Korean Drama

She was Pretty Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 Thoughts
The mystery behind Shin Hyuk is revealed; he was adopted by an American family and he found his calling as a writer at a young age. However,

he had to hide his talent in order to write freely and not be controlled by the controlling of publishers. Anyways, Most is now number one on the magazine charts and Sung Joon is being called back to his position in the States. He proposes that Hye Jin comes with him. Hari decides to go back to school to earn her degree in hotel management—she doesn’t want to rely on her dad anymore. Remember, Hye Jin’s dream is to be an author for children’s book, well, that dream might come true considering the fact that she got an offer, but there is one hindrance, she is considering moving to the States with Sung Joon. But, not to worry, Sung Joon proposes that she follow her dream and in a year, they’ll get married. Sung Joon heads for the States, Hye Jin begins her dream, Hari is studying hard in school and Shin Hyuk is back in hiding. Sometime later, Hye Jin is back to her old, “real” self of curly hair and red cheeks.

Photocredit: Dramabeans


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