She was Pretty Episode 13 Recap


Episode 13 Thoughts

It has come to attention that I hate on this drama ever since episode 8. Ha! Well, I do not. My analysis on each episode thoughts is based on my perspective on the episodes. So, if I sound cynical in each episode, I guess, coincidence is really a twist of fate. Hehe!


I have come to accept Sung Joon and Hye Jin’s relationship and see the drama through, without letting my irritation cloud my viewing. What did I like in this episode; well, couple of things. First, Hye Jin and Sung Joon spending a great amount of time getting to know each other over the phone and then the conversation continued in his car. As they talked, listened to music and fell asleep in the car. It was a sweet moment as you can see that they mesh together and everything just flows freely. Secondly, the staff finding out that Sung Joon hid the fact that their magazine will be shut down if they don’t meet quota. It was a sweet moment, to me anyways, when they walked out on Sung Joon angry, but when they came back, it was sweeter because you can see that Sung Joon really does need help in saving these people’s’ job and it was even better when Sung Joon was the one who went to them personally to ask them to come back.

It shows that Sung Joon really is changing. This right here is growth and one real personality trait we all know Sung Joon possesses; compassion and sweet. Third, Shin Hyuk reverting back to his old, goofy self, in order to make Hye Jin comfortable around him again was a big boy thing to do. Hehe! I liked their friendship, so, I was glad to see them come around the awkwardness. Fourth, Hari and Sung Joon’s conversation was highly due, so, hashing it out was a closure they both needed to truly move on and Hari even letting Hye Jin know about the conversation was the icing on the cake.

What did not work? Hye Jin’s “angry” voice just irritated me. I am sorry, but grown women talking like six-years old when they are irritated or angry is just plain annoying. This is my pet peeve in dramas and real life too. There is nothing cute about it; it is just plain aggravating for them to use the cute tone.  Maybe I’ll get used to it because it seems to be a trend that won’t die anytime soon.  The proposal! I know, I am evil if I wasn’t swoon by the proposal sealed with a kiss, but frankly, I am not.  It came out of nowhere and a copout, cheap way of more tension to come between the couple because the writers are running out of real ideas to separate them. We need angst and this is it. So, until the angst part is gone, I will not accept the proposal. Then again, there is no real angst from this point forward because this guy just proposed and the remaining episodes will be about the mysterious chaebol, writer and saving the magazine. These are stories I lost interest in couple episodes past.

Photocredit: Dramabeans

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