Glamorous Temptation Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 Highlight: “Fearing is not love, but suspicion is poison.”

Previously on episode 11


With the machinations of anonymous caller controlling Eun Soo like a puppet, she comes face-to-face with Hyung woo who is trailing her. Apparently, this dude has a slow hearing reflex, but we’ll leave it at that. Anyways, before Eun Soo can fully process the situation, the copy of the codes gets stolen. Manager Jo and his lackeys give a chase to the thief, while anonymous caller looks into the sunset. Manager Jo fetches Hyung woo, giving him a hard stern look from what happened earlier.

PM’s new assistant, watch over Eun Soo; find out her reasons of coming into his house and who’s behind her. PM asks Jo if Hyung woo and Eun Soo saw them at the station. Jo is certain they didn’t, but we know, Hyung woo did. However, PM is now suspicious; are Hyung Woo and Eun Soo planning something together, or is she just being used? Eun soo is having a hard time digesting seeing Hyung woo earlier as she now doubts if he is to be trusted.

PM is just badass all around as he announces that Eun soo eat on the same table as the family. They all voice their disapproval, but papa Kang hates negativity. He later tells Eun Soo that he has someplace to go, so he’ll pick her up at her home the following day.


Se young voices her irritation to Il Do, in the bedroom, about Eun soo eating with them. She thinks that PM has something for her. She’s not the only one to think this way as Eun Soo overhears MJ telling Hyung woo that PM has fallen for Eun soo. Her plan is coming in place since they, in turn, are using Eun soo.

Of course, Eun soo runs aways before she hears Hyung woo strong disapproval of his mom’s plan. MJ believes that Eun soo still has feelings for Hyung woo, so, it is best to watch her come to him. Of course, Hyung woo is mad that his mom is willing to use her own son as well, but it is a risk worth taking she says. She needs back up plan just in case one person fails to step up in bringing down PM.

Eun soo is still trembling from the news she just heard, while, Il Joo is back to her woo-is-me talk with PM. She tells him about her husband assault on her and how she had to endure the pain; she wants a divorce. Though, PM feels for his daughter, but all he can tell her is to “survive the snakes’ nest.” Great advice, dad! Moo Hyuk comes across Il Joo’s safe. He looks through her things for a hint of a password; instead, he finds divorce files. Eun Soo is still reeling through the pain of betrayal as she cleans Il Ran’s room. Though, Il Ran thinks her poem “Damn” is the source of Eun soo’s tears. Ha!


Since PM will not listen, why not take my troubles to Hyung woo instead, Il Joo thinks. Too bad Hyung woo is in the same mindset as PM as he tells her that divorce is not the answer. Definetly not what she wants to hear, Il Joo tells Hyung woo that she had to endure being raped and unhappy in order to hold onto their love. Hyung woo is still pushing his claim strong; he needs the rational and ambitious Il Joo, not the one who wants to throw away her political career over a trivial matter.

Not to worry, Il Joo will endure her struggles, even if she gets torn into pieces. All for love, right? Moo Hyuk throws a temper tantrum at his dad’s office; he doesn’t want to get a divorce. His brother, prosecutor Joo Hyuk tells him to calm down. All Moo Hyuk knows that if he gets a divorce, the Kangs’ will know that he is a spy for the Gwons’. On her way home, Eun soo thinks about the good times she and Mi Rae had with Hyung woo and how she was blinded by the idea of falling for him.

She sees him waiting at the top of the stairs to her house and gives him the cold shoulders. He asks why she impersonated Cheong Mi, but she tells him not to approach him again. At home, she thinks back to when she asked the copier to make two copies of the codes. She begins to decipher the codes and sees that under her father’s name, Hyung Woo’s dad hid 5 billion won. Flashback: dad having to endure the sufferings from his wife’s verbal attacks and physical attack on him during HWD’s funeral.


Taking a lunch break from their outing, the shop owner, who’s familiar with PM and Cheong Mi thinks that Eun soo’s their daughter, since she has a canny resemblance to Cheong Mi. PM asks about Eun soo’s family. She pays her brother’s tuition; he studying to be a lawyer. She has to put her dreams on hold and survive because she has a family to look after since her dad and husband are dead.

PM pries about her past. She doesn’t deny it, but the past has had series of unfortunate events.  Moo Hyuk tells aide Kim to monitor Hyung woo and Eun soo or else he’ll reveal to his employer why aide Kim came to his father’s house. Il Do, Se Young and MJ are celebrating the future President of Korea, per MJ’s suggestion. Why settle for Assemblyman when she can provide funds for him to run for Presidency. After dropping Eun soo off at home, PM gets a call about the Il Do couple. Hmm!!

Eun soo sees Hyung woo playing with Mi Rae on the swings and she loses it. She yells at him not to endanger her daughter’s life. She used her remaining anger to spank Mi Rae for not listening to her; the hot man is not mommy’s friend, but Mi Rae tearfully disagrees. The next day at work, after presenting PM with the recent statement of the foundation’s expenditures (though they “lost” some money), MJ presents Eun soo with a gift for Mi Rae because she feels bad for the trouble she caused by giving her the scarf. Eun soo asks her about her resemblance to Cheong Mi and MJ denies it.


Moo Hyuk, the ever hardworking hubby, invites Hyung woo and Eun soo for a dinner date with his wife. The threesomes, minus Moo Hyuk, are uncomfortable with the encounter. Hyung woo confronts Eun soo, as she leaves the bathroom, about the cold shoulder, but she tells him to leave her alone. On the table, Moo Hyuk asks about their past, since they were each other’s first love.

Eun soo is strongly adamant about restarting the past in the present when Il Joo asks if they think about getting together again. After dinner, Hyung woo drives Moo Hyuk home. Hyung woo wants Moo Hyuk to apologize for his near-death experience, but Moo Hyuk is callous about it, he is alive, isn’t he? Hyung woo assures him that there’s nothing going on with him and his wife.

As it should be agress Moo Hyuk, besides, he wants to be close to Hyung woo. Meanwhile, the ladies, over tea, talk about the awkwardness Moo Hyk created. Eun soo understands. Il Joo wants to know what they spoke about earlier by the bathroom and Eun soo tells her Hyung woo cannot be trusted. Il Joo disagrees, but Eun soo tells her to be careful, the closer she is to him, the more oblivious she can be. True words!


On her way home, Eun soo gets a call from a frantic Manager Go. PM wants his late night snack. Hehe! Manager Go reprimands Eun soo for making him eat late at night, due to his health, but he shuts her down. On her way home, she sees PM outside. He walks behind her, stating that he’s talking a walk and not following her. Hehe, cute! She brings up Turgenev’s “First Love” poem, after ignoring the call from anonymous, and asks if he’s being betrayed by someone he trusted.

Yes, he says, but he got to see how self-sacrificial the person was. It is dad’s Memorial Day and mom and Baek soo are not attending. They blame dad or their present struggles as he drunk himself to death after the incident. Eun soo begs, but they turn to deaf ears. PM tells Hyung woo to go home because Eun soo will be there.

He wants him to find out everything she does while in town. Eun soo goes to pay her respect alone. After her alone time with dad, she visits the Jin’s house. Il Joo calls MJ to ask about Hyung woo’s whereabouts. It turns out that he’s paying respect to his dad. He doesn’t notice that Jo is watching him. Eun soo calls her mom who in her drunken state tells her that next time, they come together to visit dad.


President Gwon wants to shut down the operation since they don’t have strong evidence against PM, but Joo Hyuk wants to continue or else it will be ten years of wasted investigation. President Gwon doesn’t want to push his luck because PM is dangerous. So, he tells his subordinate to get rid of her, since they are done with her. Her? Who???

Eun soo visits the tree from the past when Hyung woo approaches her. Scared, but putting on a strong façade, she asks if he’ll kill her. Confused, Hyung woo wants to know why she’s being cold. Suddenly, she gets a call from anonymous and Hyung woo still hasn’t figured out that SHE KNOWS that he was listening to her calls.

Luckily, her mind is blown away that Hyung woo is not the caller. Relieved, she starts to cry as she thinks of when he saved her on their near-death experience. Hyung woo calms her down with a kiss, but it won’t be sweet revenge if Il Joo doesn’t watch from behind. Just like when they were teens.


Really, is Hyung woo telling me that Eun soo is dumb not to recognize him with a hat on when he trailed behind her. But, I won’t curse him out fully because they are citizens and not trained, espionage professionals. So, their amateur deduction in jumping into conclusion makes sense. I still don’t know what Hyung woo’s game plan, so this guy is as mysterious as a catfish (a fish with whiskers is just mysterious), but seeing how is he not in the full loop with his mom’s plans makes me worry that he is just being played by his mom and PM. Just like Il Joo, he is oblivious to what’s going on around him even if he thinks he is smart about his mysterious plans.

What I did find interesting is the kiss. History is repeating itself with these three contenders. However, a kiss that is supposed to symbolize love and passion between two people is used as a mechanism to propel an agenda or revenge, though; it is not a deliberate act on the participating parties. Il Joo watching Hyung woo and Eun soo get their tongue on is a turning point for her to frame Eun soo again. This chick has a deluded sense of entitlement. I am a firm believer of go for whatever you want, but not when you clearly see that what you want is not yours to grab. Let see how she’ll guilt-trip Eun Soo again, as adults. Hopefully, Eun soo can see the manipulations and actually fighting for what she wants and not giving it away because of guilt. We saw how that turned her life upside down.

Stray odds and Ends

  • Il Do is a red-herring to who the anonymous caller is. So, back to the mystery board again.
  •  President Gwon is also a red-herring. We don’t know who “her” is. It could be Mrs Jin (Hyung woo’s mom), a spy in the house, Eun soo or even Il Joo.
  • I might be the only one, but PM and Eun Soo have  some chemistry. This ain’t right, but it is right.
  • Moo Hyuk might just be a bratty man-child with deep psychological, issues  and not a villain as I hoped him to be.(MJ) might be as smart as I didn’t expect. Her character is  gets limited scene time so we don’t know still don’t know if this plan is fully a revenge plan against her husband’s death or a political plan to put her son in place of Presidency or herself. She is getting me curious.

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