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She Was Pretty Episode 9 & 10 Recap

Episode 9 Thoughts


Blah! Blah! Blah! Do I sound mean when I say I have stopped caring about this drama for me to continue a full recap? I have to force myself to catch up on the rest of the episodes because I have lost interest in this story. It has become so cliché that from this point forward, I will be complaining about Sung Joon and the new Hye Jin love line. So, get ready for “recaps” full of frustrated complain.


This episode wasn’t all bad and surprisingly, I did not repeal against Hye Jin’s makeover as expected because she is still herself. The problem I had was with Sung Joon who was still his assy self with the staff, and the staffs, who began to see Hye Jin in a new light and take her seriously. I hate that they fully accepted her because of her new look and she was okay with that. Her explanation of paying off her loans made sense, but I wanted more reaction from her about their new acceptance to fit in. Her makeover came about the wrong way and it was so superficial, it was annoying (wants to help her dad’s business). Maybe I missed the point where Sung Joon begins to have feelings for Hye Jin because I am not that invested in this drama, but I know that the sign that he saw something special in Hye Jin wasn’t fully fleshed out. So, I do not buy the ending of his overly-protective and worried emotion towards Hye Jin when he thought she was involved in an accident. Do not get me wrong, Hye Jin is beautiful make-over or not and I do want to see her a different, but the message got lost when people started to respect her and her opinions more because she is like the rest of them. The only person that I loved in this episode was awesome Shin Hyuk, not only did he not like the new made-over Hye Jin, he was there for someone who was in desperate need.

I used to like Hari because of her strong character, but the “love” she has for Sung Joon is becoming ridiculous. This girl doesn’t love Sung Joon, but the idea of love because she lacked that affection growing up. I just want her to fess up already because she is literary sucking away her happiness and her freedom just because she wants an impossibility to happen. Relationship based on lies and guilt will only rot and it is sad because she’s the only one experiencing this pain without anyone to understand. Luckily, Shin Hyuk is there for her. I enjoyed their dynamic together, where she is herself and free around him and dare I say, smile. Part of me wants Hari to confess and make her realize her wrongs, but another part of me wants Sung Joon to find out the truth on his own. Then again, with all the clues thrown at him that Hye Jin is THE Hye Jin, it will take a while before our genius figures it out.

Episode 10 Thoughts

It is about time Sung Joon knows about Hari before Hari confessed because she was dragging it on for too long with excuses or bad timing. Now, I want to see how Sung Joon’s reaction will be when he realizes that Hye Jin is THE Hye Jin.  Of course, he’s going to feel extremely guilty from the way he treated Hye Jin in the past, but he will be truly hurt from the lies the ladies concocted. I am really glad that everything is out in the open; Hye Jin knows that Hari has been deceiving her, but she doesn’t confront Hari about it. Instead, she wants her friend to come out with the truth herself without feeling the pressure. I don’t think Hye Jin is pissed, but disappointed at her friend and she is just looking for answers, so, I like her approach of patiently waiting on her friend’s explanation. The only person that is left in the dark about this whole situation is Sung Joon, so now that he sees that Hari is not Hye Jin, I hope it doesn’t take this genius a whole episode to figure it out.


I know, I am bashing Sung Joon again and sound like a freaking, annoying broken, hateful music CD, but I want more from him, not a surface character, but a fleshed out one, someone who is not just pinning for an old love and trying to reconnect. I need more than the “anxiety-in-the-rain-arc-because-it-brings-up-past-harsh-memories-of-mother’s-death.” Harsh, I know. He says Hye Jin makes him speak out and is more honest about who he is, so I want him to start talking about his issues and not waste a whole episode running away from each other and holding their breaths because they cannot talk about a hug like adults. Yes, I am blaming Hye Jin as well. I wanted her to stop hiding for once, especially now that she is aware that she has feelings for the guy. At first, it was hilarious when she tried to hide from Sung Joon after the hug from the night before since he thought she was involved in a car accident, but after one scene, it became redundant. We have spent nine episodes of her hiding. I don’t need one more to remind me that she needs to really have courage and not just what it says on a sweatshirt.

I know I am cynical about the male lead, but I need more growth from him for me to care about his life or his budding relationship with Hye Jin. I am not saying that Hye Jin is perfect, nor is Shin Hyuk fleshed out, nor is Hari, but this three characters have more growth than Sung Joon combined. Though, their personality growth falls on the scale that ranges from bad to good, but there is a significant change on the three characters, whether we accept it or not, as compared to Sung Joon, whose growth is his feelings are just maturing for Hye Jin, so he’s nicer to her which then reflects on the other staffs. I guess I am tired of the bad guy, cold man turn into loves-struck man all because a woman can melt his iciness and bring warmth and comfort and safety into his life. That was so 2014. Hehe! Who else wants Hye Jin to give Shin Hyuk a chance and not because he is a goof ball, lovable guy, but because he liked her for who she truly was ever since he met her; freckles, perm hair, new and improve her, even to seeing her potential as a creative staff in the workforce.

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