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She was Pretty Episode 7 & 8 Recap


Episode 7 Thoughts

I mentioned in previous episodes that the plot seems to moving slowly, but because it is a rom-com, we think that a lot has happened.


However, this is the first time that the plot is actually being active. Everyone, including side characters, took a step today. Secrets cannot stay hidden forever. It will come out sooner or later and it seems like the former is what is coming into place and this is the first episode for us to see it unfold.

First, I love the moments that Sung Joon and Hye Jin shared. Though, the situation was contrived, but the instance where they connected over similarities and enjoyed each other’s company with neither of them wanting the day to end was precious. Even though, Sung Joon doesn’t know that Hye Jin is the real Hye Jin, just that feeling and connection is good enough to make him feel like he is with the real Hye Jin, even though he is with the real Hye Jin. Ah, this boy is making me confused. Hehe!

I tired have given Hari the benefit of the doubt and make excuses for her, but after she sees that Sung Joon did like to be around Hye Jin and she still made that attempt to kiss him. I lost it. I wanted her to pursue Sung Joon without the intention of trying to sabotage his budding relationship with Hye Jin. Sure, they are caught in a lie and she uses Hye Jin as an impersonation of her wants, but the kiss was just eck. We can argue that returning the puzzle was the icing on the cake, but the kiss was the cherry on top. She clearly sees that Sung Joon might be falling for someone else and trying to leave the past behind, but she is the activator in making him want to get stuck in the past; a past that he is trying to leave behind.

I do love the idea that past love is just an unfinished business that needs closure. The more Sung Joon spends time with Hari/ Hye Jin, the more you see that he wants to close the chapter and this is mainly due to the fact that he believes she has changed as compared from her old, younger self. I will touch on this topic later on, but I am just throwing it out there. Episode 7 tells the story of the end of the beginning and the beginning to an end. It sounds complex or backwards, but it makes total sense when it comes to first love and moving on. As for Shin Hyuk, please tell me there is more to him than jokes, panties and really bad jokes. I still love him, but I want more substance than diffusing a situation. Just like Hye Jin, I am confused with his personality, so I’ll laugh it off until I see something different and more real.

Episode 8 Thoughts

There was no progression with the characters whatsoever.  But, that’s not my main issue with this episode or how this drama is playing out. When I saw the new and improved Hye Jin, I said to myself. I am done. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see a new side of Hye Jin and the Most side of Hye Jin, but not at the way she came about it. It raises question, like why now? She had tons of opportunity to get a makeover: when Editor-in-chief Rara wanted her to look Most-like; her first disaster makeover and Hari showing her the ropes of fashion, I thought that Hari would use the opportunity to  teach her how to use makeup and dress accordingly. I was waiting for a montange on that. So, on a fail montage, even though, I praised Hari for teaching her  fashion basics, getting a makeover after the incident with her dad and his customer, after she got fired, after she didn’t get the job, after she got approached by both men to come back…it felt too forced. 


The makeover would’ve been more than welcome if she had gotten the first job offer and then had to work with Most magazine in order to raise its position to first. Her makeover should’ve been done after Sung Joon gets to know more of her as in her present-self as compared to a once-coincidental spending time with her once, or after he knows that she’s the real Hye Jin. He is already showing signs that he is interested in her before finding out the truth, so in a twisted way, I wanted him to know more of her before finding out the truth, go through angst period, before they reconcile again. That way, he sees her completely and not distracted by her newness and falling for her more while she is all freckle-less and perm-less. All I see is that he is going to see her new self; his heart will almost beat for the wrong reasons. Though, Hye Jin will retain her personality, that inner acceptance aspect of it is already distorted because at the end of the day, the message is clear, only when she looks Most-like is she worthy of being seen. Pft!

There’s nothing new with Hari and Shin Hyuk, so nothing to say, except, Shin Hyuk might not be too pleased with the new Hye Jin because that uniqueness is gone. She is just like the rest of the billions of women out there. Oh, wells.

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