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Glamorous Temptation Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 Highlight: “Trust is a Weapon, so is Love.”

Previously on episode 13

14 GT 1

Eun Soo gets a picture text of Mi Rae from anonymous. She calls to find out the whereabouts of her daughter. As she runs out, she stops to call Hyung woo whose call goes straight to voicemail. That’s because he’s busy trying to stop Il Joo’s contemplative suicide attempt. Hyung woo tells Il Joo that she has faced harder times, especially when she first entered the Kang’s residence. She wants to know if there was ever a time that he loved her in the past 15 years.

Hyung woo feels sorry towards her because he felt miserable using her, but she was a means to an end. Ever since Eun soo entered the picture, she has been on his mind. Meanwhile, Eun soo encounters three threaten construction gangster who are there to lure her to a trap. Luckily, she got saved by an unknown man before an intended crate fell. False alarm! Il Joo thinks she has the upper hand as she threatens Hyung woo that if she tells her dad about his plan, she could bring Hyung woo and Eun soo down; she’s not falling down defeated. Grandma sees Mi Rae at home with lots of gifts and asks about her whereabouts.


Eun soo finds an audience with PM and Jo as she wakes up in the hospital. PM wants to know why Eun soo was at the construction site, but all Eun soo can think about is her daughter. Eun soo confirms Mi Rae’s  safety and PM wonders why Eun soo was lured. Jo is the unknown face who saves her as he apologizes to PM for not catching the culprit. President Gwon does have a hand in it as he yells and throws things at his lackey for doing a sloppy job in killing Eun soo.

PM is a dangerous man and President Gwon doesn’t want to mess with him. At the hospital, PM gives Eun soo an advice, don’t trust anyone thoughtlessly. He also wants her to come back to work, but she wants to take care of her daughter. Hyung woo and Il Joo come home the same time PM and Jo enter. Speaking to Hyung woo in his room, he asks about Hyung woo’s mission to watch Eun soo while in town. Hyung woo doesn’t disclosure the kissing and reminiscing as he lies that all was good.

But, PM bursts his bubble as he tells him that Eun soo was attacked after the quit. News to Hyung woo, PM tells him to find out who’s behind it. Il Joo still looks at the same clue of “Blue Beauty.” Il Joo pays a friendly visit to Director Han (DH, Hyung woo’s mom), but the mood changes as Il Joo mentions the slush fund and the fact that DH used her as an insurance. No worries, she’ll find the money and give it to them, but on one condition.


Hyung woo rushes to the hospital and finds Eun soo in the veranda. He tells her about Il Joo’s suicide attempt again and Eun soo feels extra guilty for Hyung woo being at her side instead of Il Joo. Hyung woo tells Eun soo not to worry because Il Joo already knows that he used her for 15 years. Not a reassuring word for Eun soo, but Hyung woo hugs it out. At breakfast, Il Ran is making noise about Eun soo quitting as she points fingers to her suspects.

At home, Eun soo gently asks Mi Rae about her special outing. Mi Rae does say the truth about an a driver and the friend of Hyung woo who laughs easily. Eun soo places a call to Hyung woo to tell him and he doesn’t know who fits the description. Eun soo tells her family that she quit her job and mom approves, now, she is free to marry the hot, rich man who buys her gifts. Hehe! Moo Hyuk comes groveling to Il Joo with flowers as she calmly gets ready for work.

He begs to return and she tells asks if he can wait until she opens her heart again. She commands him not to touch her body until she allows it, which he agrees to. Aide Kim, per Il Do’s orders, had delivered something to President Gwon. Il Do then punches aide Kim in the guts for dating Il Ran’s secretary. He can’t be dating when they’ve a goal; enter the Blue House.


PM is missing Eun soo hard as he subconsciously asks an absent Eun soo to get him a cup of tea. DH sees Eun soo waiting for the bus and with that the ladies meet for tea. DH sorry to Eun soo about the way she treated her because of her son. Eun soo cuts the BS, she used her to find PM slush fund by giving her the scarf. DH doesn’t cop out as she says she wants to get revenge over her husband’s death and she’s not sorry for using people to get there.

Also, she knows Hyung woo likes her, so she needs to be patient so that Il Joo doesn’t find out. After all is done, she’ll happily bless their union. PM gets a dose of Eun soo as he secretly watches her go home, with a talkative Jo. Hehe! Even the night view looks more beautiful. It is not the same to Il Joo as she starts her rants to Hyung woo for using her as a source of revenge without feeling apologetic.

Besides, what’s to stop her from tattle tailing, definitely, not the pretend love she thought he had for her. She makes him an offer of choice: choose her and abandon Eun soo and she’ll follow and help him with the revenge plan, but choose Eun soo and it all goes downhill. Eun soo thinks back to DH words about waiting patiently when she gets a call from Hyung woo. She tells him that  she’s scared that PM will find out from Il Joo about the plan. But Hyung woo tells her not to worry, since she has the coordinate book and the codes, in two days, everything will be okay.


The next day, Il Joo meets with Eun soo and being a brat that she is, she tries to put fear into an already scared Eun soo about telling PM of  Hyung woo’s revenge plan. Eun soo tries to appeal to her to understand his plight, but the whinny brat continues as she says that he never loved her for 15 years, but if Eun soo wants to save Hyung woo, she needs to leave him.  Eun soo reflects on Il Joo’s words about being confident in love which Eun soo isn’t since she feels apologetic to Il Joo and is holding Hyung woo.

Hyung woo is getting his proof ready as he takes pictures of the documents in the safe room, but the alarm goes off that someone else is entering the room. Luckily, it is mom who is surprised to see her son hastily taking evidence photos. She tells him that this is nothing compared to the dozen funds under PM’s name.

The bigger goal is to have proof of Blue Beauty fund. What Hyung woo is doing will coast PM few years in jail, but Blue Beauty is more than a few years. Hyung woo doesn’t care. He is not about revealing the money in as much as he wants to clear his father’s tarnished political reputation as a corrupt politician. He lets it slip that Eun soo has the copy of the coördinate book and codes which mom takes in high interest.


Product placement purse alerts Il Joo that she’s getting a call from DH who tells him during their face-to-face meeting that Hyung woo is about to carry out the plan and Eun soo has the copies of the documents.  Il Joo panics as she suggests that they use Eun soo to get to Hyung woo; she’ll sacrifice herself if she thinks Hyung woo is in danger.

Finally, Hyung woo knows that the voice of the anonymous caller belongs to Il Do, thanks to voice analyst, Joon Hee. On her way to work, Il Do and his driver stop Eun soo. He tells her to come back to work, before he can get more words out, Il Ran is there to make her case as she hands Eun soo the receipts of the clothes she bought for her during their shopping time, 20 million won. Meanwhile, Hyung woo is going through Il Doo’s office and he comes across the photos of Eun soo’s mom and Mi Rae. Il Do treats President Gwon to lunch as an advancement towards his Presidency, but President Gwon wants the fund whereabouts, which Il Do is happy to oblige.


II Ran surprises Se Young and PM, during lunch as she asks if it was her doing of telling her husband to bring back Eun soo. Se Young plays out her surprise and Il Ran is in the whist of wanting Eun soo back because Eun soo understands her; besides she cried one time during her impromptu poem. Eun soo is back at Ma’s restaurant cleaning tables. Ma tells her not to clean the tables, but mom puts a damp on his toupee, she has a rich man now. Ha!

Before Ma can process that, PM visits the restaurant and he wants his favorite, apricot bibimbap. While he’s eating and giving her luscious looks, Eun soo is busy cleaning tables and ignoring the cute, old man when she gets a call from DH. It does catch PM’s attention, but she goes outside to take the call. DH lies that PM has Hyung woo on his plan on getting revenge and she uses the opportunity to clarify if she has the copies of the documents which Eun soo agrees to. She tells Eun soo to take it to the prosecutor to save Hyung woo, meanwhile, PM overheard the conversation and he is mighty pissed as he asks Jo to find out Hyung woo’s whereabouts.


Hyung woo is carelessly taking evidence of money stash in the safe room, but he doesn’t notice that he doesn’t have any service down there.That’s bad news because Eun soo is frantically trying to warn him. So, she rushes home to get the documents, while Hyung woo gets caught by PM who’s heavily pissed that the snake he trained bit him. He holds Hyung woo in  choke hold as he demands answers. Meanwhile, Eun soo is almost at the prosecutor’s office when she gets cornered by a fake police team who ask that she enters the car with them to take her to Hyung woo. Ahhhh!!!! As suspected, in the same room where she got held at, Eun soo sees Hyung woo tied up to a chair. She runs to him carelessly before realizing that she’s trapped with PM looking at the documents while the two watch PM intensely waiting for their doom.


Just like Moo Hyuk and Il Joo deserve each other because of their theatrics and delusions, Hyung woo and Eun soo deserve each other because of their gullibility and carelessness. At first, it was hard to figure out Hyung woo because I wanted to know his end game, now that it is revealed, he really wasted 15 years of his life. His revenge plan was weak and not really thought out well. I want to say his love for Eun soo and the beacon of hope of starting a life with her and Mi Rae clouded his thinking,  but I highly doubt that. Maybe the fact that Il Joo knows about the revenge, makes him speed up the act before she does damage, but in all, the 15 years of mystery behind him turned to ashes as soon as he got caught, TWICE. He’s not as slick as I hoped and it’s too bad because I wanted him to be. I just hope he has more on his sleeves in the future because his mom is actively putting him in danger like she did Il Joo and Eun soo for her own agenda.

As for Eun soo, like mother, like da(Mi rae). Her mother needs to spank her for entering a stranger’s car. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THAT YOU TRUST 4 MEN OUT OF RANDOM ON THE STREET WHO TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE COPS AND YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THEM WHEN YOUR ARSE IS IN FRONT OF THE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE. Yep, this is me mad at this tom-foolery move of hers. I get it if Il Joo did this two episodes ago, but by now, she should know that every move she makes is NOT safe and it was disappointing at the end to make a dumb mistake out of love/carelessness/blind trust. The Eun soo of the past wasn’t this ridiculously slow, so I am confused, why, as an adult, she is easily deceived and trusting, even though, she tries to act all tough. She needs to take Il Joo’s word and not be sorry towards love. Il Joo never has a chance and she knows. I have said this already, you want something, take it, especially, since you don’t have the chance to take it fairly. Il Joo is, now is the time to act smart.

Enough of trying to justify idiotic decisions based on emotions as I talk about President Gwon. Okay, I sound redundant because homeslice is all emotional too as he’s cutting it close home base with PM. I don’t think that he’s acting alone though. Il Do might be the voice behind the call, but Gwon and maybe DH or Jo are all working together to bring down PM. Manager Jo, is still a mystery and he has been with PM since forever, so he knows more about PM and has more to gain by secretly helping the opponent, we just need to know when he’ll be revealed to us. I think.

Stray odds and ends

  • Il Joo is now whinny and bratty, so she’ll be more irritating. she does realize that she is the cause of this chain of reaction and when it comes back to bite her in the arse, let’s all say, I TOLD YOU SO. She really need to trend the waters well, because she’s walking on thin ice which can break any minute considering the fact that Moo Hyuk keeps trying to break into her safe. If he does and he finds the original, it won’t be good for this lady who loves to bargain.
  • PM is so in love with Eun soo and he doesn’t know it yet. Ahhh!
  • P.S. Aide Kim is not married. Guy too is secretive. He could be the other informant, same with his girlfriend or Manager Go Ahh, too many secrets.
  • DH has a bigger plan than revealing Blue Beauty. Does she want to become President; the goal her husband never reached? She’s more political-hungry than her husband was and now that she has the opportunity, she is taking advantage of it by stepping on others, even her son to get there. That would be interesting to see.

5 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 14 Recap”

    1. Hahaha….their chemistry is so much more than Hyung woo and Eun soo’s kiss. Then again, PM is badass and has a “bad boy” style…of course he”ll have a better chemsitry with the damsel in distress. 😁😁😁


  1. Lol, I totally agree. I always hope characters will be smarter, unfortunately they tend to be pretty stupid till the end. A show is so Buchanan better when both the heroes and the villains are smart. Creates a better push and pull. But thank for another great recap! 🙂

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