Glamorous Temptation Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 Highlight: “Testing the waters.”

Previously on episode 10…

11 GT 1

Il Joo fires that they call the lawyers instead of the police, but Il Ran defends Eun soo as she states that she got the glasses and the scarf for Eun soo; besides not everyone who wears a scarf and an eyeglass is her mother. PM enters the room to see what’s going on. Eun soo gets dragged out of the house, screaming, she doesn’t know anything about the money. Hyung woo quickly runs into his room to check Eun soo’s whereabouts, per the tracking device on her phone. Il Joo asks her dad about the conversation he had with Eun soo, the night before, and he states that he doesn’t remember.

She tells him to just give the money in the account and kick her out of the house. PM can’t do that because Eun soo impersonated Cheong Mi and that can’t be forgiven. Hyung woo follows the tracking device, but comes to a stop when he finds the cellphone by the side of the road. Eun soo is taken to a dark room and is tied up. She thinks back to when she asked PM for the coordinate book while impersonating Cheong Mi. PM and Manager Jo pay her a visit in the dark room. He asks why she impersonated Cheong Mi and she states that Il Ran bought the glasses and MJ gave her the scarf.

Still not a satisfactory answer, Manager Jo turns on the torture tub, while PM tells Eun soo to think of her daughter . Without fear in her eyes, Eun soo says “love is stronger than the fear of death,” words that shakes PM. With all the secrecy going on, Hyung woo secretly followed PM to the hideout and watched as PM slapped Manager Jo for suggesting that he’ll take care of Eun soo. Is this a guilt-slap for Cheong Mi’s torture?

11 GT 2

Il Joo meets with her father-in-law, President Gwon, to report Moo Hyuk about the assault, but rather than sympathetic or surprised, President Gwon asked “what is raped between a married couple?” Seriously??? Besides, there are politics between married couples and petty matters shouldn’t matter. Dang. I see how Moo Hyuk is messed up. The maids gossip Eun soo and mention Manager Jo’s special ops skills. This is news to Il Joo as she goes thinks back to when she felt apologetic in getting Eun soo into trouble as a teen. Apparently, she didn’t think things through again as an adult.

Moo Hyuk interrupts Il Joo to tell her that he’ll move out of the room until her anger subsides since she reported him to her dad. She gives him one month for her to make a decision, though, he’s not happy about it. Eun soo thinks back to the time she got kidnapped as a kid, but her efforts in trying to break free are futile, no worries, Hyung woo’s here to the rescue. However, on her way out she leaves a shoe behind. Hyung woo takes her to a safe house and tells her to hide out until the situation is calm.  He makes promises that he’ll protect her and her family. Meanwhile, Eun soo’s mom is excited that her daughter has a lot of money.

PM thinks back when Cheong Mi was tortured as the orders was given out by his late wife.  Manager Jo tells PM that the money wasn’t withdrawn from his account, nor did anyone deposit money into his/her account. Hence, Eun soo really is looking for the coordinate book and not after his money. Hyung woo wonders out loud why he he let go of Eun soo’s hand when they were younger. If he had known her life would turn out this way, he would’ve held onto it, oh, Eun soo heard the whole thing.

11 GT 3

Moo Hyuk is reprimanding his guy for being sloppy and giving out his name, but no worries, for now, that is if he doesn’t get a divorce. He gets the items collected on Eun soo and Hyung woo when they were attacked and he sees the secret picture taken of a smiling Hyung woo and Eun soo when they were at the park. Eun soo has a nightmare about the time she was kidnapped as a teen, this time, Hyung woo is there to calm her down. Manager Jo tells PM that the same person who’s after “blue beauty” is the same person who rescued Eun soo, since the person is smart to know to leave her tracking shoe behind, or just lucky. Hehe!

Hyung woo does his investigation as he checks the camera at the bank with the prosecutor’s office to know who’s behind the deposit.It turns out to be Il Joo who used her secretary to make the deposit, per Il Do, as he presents his dad and the rest of the family members with evidence.  Il Joo tells PM that she wanted Eun soo out of the house since she was disgusted at her act of impersonating her mother and confusing him. PM doesn’t want Eun soo out since he doesn’t believe that it is a coincidence that she’s in the house. He thinks that Eun soo has an accomplice she is working with.

A copy of the slush fund found in her bag fifteen years ago was intentionally put in her bag and three  important pages of the documents that were missing were really important. So, it means someone is coming after him since the slush fund documents will be what will make Il Joo president. Hmm, is her guilt eating her yet? 

11 GT 4

Il Ran hugs her pet as Eun soo shows up to the house, while Il Joo walks by her rather than apologizing. Eun soo thanks the smug Il Do for helping clear her name and she goes to meet PM to apologize. Though, he apologizes for misunderstanding her first. He asks who her rescuer is and she tells him exactly what Hyung woo prepped her to say; a man in a helmet rescued her, gave her money and disappeared. At lunch, PM announces that Eun soo will be his new secretary, that’s a twist. He tells Team leader Go to prepare a space in his study for her. The rest of the family, especially, Il Ran is opposed to this because Eun soo gets her. Hehe!

Se Young asks Il Do if he really looked into Eun soo’s case because he didn’t trust Il Joo, but she’s more worried about Eun soo’s new position because Eun soo can use the opportunity to seduce PM. A thought Il Do shuts down as he thinks that not everyone is his wife. On his way out, he stops and thinks back to when aide Kim handed him an envelope of evidence which Hyung woo discovered. Ha! He really isn’t smart.  MJ tells Hyung woo of her plan, even though it is not going the way she planned it, Eun soo becoming the secretary is a better plan. It turns out that Eun soo’s duties as a secretary are checking PM blood pressure and making his late night snacks.

On her way out, Eun soo runs into Il Joo. Il Joo  comes clean with the half-truth; she wasn’t thinking when she framed Eun soo because her father thinking of her mom brought back memories. Her mom is known as a mistress wife and life in the house is never comfortable, so when Eun soo tried to impersonate the past, she lost it until she realized that her father took her away. She is afraid of the past repeating itself, so, she apologizes to Eun soo, tearfully, and ask that they become friends again, but her eyes say otherwise.

11 GT 5

Moo Hyuk gives aide Kim the pictures and tells him to follow up on it, why use aide Kim? Apparently, aide Kim went to his father’s house, but it is enough to convince aide Kim. Mi Rae called Hyung woo to come over because she is worried about her mom. He reassures her that mom got busy at work. Then Mi Rae goes on to prod Hyung woo more questions about his personal life. She then tells him about her being called names in school because she doesn’t have a dad. Hyung woo instead gives her a new nickname, Goo Yi. Aww, is that the bird name ? Does he see them as a family? 

At work, Eun soo gets a call from anonymous about the coordinate book, unknown to her, PM is watching her on his camera feed. She spots her new disguise when PM enters the room. Suddenly, he calls her Cheong Mi and tells her to pack some lunch for them to hang out the next day. Eun soo asks about the coordinate book and he hands her a book, but his eyes give away the fact that this guy is in his right mind. Argh.

She says it’s the wrong book and he quickly goes to his drawer to get a key to a locker/bank safe. As the clock chimes, he comes back to his “senses.” At home, Mi Rae tells her mom that  Hyung woo paid a visit to her and gave her a nickname, a memory that puts a smile to Eun soo’s face. PM asks MJ about Cheong Mi and Eun soo’s similarities. They do have a similar aura besides, making Eun soo a secretary was the right choice, says MJ.

11 GT 6

Il Joo, the next day, invites Hyung woo and Eun soo out for lunch. She announces that after her divorce, she’ll marry Hyung woo. This is news to both parties and Eun soo excuses herself to the bathroom after congratulating them. She cries for a brief minute that she was just living in a fairytale anyways. On her way back to the table, she gets a call from anonymous at the same time, she sees  Hyung woo on the call who ended his call the same time she did.

She doesn’t really see that as being coincidental. Il Joo comments on how they should be try to live more comfortably like they did as kids when they’re married. Eun soo agrees, but her eyes betray her and Il Joo can tell. Eun soo goes to the bank and finds the locker where the coordinate book is. She makes copies of the pages and on her way out, she gets a call from anonymous, Il Do, who begins to give her directions as he watches her from his binoculars.

Unfortunately, he sees Hyung woo trail behind Eun soo. It also turns out that Manager Jo and his lackeys followed Eun Soo as well, Hyung woo sees them, but they doesn’t notice him as they walk the opposite way.  Entering the train terminal, Il Do, tells Eun soo to quickly turn her back, and boom, she looks at Hyung woo dead in his eyes with his phone to his ear.


I am done giving Il Joo pity points. I don’t know what her goal is because she seem to be clueless at that as well. She doesn’t see the repercussion of her meddling because she is blinded by jealously and insecurity. I feel awful in siding with President Gwon, but she is in a political marriage and it seems that that will come in handy soon when she’ll try to fight for Hyung woo’s attention which she sees is slipping away really fast since Eun soo is in the picture. She’ll make a horrible president as well because the decisions she makes are short-sighted and have bigger consequences than intended. All I want for Eun soo is for this girl to get smart. She knows she’s playing with fire, so she needs to be more stealth in whatever she does and shouldn’t be too trusting. Her vulnerability and gullibility is what makes her an easy target. So, I need to see more smartness on her play rather than fall for the obvious, like when PM suddenly handed the key to the safe, like really? He hasn’t lost his mind yet to be that senile in thinking that a quick switcheroo makes Cheong  Mi. I laughed at that scene, though, it was not an intentional LOL  moment.

Stray odds & ends

  • Il Do is NOT the mastermind behind the call. Someone else is. He has not proven to be the smartest one in the bunch, yet.
  • It doesn’t seem like Hyung woo is in the know all with his mom’s plan or Il Joo’s.
  • PM might be unto the revenge plan of MJ, Hyung woo and Il Joo.
  • “Eun soo is someone I already marked. How can you just take someone I call dibs on?”

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