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Glamorous Temptation Episode 15 Recap

Thanksgiving week/”mini-vacation.” Recaps will be up-to-date soon.

Episode 15 Highlight: “Change the Game.”

Previously on episode 14…

screenshot_2015-11-23-23-42-05.pngPM goes on a rant about how Hyung woo and DH controlled Eun soo to hand the incriminating documents to the prosecutors, but Eun soo steps in to say that the act was done according to her will. While PM is in shock-ville, DH and Il Joo are in gloat-ville as they think that Eun soo will be the one to take the fall. PM showed them, though, as he sends his goons to pick up DH.  Eun soo tells PM about the anonymous call and the threat towards her daughter, though, the real truth is his involvement in her husband’s death. He checks her phone records to confirm, but still doesn’t trust her words that DH wasn’t the one who made the calls. He checks Hyung woo’s phone to look for the picture evidence, but finds the phone gallery empty, that’s because Hyung woo was smart to send the evidence to his email and erased the file before getting caught. Phew! I got worried for a second.


Hyung woo urges PM to listen to the analyzed voice and PM is shocked to hear his son’s voice. Meanwhile, Il Do is drunk in happiness and literally as he believes that all is going according to plan. Hyung woo’s cover story of not reporting the discovery is that he needed concrete evidence before presenting it to PM. PM is not buying the BS, so Il Joo steps in to cover Hyung woo’s butt by lying that she was with Hyung woo to account for the times he was missing. Moo Hyuk is still trying his luck with Il Joo’s safe when a maid comes in to drop in the dry cleaning. She looks at him suspiciously and Moo Hyuk looks like he is ready to shut her mouth once and for all. PM and gang decide now is the best time to have a bonfire party as he burns the evidence of the copies. Eun soo tells him about how she got her hands on the documents and Il Joo is reeling in hidden fear about being caught. PM still thinks DH is behind the puppetry, but DH swears that she’s not. If she was, she wouldn’t have had Eun soo kidnapped, err, I guess Hyung woo and Eun soo didn’t know about this.


With fear, Il Joo takes the original copies of the codes, hidden in the musical sewing machine, kept in the safe, and is about to destroy the evidence, but she remembers when her father handed the letters of codes her mother created which apparently has an important key inside the original. Here is a freaking thought, why not just give her the key instead? But, it does seem like Moo Hyuk has an important key to an important door. PM tells Jo that he thinks that DH and Hyung woo are operating on a different plan even though their goals are the same. But, DH’s (Han Yeong Ae) plan is more than revenge and she’s the one behind Il Do. Jo advises him to investigate both mom and son, but PM was more focus on DH. Hyung woo confronts his mother about the kidnapping which she isn’t apologetic for and she is not apologetic either for sending Eun soo to the prosecutors. Hyung woo suspects that she’s controlling Il Do, but she is in the dark as well.


The next day, PM tells Eun soo to come back to work. He’ll protect her daughter and besides he cannot trust her since she knows a lot about him so he needs to keep her by his side. Sure!!!! Il Joo is not happy that Eun soo is back, seeing that she is eating again with the family. She whines to her dad about Il Do using Eun soo to try to take his money and use her late mom’s dead as a trap, but PM takes her to school; she tries to commit suicide after being a brat who throws tantrum because of love. At least Il Do has the guts to step up to her dad, unlike her to showed her hands too quickly. Eun soo gets a call from her mom that Mi Rae was followed. PM enters the study to see Eun soo being frantic when he coolly tells her that he had Mi Rae followed, didn’t he promise to protect her. Everyone say aww!! Il Ran believes that by wearing high heels and walking up a flight of stairs will tone her butt while searching for Eun soo’s home with her assistant.While resting, Manager Ma voices that Il Ran move her “pig feet” aside. They banter until she leaves, and I say, “Couple Alert.”


Il Joo is really not quitting as she guilt-trips Eun soo into thinking that going to the prosecutors is exactly what her father did to Hyung woo’s dad. What’s weird is that Eun soo’s life does mirror the past and Il Joo is milking on that. Luckily, Hyung woo comes in and drags Eun soo away, not before telling Il Joo that he chooses Eun soo. On the way to drop Eun soo off, he tells her not to feel sorry towards Il Joo anymore. Il Joo surprises Moo Hyuk as she tells him that she’s willing to open her heart towards him. While Il Joo is planting a seed towards their doom, Hyung woo and Eun soo walk hand-in-hand in bliss. But it seems like someone doesn’t like what he sees as stalker PM calls Eun soo from his surveillance with Jo that she comes to his house right away. Using his love of her bibimbap as an excuse, PM asks more about her family and why she isn’t following her dreams. Dreams are a luxury to her, but she won’t allow that fate to happen to her brother, which is why she pays for his education. PM compares her bibimbap to his late dead sister. From rags to riches, she was the one who took care of him even though she was younger. However, he’s glad she’s dead because she would’ve hated his present outcome in life.


Il Joo tells Moo Hyuk, before passing out, that she wants Eun soo and Hyung woo to be unhappy and suffer like she did. Eun Soo is still reeling in her moment of bliss as she thinks back to when things were simple while listening to the same music box music. She wonders if Il Joo ever gave the music box back or vise versa. Il Do’s daughter, Yoo Kyeong, is definitely starved for dad’s attention as Il Ran points out when Yoo Kyeong joins them in the living room. Before, she can utter a word out, Se Young runs in frantically telling her husband that their child, in the US, injured herself. Il Do leaves with Se Youing which makes Yoo Kyeong looking more dejected. Il Joo barges into Hyung woo’s room demanding the voice files of Il Do. Stating that she won’t get in between him and Hyung woo (yea, because Moo Hyuk will , as you’ve planned). She still wants to bring her brother down, so even if they can’t be lovers, they can still be partners, right? PM listens to Hyung woo and DH’s innocent conversation, when Eun soo shows up for work.


PM asks Jo to get the account books of Eun Gam Foundation and Gallery (DH and Se Young manage the different places). He strongly belives DH is mastermind behind the conspiracies against him. On her way to work, Eun Soo sees President Gwon casually standing at the end of the stairs of her home. Under the pretense of being nice, he asks about her family and makes small talk. During lunch, Il Ran avenges her niece as she voices that only the Kang’s eat lunch. Besides, shouldn’t Se Young be at work (gallery). Oh, that gives her an idea; PM should investigate the gallery because there might be some missing cash. Se young denies the idea, but her eyes plead, GUILTY! Il Joo casually asks about Il Do’s election preparation for Gangnam which riles him up. Eun soo shows up for work and PM asks her to put her accounting degree to use; check for any discrepancies in the Foundation and Gallery books.


President Gwon tells Joo Hyuk that Eun soo might be useful after all, so keep tabs on her. Hehe! Mom is overjoyed to hear that Eun soo is “working late.” Manager Go prepares noodles for PM at night, against her policy. He complements her and she looks infatuated beyond the moon when he complimented that she looked pretty then, 27 years ago, when she started working for him. Eun soo sees that a huge sum of cash went into the gallery from the Foundation, rather than telling the PM, she calls Hyung woo, who tells her to stay still. He runs to his mother who tells him to tell Eun soo to fabricate the evidence. Hyung woo doesn’t want to, but she plays the mommy card. He then says that he’ll place the blame on Il Do instead. All this while, no one knows that PM is either watching or listening to their conversations.  Eun soo meets up with Il Joo, but we don’t hear what they say. PM comes in to check on Eun soo and sees the changes she made. He plays the recorded conversation of DH and Hyung woo, but he omits most of Hyung woo’s plan as Eun soo only heard the part where he questioned his mother if he should implicate her. Eun soo cannot belive her ears as PM says that trust and suspicion go together and now her trust became foolish. He rounds up DH and Hyung woo, with Eun soo standing by, in his study for their trial.


Like PM, let me say that foolishness and stupidity go hand-in-hand. As SMART as everyone claim to be, they make the dumbest mistake. After the whole debacle of almost being caught, one would expect that people’s conversation would either be in codes, writings, or NOWHERE near the Kang’s properties. Are you saying that a rich, powerful and POLITICAL guy like PM has no cameras around the house or doesn’t know how to bug phones or rooms? 15 years, they’ve been with this man and I am expected to believe that they don’t know how he operates? Okay, then.

Enough of how stupid people can be and let’s talk about how smart one can be and the only smart person is PM. This guy is a mysterious as this drama can give. What is his game plan? Why is he working so hard to make DH take the fall, when he suspects, but he fully knows that someone else is at work to see his downfall. He does know that DH is an ambitious woman, so knowing her down a peg or two to her grave is easier because she’s someone he can get to fast enough, but there’s more to it.

I didn’t like how he had to manipulate Eun Soo into turning her back on helping Hyung woo and DH out of a bind. Eun soo will definitely push Hyung woo away because she’s tired of being used, but now he’s using her to know who’s behind what. Poor girl, can never catch a break no matter what side she’s on. Should’ve stayed home when you had the chance to quit!

Stray odds and ends


  • Manger Go is in love with PM. Sweet another Il Joo-like contender to see Eun soo grovel for not knowing her place. (sarcasm) Hey, 27 years is a baby and grandchild, so, Eun soo cannot be stepping in her territory.
  • Yoo Kyeong needs more lines
  • President Gwon is the President of the Press. FINALLY. He has a profession and that makes sense in all the ways and why he’s super scared of PM.
  • Il Ran assistant and aide Kim are indeed keeping tabs on Eun Soo, but who are they working for? President Gwon?
  • OMG! Who ships Manager Ma and Il Ran?





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