involve herself with the past, but Eun soo says that event though mom pushes her to embrace the past, she can’t.

Moo Hyuk comes in with flowers and champagne, as he about to blow the roof, but Il Joo is not feeling it. She asks about the music box, which he claims to have. He narrates that she is the cause of aide Jin’s miserable life, so what will’’ happen if he blabs. Miss snail thinks she has the upper hand as she demands the item, thinking that she can use her heart as a pawn, but Moo Hyuk laughs at her gullibility. Hyung woo is at Eun soo’s house waiting patiently in the cold. The next day, Eun soo wakes up and sees a text from him about never letting go of her hand. She runs out to find a pink paper airplane, like in the past.



Hyung woo angrily confronts PM, in his study, about editing the recordings. He wants to know why he’s involving Eun soo. PM asks why he cares and he yells that he loves Eun soo. Words, Eun soo clearly heard. PM says that a month ago Hyung woo loved Il Joo, now he learns he used her for 15 years and is now turning Eun soo. Before PM can get an answer, Eun soo comes in and tells Hyung woo to leave. She yells that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and I tell you PM needs to get a popcorn as he watches the lovers’ quarrel.

The next morning, sleep deprived Il Joo wakes Moo Hyuk demanding the music box. She threatens her heart again, okay, she needs to stop before getting a heart attack, but Moo Hyuk casually asks if her heart was ever going to him. She then threatens divorce, empty words to Moo Hyuk ears as he laughs that his wife is dull, ha! Besides, who says that he has the items. She barges into DH home asking for Hyung woo, who’s heading to the office. Il Joo calls him, but he ignores her call. Upon arriving at the office, Hyung woo receives a package and in it is the music sewing machine box with Il Joo barging in screaming murder.



Who laughed in today’s episode. It wasn’t intentional, of course, but there were some scenes that made me laugh because it showed how ridiculous a character acted or spoke. Anyways, Il Joo will try to spin the whole music box to a thing of Eun soo sending the box back to him because it is proof that she’s over him. Hopefully, he doesn’t fall for it, but you never know with these “dull” characters. Speaking of characters, new alert, Gwon Ah Reum and maybe Beom soo. Granted, he had one scene , but it looks like she’ll find her soulmate in him, or President Gwon will secretly use her to get closer to Eun Soo, through Beom Soo, once Eun soo and PM get married. An event  that is bound to happen soon because home-slice is love struck. Anyways, Beom soo is more frequent that needed (five scenes in the entire last 14 episodes), but Eun soo will  need an ally with the law by her side, soon, because she is already entered a messed up political world.

Il Joo is just pathetic because girl still thinks she has the upper hand, but what she doesn’t realize is that she is just lost and over her head in the whole mess. Too bad though because I was want to feel for her, but her ego is too much for me to handle. Aide Kim is indeed working with President Gwon and it looks like Se Young is interested in politics, though, I don’t care for her, but I want to see her up her disgusting dull husband. Besides, why did she want Eun soo back. Is she ambitious as well?

Stray odds and ends.

  • PM packs a mean punch.
  • “You’re rude.”
  • “Il Joo, you are duller than I expected.”
  • “Don’t yell. You are the classiest, when you speak quietly.”
  • “First, you’ve to see if the two souls match each other. See if it’s a free soul.”
  • i didn’t mention this last episode, but PM sickness is back, but he doesn’t see Eun soo and Cheong Mi, but Eun soo as her. Crap, he really is falling for her. It looks like Eun soo kinda likes it???

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