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Glamorous Temptation Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 Highlight: “Where is my mind?”


Eun soo and Hyeong woo fight to stay alive.  A sober Moo Hyuk apologizes to Il Joo for taking advantage of her. The container goes deep into the ocean and Eun tries hard to save Hyung woo who ‘s lost consciousness. They both succumb to the lack of oxygen in the tank. Luckily, they are both saved. Of course, Hyung woo’s mom blames Eun soo for their dilemma upon arrival at the hospital. Il Joo plays the friend card and demands Eun soo tell her why Hyung woo’s behavior’s changed recently, but Eun soo tells her to protect Hyung woo. Il Joo cuts off her ties as friend with Eun soo and I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Eun soo’s mom is worried about her since she didn’t come home the night before.


Eun soo sees Il Joo taking care of Hyung woo who’s  now awake. PM watches a video of Eun soo going through  his books and thanks to the tracking device installed in her shoe, Manager Jo was able to rescue them from the ocean. Il Joo tells Hyung woo that she’s getting a divorce from Moo Hyuk and abandon all she’s worked for, but Hyung woo tells her not to. Moo Hyuk buys Il Joo peace offering gifts (chocolate and flowers) and tells her to restart again. Pft! He puts a listening device on Eun soo’s new phone and gives it to Mi Rae. Eun soo is sick, but Mi Rae tends to her with Hyung woo’s porridge. Hyung woo calls and tells her to rest for the day. Hye Jeong sees Eun soo the next day at work and reports to her secret boss. PM visits Hyung woo at the hospital and tells him Manager saved him. Well, that puts a damper on PM trying to kill him. Il Ran saves Eun soo from getting chewed out by Se Young.


Hyung woo’s mom decide that now is the time to make Eun soo look like Cheong Mi, so she carefully approaches Eun soo and puts Cheong Mi’s scarf around her neck. PM finds out that Moo Hyuk was the one who hired  the kidnappers. Next time, he won’t be lenient, besides Il Joo should try to love her husband to rid his jealousy. Il Joo runs to Hyung woo’s hospital room after telling Moo Hyuk that he disgusts her. Since Eun soo is Il Ran’s slave for the day, Il Ran takes Eun soo shopping. During their pretty woman montage, Eun soo gets a call from anonymous who asks if she got the coordinate book. Hyung woo listens on the other end of the phone conversation; if anonymous doesn’t get the book soon, Mi Rae will be in danger.Hyung woo texts Eun soo to meet at the hospital. He tells her that Moo Hyuk was behind the kidnapping, but she needs to be careful, but she tells him to be careful instead since Moo Hyuk is acting over being jealous. They’ve a sob speech about reappearing into each other lives, but Eun soo sucks it up.


Il Ran’s assistant  and aide Kim  complain to each other about their bosses.  Apparently, they are dating.During dinner, Eun soo accidentally spill over Il Joo’s dress. Il Joo snips at her to clean it up. Hyung woo tries to analyze the voice recording which  could take some time. Late in the evening, PM asks Eun soo to prepare noodles for him. She uses the opportunity to fully disguise as herself as Cheong Mi by wearing the glasses Il Ran got for her during their shopping. PM mistakes her as Cheong Mi as he flashbacks to the times he was in love with Cheong Mi, but Cheong Mi denies his love as she tells him not to throw away his political career for her. What if his wife were to find out? As though living in the past, his hallucinations become real as he responds to Eun soo/Cheong Mi that his political career and wife don’t matter to him. He’s tired of his life as a bad guy. Eun soo uses the opportunity to ask PM a question. At home, she looks at the picture of her husband and PM as well as the decoder. The next day, Il Joo makes a fuss about Eun soo asking for information about her mother when she disguised herself and approached PM. Apparently, she overheard them. She tells her to call the bank to confirm that she requested for money from PM. Of course, there is no such thing as giving Eun soo a break when the bank confirms transactions.


It seems like PM’s hallucinations are becoming severe, so, is his sickness. Eun soo fully disguising herself as Cheong Mi was not cool, but seeing PM crack under that guilt could be remedy for his to find closure. Hopefully, or else, this will be full on madness. Il Joo needs to get over herself, but of course, Eun soo, the nice one will feel bad about how Moo Hyuk treats Il Joo will take the insults. Oh, Eun soo, I love your innocence, but please smarten up. You are not dealing with regular people. This are politicians and they come as dirt and conniving soulless beings.

Stray Predictions

  • Wow, If the actors did their stunts, kudos. Definitely is not easy to stay under water for that long.

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