Glamorous Temptation Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 Highlight: “Where is my mind?”

PM Kang corners Eun Soo who’s riffling through his books. He asks her what she’s trying to gain posing as a seductress and Cheong Mi. All Eun soo can utter is why did PM Kang kill her husband?


Before passing out, PM Kang, on his knees, is apologetic to Cheong Mi, as he still is not out of his daze, for being a coward and not defending her. Il Il Joo and Il Do accompany PM Kang  in the ambulance to the hospital, while the rest of the family plus MJ and Hyung Woo grill Eun soo. MJ wants to know why she was in the study and Eun soo explains that she was there to thank him from saving her from Il Do’s craziness. Hyung woo follows Eun soo out to ask her what happened in the study, but before she can let her guard down, they get interrupted by MJ.

MJ wants to know if Hyung woo still has feelings for Eun soo, if not, why release her? He stops his mother from uttering nonsense. But it seems that Hyung woo is the who should stop talking as he says that he had to pull Eun soo in to divert PM Kang’s attention from his feelings for Il Joo. At home, Eun soo begins to decipher the codes which she then use to decipher the codes written on her husband and PM Kang’s picture; “Daejong International…2 billion won…October 2, 2009.

The next day, Hyung Woo drags Eun soo to the fields to ask her what happened to PM Kang. She tells Hyung woo the reason why she’s at the house and is certain that PM Kang killed her husband over 2 billion won. PM Kang gets discharged and I guess his mind is fully checked out because he clearly sees Eun soo as Cheong Mi upon arrival at the house. He utters her name which makes the family curious at that.  Il Joo gets question at breakfast about her mom having a strong resemblance to Eun soo. PM Kang doesn’t remember the night before when Eun Soo tried to prod him for an answer.

Il Joo and MJ look at Cheong Mi’s old picture as they wonder what’s up. There is no way PM Kang would go for someone that low says Il Ran to Eun Soo as she asks her to turn around to compare. Ha! Eun soo really is a kiss ass as she says Il Ran is so deep even her eyes exude it, since she is a writer.  Omo! Will Eun soo be her “soulmaid?” In his hidden lair, Hyung woo searches for records in October 2009. Il Do has a lunch meeting with Prosecutor Kang and Prosecutor Kang brings up the subject of Hyung woo mentioning 10 billion won slush fund during the interrogation. This rages Il Do as he tries to hurt Hyung woo, but aide Kim stops him before entering the office building and advices him to attack from behind in order to suffer less loss on his side.

Il Joo uses the bird in the cage (a gift from her husband) as an analogy of her and Hyung woo not being free or protected; they are always watched. He tells Il Joo to show more interest in her husband because President Kang know about their almost elopement. This makes Il Joo wonder why Hyung woo tried to marry her; he should want to hold her, kiss her, not push her to another man and all Hyung woo can say is “I told you the body isn’t important.” Ha! I didn’t make this up; this guy is on deep stuff. Let’s not forget the talkless parrot is in the room feeding in on this information.

Hyung woo meets with his mom to ask if anyone else knows about the slush fund, except dad and PM Kang, no one is in on the secret, but Hyung woo is not too sure on his suspicion because Il Joo is beginning to suspect their plan. Moo Hyuk surprise Il Joo as he moves into the bedroom, though, they’ll sleep on separate beds. Eun soo asks her mom if the name Cheong Mi sounds familiar, also, is she really her daughter’s mother and not a secret child. Ha! Mom asks if PM Kang is single, that way, if she dolls herself up, soon, the old gizzard will fall for her. We can all dream. Lackey checks on PM Kang as he asks if he remembered called Eun soo, Cheong Mi, which he doesn’t.

Hyung woo stops by the side road when he sees Eun soo and Mi Rae who are on their way to the amusement park. He tells her that he did look into Daejong International incident and since he’s managing PM Kang’s finance, he knows that PM Kang wasn’t involved in her husband’s death. Eun soo tells Hyung woo to stop digging as he fishes for more details; she doesn’t want to implicate him. Mi Rae begs her favorite ajusshi to accompany them to the park. Eun soo is furious at her daughter as she has warned her numerous times no to talk to strangers.

Regardless, handsome ajusshi is not a stranger; so, we have our cute fun, scene at the park. A vendor complements them as she states that the daughter looks like her dad. They don’t try to correct the error on her part as Mi Rae feeds Hyung woo a piece of churro. Il Joo check on her dad’s mental state, but the old man is not senile enough as he tells her that he has enough money to shake the country’s politics and he wants Il Joo to have it as he wants to make her president. She’ll need to discuss further details with Hyung woo, a news to Il Joo, especially, since the money is from the slush fund. At the park, Eun soo and Hyung woo see some uniformed men-in-black and run from them, only it turns out to be a false alarm. Eun soo is freaked out by this as history almost repeated itself, with that, she voices her courage that she’ll do whatever it takes to know why her husband is dead and will not quit no matter what.

Il Joo ask MJ about Hyung woo’s whereabouts since she cannot reach him. Since her dad’s slip up is on her mind, she asks if her mother was similar to Eun soo, which MJ rejects. At the park, Hyung woo and Mi Rae are playing together and Eun soo stands afar watching. Later that evening, looking like a happy family, Manager Ma tries to attack the “hotel manager” Hyung woo for taking his spot, aww, he doesn’t have luscious hair like Hyung woo. Eun soo tells Mi Rae to keep the day secret from grandma who overhears them. With a little nudge and no gifts form santa, Mi Rae tattles. Ha! Later that evening, Hyung woo and Eun soo are deep in thoughts as they remember the past when life was simple.

Eun soo serves the already tensed Kang at breakfast and dad has a relapse moment when he asks Cheong Mi if she cannot prepare her apricot bimbpap since he stayed up all night preparing for the National Assembly’s Inspection Day. After his MRI checkup, PM Kang is diagnosed with early stages of dementia. Il Ran is freaking out about dad’s health, while Se Young is more worried that PM Kang will give Eun soo part of the inheritance since he’s mistaking her for Cheong Mi. MJ tells Hyung woo that Cheong Mi and Eun soo do not look the same, but their aura is similar. Now, the game plan has changed since PM Kang is losing it. Why continue the plan to make Il Joo president when all they want is to reveal PM Kang slush fund documents, instead, they can just find it by using Eun soo since she looks like Cheong Mi.

Eun soo continues her digging in the study, unbeknown to her, she is being watched by Lackey through a camera feed. Il Do really doesn’t know his place as he tells Moo Hyuk, during a game of golf, that Hyung woo and Il Joo almost got married. Moo Hyuk then pays a visit to his wife’s empty office, but he finds the unexpected instead, the parrot, who utters the word, “Hyung woo, I love you.”Eun soo gets a call from anonymous who tells her to disguise herself as Cheong Mi and ask PM Kang where the book is. Moo Hyuk comes home drunk repeating the words, “I am your husband.” Il Joo tries to walk away, but he drags her back and forces himself on her and when she refuses, he slaps her to subdue her, then he re-forces himself again on her.

Eun soo gets a call from a franctic Mi Rae to come to the park as it is an emergency. She sees Hyung woo and is absurd about the prank her daughter pulled. But, it seems like it was a trap instead as men with sticks attack them. Hyung woo can also fight them alone for so long as Eun soo gets slapped. This distracts him and as he is about to help her, he gets hit from behind while Eun soo gets chloroformed. A shaken Il Joo calls Hyung woo for help, unbeknown to her, he’s passed out and his phone, Eun soo’s and her wallet gets taken away by the attackers. It is day light and there is one shipment cargo that is being driven to the ocean side with a crane waiting. Eun soo wakes up first and realizes that they are trapped. She tries to wake up Hyung woo who is still unconscious, but her effort. She realizes that something is off as the cargo begins to move and SPLASH, it is being dropped into the water.

Omg! First of all, I did not expect Moo Hyuk to go that far. Funny enough, I was expecting something like this to happen because it was bound to happen, but when it did, it was still a surprise. I guess because it is still early in the game, so it wasn’t anticipated. Moo Hyuk’s unstable state makes me wonder how far his mental state is for his family to use him to get to PM Kang. No matter how annoying Il Joo was, this was not deserved. image

Now, that this horrible factor played out, I want to see how she’s going to change from being naïve and in the dark. With the chain of reaction happening around her; Hyung woo not picking up his phone when she calls; his knowledge and involvement about the slush fund; being used as a revenge plan, only she doesn’t really know that she’s being used; Eun soo in the picture, so Hyung woo’s old feeling are resurrecting; a loveless marriage; horrible step-siblings; a life she hates; a father who’s losing his mind; this girl is about to jump. She has been so clueless about the life she lived as Cheong Mi’s daughter and now PM Kang’s. So, let’s see how all these will change her perspective because I do not buy her believing that the “physical doesn’t matter” crap from Hyung woo. No matter how annouing she is, she really has lived a lonely life, no one truly has her back and that is sad to see as she desperately needs it now more than ever, but if she wasn’t back stabbing and conniving, I would say, Eun soo is that one person she could join forces with.


My theory about who anonymous caller is, Eun soo’s mom or her brother, who we’ve only seen once, has changed a little. With PM Kang’s state, the caller could also be internal. So, the new suspects are Mrs. Jin (MJ), one of the house help giving out information to Eun soo’s relatives, Lackey, President Gwon. Gasp, can the dead be alive? Cheong Mi, Eun soo’s husband, or Eun soo’s dad. The dead can rise again and If I can pick one out of the dead, it will be Eun soo’s husband. The body wasn’t found, only a hand with a wristwatch on it and just the fact that the caller knows what’s going on in the residence means the person is closer than expected. Lackey, PM Kang’s right-hand man is my next suspect. He knows the life of PM Kang since his early days, so he could be ups for the money and political rise. Greed knows no bound.

Stray Predictions

  • Really, who’s behind all this mystery?
  • “I told you, the body isn’t important.” I still cannot get over that bogus line of a man who is supposed to be in love, send his lover to another man. Il Joo, time to wake up.
  • Let’s get the blame fest started… Mrs. Jin blaming Eun soo for Hyung woo’s head injury and kidnap.
  • Mi Rae is hopeful for her handsome ajusshi, aka, Hyung woo and mom to be together and so am I.

3 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 9 Recap

  1. Thank you very much for recapping this drama.
    I found the climax to this episode awful. I knew Moo-hyeok was unstable and I couldn’t figure him out, but I never expected that of him. God, we aren’t even halfway through the drama yet!


    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thought. I still don’t know how to categorize Moo Hyuk yet. What he did, even the ridiculous Il Joo, didn’t deserve it. We have just reached a quater of the series. Let’s see how despicablly unstable he becomes.


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