She was Pretty Episode 11 & 12 Recap


Episode 11 Thoughts

Secrets are  FINALLY out in the open, but what I do not like is the execution on how they affect a person. Sung Joon gave Hari the cold shoulder without letting her explain and then runs to Hye Jin all, “oh, I never want to let go of your hand.”


What the f%^*! I was really mad throughout this episode as Hari had to suffer the consequence alone, while Hye Jin was in a mini-blissful world. She was the one who started the whole “let’s lie to Sung Joon about my identity because I am not confident  to face him,” while Hari finished the covetous act on her own because she thought she could get away with it. Both ladies participated in this and both of them should face the consequences of Sung Joon being disappointed in them. I know Hari got desperate and annoying, but Hye Jin not getting a little bit blamed for or at least a little bit of disappointment from Sung Joon was ridiculous. I know he loves her and he’s honest with her and Hye Jin never wished any harm with her actions, but c’mon, she played a small role in deceiving Sung Joon as well and the fact that Hari had to suffer through it alone from her guilt of not fully accepting Hye Jin’s forgiveness was not in agreement with me. Hence, I am sorry to say, but there was nothing cute about this episode whatsoever, after Sung Joon found out the truth. The only saving grace in this episode was Hari and Hye Jin’s confrontation. Hye Jin’s not mad/disappointed at Hari was a surprise to see. I guess she understood where her friend was coming from and it was nice to see that the ladies were not fighting over the guy.

Episode 12 Thoughts

If this series wrapped up its run with 12 episodes, that would’ve been awesome. I think I am one of few whose interest in this drama has fizzled, so the kiss, though the chemistry was there, didn’t really meet up with expectation because it wasn’t really deserved. I just have a problem with the way Sung Joon was written. There still is not much about him, his “illness” or even a glimpse of how he lived in the US. So, as a character, he doesn’t feel complete. He is just going through the motions of things; he’s back in Korea to get Most to number one and to win Hye Jin’s heart, like that’s his only purpose. I know, I should stop bitching about it, but he is just dud. Sorry, Sung Joon fans.


Now with Shin Hyuk, I do have a strong bias towards him, but being real, he as well is a little bit of caricature, but he comes off real, in a way. He goes for what he wants and not afraid of a challenge, even though, it will lead to heartbreak and rejection, he still goes on. I do want the best for him, even if it is not Hye Jin. As for the mystery, they need to stop dragging it out with him and Sung Joon. Now is the time to lay it out on the table, so that four episodes will be enough to cover the story and not let it feel rushed, so I think we are getting there with hints of it shown in today’s episode.

The best moment in this episode is Hye Jin and Hari’s make-up. I just love that the girls are back together again. Slowly, but surely, they’ll get there and the moment where Hari pushed Hye Jin to go for what she wants and not let herself be in the way was a heartwarming scene to watch. This is the Hari we all loved in the beginning and it was good to see that again. We didn’t like manipulative and lying and hiding-from-friend-in-order-to-date-friend’s-potential Hari, so I appreciated the present Hari that has her friend’s back. Because we all know that Hye Jin always got Hari’s back. So, the hesitation of Hye Jin liking Sung Joon and being considerate of her friend was a little bit hard to watch because you can see that Hye Jin cares deeply for her friend/sister and no man can come in between that.  In all words, I did like that Hari was the one to help push Hye Jin to deal with her feelings for Sung Joon and not be afraid. Even though, I still do not like this couple with the way they got together. But, that’s just me and my tiredness of a cold jerk who falls for a perky heroine and cold jerk because sweet because perky heroine reminded him of his first love who just happen to be the real first love.  And perky heroine forgets the fact that cold jerk was indeed a jerk to her before she fell in love with him. Argh!!

Photocredit: Dramabeans

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