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Glamorous Temptation Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 Highlight: “Who are you?”

Il Joo is beyond pissed that Hyung Woo is under Il Do and due to that she believes that he is the one who gave the tip about her briberies to the persecutors. He strongly denies it, but she wants him to take full responsibility. He drags her out to the fields and tells her that it was all planned, switching sides to Il Do. That way, they can deflect PM Kang who is already suspicious of their relationship, so that they can be together.



He needed her to be genuinely angry, that’s why he didn’t say of the plan, also, he’ll go to the police to make a deal. Se Young gifts Mrs. Jin (MJ from now) with an artwork as she is pleased that she’s on her husband’s side. Mrs. Jin says that she and Se Young are are alike; grow up poor and have succeeded in having power, mostly through marriage, they need to stick together and trample on those who are trying to climb up. Se Young thanks Mrs. Jin for giving her information on Eun soo being an ex-convict. She is also curious about her relationship with Il Joo and Hyung Woo as she lets is slip, on purpose, that Hyung woo was the one who made a deal with her husband to release Eun Soo. Il Joo is still looking at the horizons on the fields when Eun Soo joins her. Eun soo tells her the half truth, she was with Hyung Woo the night he didn’t pick up the phone, but that was because he was there to tell her to leave the resident. She has no interest in the past, so Il Joo should suck it up and just take the news.



Eun Soo brings PM Kang’s favorite out in the gardens and wanting to get a reaction from him she talks to him about Turgenev’s poem, “First Love” and connects the poem to her husband being the poison in her life as he embezzled $2 millions and died. Hyung Woo is being interrogated about the bribery to get election votes. Hyung Woo, rather, asks the interrogating officer if he is not interested in the 10 billion won slush fund story instead. An interesting topic to the officer, who gets a feed on the ear radio to focus on the bribery and sensing that something is not right, he runs out of the room into the next room behind the mirror and sees Prosecutor Gwon Joo Hyuk. MJ confronts Eun Soo about Hyung woo bailing Eun Soo out, a news she is unaware of, as she assumed it was Il Joo.

PM Kang asks Il Joo is she gave watches and 100 million won out for her election vote.  She doesn’t deny it and dad is raged; she wanted a clean race, so why bribe. All she can say is that Hyung woo will take responsibility for this action as well. PM Kang meets with President Gwon to diffuse the issue, Il Joo is clean. P. Gwon doesn’t buy that as he wants his son, Joo Hyuk to pressure Hyung woo into full confession, but before he can continue, DUN! DUN! DUN! It is Moo Hyuk standing in daddy’s office, holding a really expensive vase. He goes into analogy of how fragile the vase is, so it can easily break, just like his wife. Just to make sure that they are on the same page, just like how Joo Hyuk has a woman, Hyeong Soon in America that he loves, he loves Il Joo deeply, so if anything were to happen to his wife to make her unhappy…



Eun soo visits Hyung woo is prison and he tells her that the Kang’s residence is more scarier than she thinks it is, so leave. Il Joo later pays a visit to Hyung woo, but the officer wouldn’t let her in because Hyung woo has used his get one visitor card, Eun Soo.  With ranks pulling, she is able to still see him. Hyung woo tells her that Joo Hyuk is involved in this case. She denies being involved in the bribery and states that everything was Hyung woo’s doing. She slides him a paper written in codes, which tells him that she’ll take care of his mom and he knows what he needs to do.  He thinks back to when he saw his father in the same predicament. Il Ran and her ghost writer are coming up with her next work and she gets hysterical when he tried to correct her, “soul-mate” from “soul-maid.”

Eun soo gets a call from anonymous and she tells him that she’s done digging into the past of her late husband, but the caller doesn’t want that as s/he threatens her to continue or else, Mi Rae might get hurt. Il Joo is in having a one-woman drinking party when PM Kang joins her. She tells him that she’s really betrayed by Hyung woo. All dad can say is that if Hyung woo is willing to put his ambition aside, then he would make an excellent aide. Bully 1 sneaks in an envelope in Eun Soo’s locker. At breakfast, Il Ran criticizes Se Young for neglecting her step-daughter, who’s secretly seeing her mother, while taking care of her kid in US, though, step daughter denies it. Il Do adds his own take on Il Joo’s news as he blames her for Hyung woo’s predicament. Il Joo is clearly not happy and Moo Hyuk sees this, so, as we guess, that expensive vase got broken and Joo Hyuk claims to his wife that he has never been to Singapore and doesn’t know what illicit, Photoshop picture his wife his talking about. This is clearly Moo Hyuk’s work.



MJ visits Hyung woo in prison and cries that all their plans are thwarted, so, now she wants to take full action, but Hyung woo tells her to stay still. Eun Soo sees the threaten note in her locker; quit the mission. Mi Rae will be gone. So, she frantically goes to the school to search for Mi Rae. Coming to a sad conclusion that Mi Rae got kidnapped, Eun Soo begins to ball her eyes out, luckily, Mi Rae and Manager Ma went out for steak  during lunch. She’s glad that her daughter is safe, but there is a shadow lurking behind that that won’t be the case soon. Hyung woo gets released and Il Joo is a happy camper, but it is not the same news for hubby as she sits in his car, sneakily watching his wife hug another man. This prompts him to go to the suit store to ask for the sales receipts which dates back to presumably three years ago, per the sales girl, as she believes Il Joo purchased the suits for her husband-to-be.

Apparently, leaving Hyung woo is jail to rot was a test to Il Joo because she truly believed he betrayed her. Back in action, Eun soo finds a book with the codes in it. It seems like Cheong Mi is the founder of this code as she tells PM Kang, through the codes, that it is their own special language. Before, Eun soo can make sense of what she sees, PM Kang enters, but she denies that the book fell. Moo Hyuk welcomes Hyung woo back and he complements his suit and asks if Assemblymen aides are always dedicated. Hyung woo is not a homeboy, so he bounces after taking the complement. Hyung woo thanks PM Kang for getting him released. PM Kang tells him to go back to Il Joo’s side since Hyung woo has no other intention. Lackey tells PM Kang that Eun soo was Hyung woo’s puppy love 15 years ago, but there is no coincidence of her reappearance and no connection to Blue Beauty, but PM Kang still thinks that she has a motive.




Eun soo is still trying to sneak in PM Kang’s room,  but it is a no go. Hyung Woo meets with her and yells at her for not listening. She has her own agenda now with her family’s life involved, so she cannot quit. She asks for what the codes mean, but since, he refuses his help, she’ll figure it out on her won.  PM Kang has a nightmare about Cheong Mi being tortured. The Kangs’, minus Il Joo are having a classic pool indoor pool hangout with suits and dress and all, except Il Ran who think she’s in Hawaii. Eun soo serves her her drink and presents her a copy of her poem, “Soul-mate” for her to sign. It seems Il Ran is not a fan of the book as she had a fit earlier about soul-mate with her ghostwriter.

She shouts at Eun soo and Se Young chimes in to tell Il Do and Il Ran that she was friends with Il Joo, a common enemy. Il Do is already pissed as it is, so he drags, Eun soo out by the hair and PM Kang sees this encounter. Only, he is sleepwalking, instead. He sees a tortured Cheong Mi getting dragged and he watches helplessly, so in a fit to retaliate, he jumps Il Do, only to wake up and realize his mistake. He goes back in his room to compare the broken glasses of Eun Soo and Cheong Mi and he is conflicted. Eun soo, believing that PM Kang, went out for a walk, sneaks into his room to take pictures of the code,  but before she can continue, PM Kang catches her and holding her in a choke mode asks her who she is.


Oh, the last five minute of the episode was intense. The fact that PM Kang keep thinking Cheong Mi is Eun soo is one interesting fact I want to know. I did say that he is closed to his death bed, so, now he’s thinking of the one who got away, but it also looks like guilt is truly eating him up. It is no more the story of the love who I let get away, but now, there is also the story of how he turned the other eye as he let her take the blame for his wrong deeds as an aide to a his rising political position, just like Il Joo and Hyung woo. Hmm, maybe that is why he doesn’t want the kids to be together because their story would be a life he never had and he doesn’t want to relieve it, by seeing an aide and an assemblywoman fall in love. Everything about Eun soo reminds him of Cheong Mi and that is messed up, like Eun soo is Cheong Mi’s reincarnate and is there to seek revenge. I am jumping ahead here, but who know what his true purpose of his future marriage with Eun soo will be; a way to keep her beside him so that he doesn’t go mad about the guilt about Cheong Mi, or will he end up liking her? Oh, this is weird, but Eun soo and PM Kang have good chemistry as well. Yea, gross, but hey, they make it work.


Oh, who loved Moo Hyuk and his little, but sinister scenes, especially, the one where he threatened his family. How messed up is he for them to cower at his wimp. Is he a gangster, a pyscho? Who is Moo Hyuk. I have 42 more episodes to know who this guy is. Il Ran is a waste of character and just filler, so, until, they have more tangible stuff about her, she’s just a side show I could care less about.

Stray Predictions

  • Comments I read keep making guesses that Hyung woo/PM Kang/President Gwon is the anonymous caller. How about this? Can’t it be Eun soo’s mom or her brother we only saw once. They might also need revenge against their dad’s death and the sad life they live.
  • People still do not trust each other, so Hyung woo better be smarter than just reporting to the police and hoping his case will be listened to. Just being in jail for something he didn’t commit and with history almost repeating itself, he has to be smarter than the hands he dealt with.

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