Glamorous Temptation Episode 13 Recap

Episode 13 Highlight: “Poisoned minds.”

Previously on episode 12…

13 GT 1

Il Joo is like an invader as she watches Hyung woo and Eun soo kiss passionately under their tree. Hyung woo comes clean with Eun soo for tapping her cell phone and following orders from PM Kang Seok Hyeon know her every move. On a perfect timing, anonymous calls Eun soo to give her a location and time for them to meet. Hyung woo promises to be by Eun Soo’s side every step of the way.

They enjoy a quiet time, but it seems that they’re not alone. Cue to Jo presenting PM with trailing pictures of Hyung woo and Eun Soo. Now PM’s is on high alert when Jo tells him that Il Joo showed up at the tree as well. PM believes that Hyung woo is using both Il Joo and Eun Soo and his mother met with the Il Do couple. So, putting two together, he deduces that they’re after his slush fund. Holding the sewing machine music box, Il Joo is reeling from what she just saw and thinks back to Hyung woo’s words when he declared his heart to her.

After 15 years, she thought he would be finally hers, but before she can let those words twist her heart, Moo Hyuk presents her with the divorce papers he found in her drawer and shamelessly tells her that she shouldn’t act all sour because of one mistake. They will respect their vows; till death do them part. So, he rips up the divorce papers and walks away, having the upper hand.

13 GT 2

Eun Soo looks at her stash of the funds and the photo of her husband and PM, while thinking to the conversation she had with PM the night before which centers around the poem “First Love.” The conversation is set around how love can creep on you without you knowing or thinking it’s love until something happens that makes you realize it.

Love can poison the mind if trust is betrayed. It can rouse suspicion if that betrayal is deep enough. Anyways, this resonates true for Il Joo as she angrily throws a hard object that breaks the mirror and using a shard from the glass, she inflicts wound to her wrist without flicking. The next morning, PM and Moo Hyuk look worried as the house-call doctor checks her vitals which are stable. Upon waking, she sees dad and hubby when suddenly; she puts on a freak-out show as she cries out that hubby tried to assault her.

MJ knows that Il Joo is up to something as wonders what Hyung woo would’ve done for her to act that way. During the round table, the family all voice their opinion on Il Joo’s suicide attempt after they found out that Moo Hyuk wanted to “sleep together” with his wife. PM tells manager Go that if news of this family matters get out, she’ll take responsibility.

13 GT 3

Eun Soo checks in on Il Joo and is surprised by the news. Il Joo decides to play the real game of manipulation and guilt as she tells her that Moo Hyuk assaulted her because he found out about the papers. So, she tried to kill herself to escape. In essence, she cannot go to Hyung woo, whom she loves and misses deeply, so she asks Eun Soo to help her.

Eun Soo is feeling bad and Il Joo is dancing inside, meanwhile Moo Hyuk overheard the whole conversation. It should be no surprise to see noble idiot Eun Soo tell Hyung Woo that they’re fools in trying to relive the past. Il Joo loves Hyung woo in the present and so does Hyung woo, right? He loves only Eun Soo, he says. This is a realization to Eun soo that for the past 15 years, Hyung Woo has been using Il Joo as his revenge plan.

Overhearing the conversation is PM who stands in the corner listening to Eun soo reprimand Hyung woo for manipulating the heart of the person who loves him. PM relives Hyung woo of his duty in watching Eun Soo and tells him that he’s back to being an aide. Il Ran visits Il Joo, but Il Joo is irritated at her and her “poem.” However, before leaving, she tells Il Joo to consider divorce, like her.

13 GT 4

President Gwon visits PM as he heard the news. Rather than act surprised at the news, he suggests that Moo Hyuk stay at his place until Il Joo feels better. Like really, how could Il Joo attempt suicide over a small matter between married couple. That line is the straw that breaks PM. If anyone hurts his daughter, they hurt him. If this is to happen again, the couple will get a divorce. Besides, having a sick daughter is not worth the title of being a President. Go, dad. Il Joo begs her dad to let her get a divorce, if not, she’ll kill herself. Dad thinks about it for like 0.01 sec when he utters the word “die.” HAHA! That was an unexpected joke.

If she wants to become President, she cannot be weak. There’ll be a lot of difficulties she’ll face in the future, so suck it up. Aide Kim presents Moo Hyuk with photos of Eun Soo’s family as he gives the presentation. Hmm!! Eun Soo is deep in thought when PM interrupts her.

He gives her a hint; get a person to trust you and you can get everything from that person, but you can also lose your life. Either way is a gamble. Hmm, are these foreshadowing words? Aide Kim’s wife/girlfriend/Il Ran’s assistant is reprimanding clueless Hyeong soo, Eun Soo’s fellow maid, of trying to quit their espionage. She tells her that she’s lucky to have the job, so quit whining and do as she’s told.

13 GT 5

Hyung woo calls a sleepless Eun soo who tells him right away that she won’t go to him no matter how he thinks of Il Joo. Though, her statement doesn’t hold up when she runs outside to see Hyung woo still waiting for her in the cold. She hands him all the copies of the coordinate book and documents she has on her. Instead, he gives her the files back since keeping it will bring back bad memories. Aw, she did miss him too as they stand hug each other in silence. Seriously, don’t secret spies ever sleep, well, aide Kim to be precise. 

Il Joo begs MJ to help her get a wavering Hyeong woo back to her since he’s gone back to Eun Soo. She tells MJ what she saw and asks if she has any reason left for leaving, but she’s not MJ’s concern at the  moment. Damn, her smirk is sinister as she considers throwing away a useless kid that won’t take her to her goal. Guess who it is?

Manager Ma shows Eun soo his new car as he promises to be her chariot day in and out. Eun soo refuses at first because she is still paying off her mom’s debt, but Ma makes a persuasive argument. hehe! Il Joo pretends that her wrist hurts, which forces Eun soo to do her makeup. Hyung woo enters her room looking like his spirit is being dragged into the underworld as Il Joo happily runs to him to hug him while Eun soo watches.

13 GT 7

Moo Hyuk approaches Mi Rae, with flowers, on her way home from school.  That is so not creepy, old man. Err, for someone who is not supposed to speak with strangers, Mi Rae sure has a way to prolong a conversation with Moo Hyuk who lies that Hyung woo sent him. He reaches out his hand to her and ask to take her somewhere. Little girl, run! . MJ and President Gwon are having lunch were they discuss how long she’ll continue to work for PM. Because of PM, her husband died unfairly and her son is in the same position. Since, there are no family in politics, he asks her to join his side, with the guarantee of protecting Hyung woo.

Mi Rae doesn’t know the word, “stranger danger” as she goes shopping with Moo Hyuk and aide Kim. He tells Mi Rae to keep their day a secret, even though Mi Rae believes that Hyung woo is the one behind the nice gesture. Jo informs PM that Hyung woo and MJ were missing the night they looked into “Blue Beauty. PM is now under the full impression that Hyung woo is ready to take him down. Meanwhile, Hyung woo is busy trying to figure out the voice analysis of anonymous caller. Eun soo enters his room and FINALLY tells him that she’s going to quit. Finding about her husband’s death is exhausting.

Now that anonymous caller has what he wants, she can return to her rightful place, not between him and Il Joo, though. Also, he need to give up on getting revenge. Just hand every incriminating files  to the prosecutors and quit. For 15 lost years, he has been down the path of vengeance, but Eun soo tells him to stop and try to find happiness, while she looks only at her daughter.

13 GT 8

Ha! The nerve! Moo Hyuk sends the picture of Hyung woo and Eun soo hugging nights before to Il Joo. He calls right away to tell her that he’ll never cheat on her. They deserve each other.  Mi Rae is enjoying her meal from creepy Moo Hyuk, while Il Joo charges on Hyung woo, literally. She tries to eat him raw as she  kisses him. Hyung woo pulls away and Il Joo asks why he kissed her 15 years ago? The queen of jeopardy guess that she’s been used as a revenge tool which Hyung woo doesn’t deny.

Eun soo returns her contract fee to PM as she tells him she’s quitting. He tries to fish for answers concerning his suspicions, but Eun soo frankly tells him that she is too far from her child and wants to live normally. Jo asks PM if it’s okay for Eun soo to quit without knowing who’s working for. Almost home, Eun soo sees her mom who’s frantic since Mi Rae isn’t home yet. As they split on, anonymous calls Eun soo for them to meet.Tired of his BS, she tells anonymous to buzz off or she tells PM everything and hangs up.

Hyung woo overheard the conversation on the tracker phone. As the conversation ends, ll Joo calls from the rooftop, on his other line, to tell him why she always felt like Hyung woo was never hers to begin with. Till we meet again, she says. He runs out in a hurry, leaving his tracker phone behind. Meanwhile, Eun soo gets a picture of a happy Mi Rae, Hyung woo races on the highway to an Il Joo’s location that she never disclosed to him and Il Joo is speeding up her death, the slowest possible way, one shoe at a time. Eun soo goes to an unfinished construction site  to look for her daughter, who’s clearly not there. She is greeted by construction gangsters and as she backs away from their threaten steps, a faceless person operating a crane is carefully positioning a crate above her head.


Just to get it out of the way, but what is aide Kim and his wife’s agenda? Clearly, we see that they’re being used as well, but do their goal involve trying to get the slush fund as well or are they just puppets being controlled by whoever has the upper hand?

Now, the elephant in the room. For someone who yells and spanks her kid not to ever talk to stranger, she sure has a way of protecting her child, especially, when that child is being used as a collateral to do a bidding. You would think after her near-death experience where Mi rae’s voice was used to lure her and Hyung woo, Eun soo would make smarter choices in protecting her daughter.

Yea, it is not the case. So, it was clearly expected when Moo Hyuk approached Mi Rae that the child would go missing. However, it is not Moo Hyuk who’s behind the “kidnapping,” but aide Kim who is working for someone else, probably the caller. The squint he made at the mall towards Mi Rae was a clue.

13 GT 9

It was a smart choice for Eun soo to quit because it was overdue, but I wished she adhered to Hyung woo’s warning of her life being in more danger. Anyways, it seems like she is being followed by Jo who might rescue her. Hey, PM is not stupid and Jo loves to secretly watch people. Besides, Hyung woo is busy locating a suicidal Il Joo who needs to be committed into a hospital and be put on a suicide watch. Girl done lost it.

Strays odds & ends

  • I love how all the secrets are out. I now want to see where the story takes us because it would’ve been dumb to drag out what we know for 13 episodes.
  • Seriously, how slow are the Kangs’? Are you saying that PM had NO idea that Hyung woo and his mother would be seeking revenge for the death of their husband/father? I could’ve sworn in episode 1, before the ceremonial marriage between Hyung woo and Il Joo that Il Joo knew about the revenge plan, or was MJ referring about her marriage with Moo Hyuk?
  • Also, Il Joo shouldn’t be surprised because she clearly overheard MJ telling HWD that she (Il Joo) is a stepping stone to his political advancement, either ways, she would still be used, so why act all cray-cray.
  • MJ/Director Han (She doesn’t bear her husband’s name, Jin), so DH from now, should take President Gwon’s deal because it looks like she’s about to be oust.
  • I missed manager Ma. Besides, Mi Rae could be with him.



6 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 13 Recap

  1. Hehe! Since I watch it twice, I always get the mixup cleared up during the second watch. That’s why I do recaps late, that and real-life 🙂 , and translate what I watch. Hopefully, I make sense.


  2. YAY!!! Thank you for another wonderful recap! I too thought that Il Joo was in on revenge plan, so got confused as to how she is now acting all surprised.


    1. Awwww thanks for reading.
      I was really confused on when she started acting like she has the upper hand because she was being used. So I had to reward episode 1 again to understand instead of episode 14…she apparently doesn’t know about being used. Director Han actually referred to her getting married to Hyung woo in order for her not to marry Moo Hyuk. So her surprise is legit but she still doesn’t have the upper hand. Episode 14 coming up soon


      1. I’m looking forward to your next recap! Your recaps always help me figure out what’s going on. I swear this show, I’m with it, and then I’m completely lost. So thank you for all of the recaps!!!


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