Glamorous Temptation Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 Highlight: “Where do you stand?”

Hung woo refuses to go to the hospital per Eun soo’s suggestion, so she takes him to her apartment instead. He treats himself with using gauze and disinfectant from first aid box and when Eun soo worriedly insists on going in for a proper treatment, but Hyung woo is stern as he tells her that if anyone knows that they met, he’ll die. Moo Hyuk puts his wife to bed, but before he leaves, he gives her a kiss on the cheek. On his way out, Il Joo gets a call from her aide about Hyung woo’s fishy behavior; he took last year’s election materials plus the highly classified information.


Il Joo calls Hyung woo but it goes straight to voicemail, so she calls Mrs. Jin who’s doing some book work. Mrs. Jin assures her that Hyung woo could be sleeping, but her smirk says something different. Il Joo sneaks out of the house without noticing Moo Hyuk who followed her out. She goes to Hyung woo’s empty room and wonders what’s going on. Lackey reports to PM Kang that he’s not in the hospital (he refers to Hyung woo). Kang then plays the blame game on Eun soo; her implicating Assemblyman Jin, her late husband who did a background checks on them, now Hyung woo’s sudden backbone; in short, she will be putting their Democratic party in jeopardy.


Hyung woo had already snuck out of the house before Eun soo’s mom could find him. Still in pain, he sees Lackey and more lackeys taking pictures of car license plate to run. Il Joo comes home to find Moo Hyuk drinking OJ, she lies that she went for a walk. As she leaves, he pours his OJ on the floor, clearly he is not thirsty. Mrs. Jin tells the doctor to keep the in-house treatment a secret. She confronts Hyung woo of his carelessness and he justify his words by stating that PM Kang is about to toss him aside, so he needs to buy more time to know what “Blue Beauty” means before that happens.

He finds a lollipop in his pocket and thinks back to when he encountered Mi Rae before sneaking out. Mi Rae finds him in the balcony and gives her mother’s tall and good looking friend a lollipop, not before promising to keep their encounter a secret. Eun soo is still on the search for the book in PM Kang’s study, but she gets interrupted by the house manager. Il Joo asks why Hyung woo didn’t pick up his phone and without making much eye contact he lied that he was resting because he is sick. Eun soo’s mom and Mi Rae make a surprise visit at Eun soo’s job and Manager is not keen on seeing them. She berates Eun soo, but mom jumps in to insult her.


Before things gets worse, Se Young steps in and takes the ladies on a house tour. She then brings Mi Rae to the room with Eun soo trailing behind. As Eun soo gets to cleaning, Se Young “accidentally” spills a glass of milk on the carpet which prompts Eun soo to clean it with Mi Rae watching. Se young bluntly tells Mi Rae to study hard so that she doesn’t become a maid like her mom and seeing how her mom works makes Mi Rae tear up. Meanwhile, Eun soo’s mom sees PM Kang tending to his peppers and assumes he is a gardener. She makes meaningless conversation only to run away when Manager address PM Kang. Se Young tells the bully maids to make sure Eun soo leaves the house, not knowing Mi Rae overheard the conversation.

This prompts Mi Rae to throw a fit outside with Se Young who then pushes the girl on the floor. Eun Soo sees this and runs to defend her daughter, but Se Young, who really doesn’t know her place, gets pushed to the ground by Eun soo as she’s about to strike Mi Rae. The maids and Manager see this confrontation and they blow it out into a huge unnecessary task; call the police, ambulance and lawyer. Meanwhile, Hyung woo sees the showdown from the background. The police detain Eun soo, before the public prosecutor reviews the case. Not jail time again.


Hyung woo tells PM Kang that he’ll be leaving Il Joo’s side which he agrees with. He then asks Hyung woo if he’s heard of “Blue Beauty” which Hyung woo denies. All Hyung woo needs to know is that he’s going to become a sword that will make either Il Joo or Il Do president. Well, something along those lines, but he’ll need tens of billions won in order to make it happen. So, can Hyung woo make it happen? Hyung woo overhears bully maids talk about the incident, while Il Joo is still contemplative about Hyung woo and the documents. Eun soo calls Il Joo to bail her out because she cannot do prison time again for a crime she didn’t commit.

As Eun soo’s mom goes to check the hold up, Mi Rae sees Hyung woo and cries that he needs to help mom out, just like she did at their house. What they don’t realize Il Joo overhearing the conversation. Hyung Woo walks the night, “Masked Prosecutor” style and crashes Il Do philandering party with his aide Kim to let him know of his sudden agreement to his side, but not without a bargain for Il Do; he has files on Il Joo that would destroy her, but he needs something in return. PM Kang does have a security camera in his room as Lackey ask if Kang would let Eun soo in on who her puppeteer is.


Kang wants to test the waters; if it gets dangerous for her, who’ll save her? Hmm, so diabolical! Hyung woo thinks back to a two minute life flashback; dad asking his never to do politics, mom seeking revenge, promises he made to Eun soo, PM Kang promising to take care of him. Eun soo gets released the next day and has a hearty and teary welcome from Mi Rae who asks if she’s returning to work. She does and she does a right-angle bow to Se Young as she apologizes. Luckily, Il Ran is there to squander Se Young’s pleasure as she brings her back to earth and smashes with knowing her own place.

Eun soo thanks Il Joo for bailing her out, which we know that didn’t happen. Il Joo begins her sob, crocodile tears of Hyung woo being at her side for 15 years when she entered the Kang’s residence. They almost got married and blah, blah, blah. She thinks he has another woman now and all Eun soo can say is she is not looking at the past anymore, trust Hyung woo and suck it up. Ha! I just love her statement, though, not in the way I stated, but I liked it. Oh yea, Se Young eavesdrop to the end of the convo. PM Kang mistakes Eun soo for Cheong Mi as he thinks back to when Cheong Mi breaks up with him. Eun soo makes him the apricot bibmbap as he makes small talk about Ivan Turgenev’s “First Love.”


Moo Hyuk is having a nice, homely date with his absentee wife who calls it a night after a small talk about Hyung woo need to have a woman in his life. He pushes that he wants to sleep on the same bed with her, but she deflects it with a peck on the cheek, however, he doesn’t look too pleased. Il Joo goes to the woods with the music box and thinks back to when she first encounter Eun soo and Hyung woo when they were little. She’s deep in thought as she now realizes that the past could repeat itself again and she is the third wheel. There is a brief scene with Manager Ma, who accuses Eun soo for accepting a Louis Vuitton purse from the presumed hotel manager. Ha!

At home, Mi Rae cries to her mom to accept Manager Ma’s proposal so that she can quit her job at the Kang’s. Later, Eun soo takes out an old photo of her husband and Kang and sees that the date on the photo matches his death anniversary. Il Do meets up with President Gwon who tells him that he can make him the President. Aide Kim, Il Do’s old aide, tells Il Joo that Hyung woo has joined Il Do’s side and his position is unstable and to prove that, aide Kim has the recorded conversation from the party; this time Hyung woo’s condition is for Il Do to drop charges against Eun Soo.


Eun soo and Hyung woo have a secret meeting where she shows him a coded message, same as the one from the past. He is furious about how she got to know and he yells at her to leave the residence. She yells back that he has no right to tell her what to do and he needs to leave as well; isn’t his pride wounded? Why is he still attached to the house? Would he be embarrassed to see his dad? Il Joo gets a visit from the prosecutor’s office as they are there to investigate her violation of election law during the special election.

Hyung woo is being questioned by PM Kang about why he joined Il Do’s side. Hyung woo justifies his answer; you want me to leave Il Joo, the next best thing is to be at Il Do’s side, that way he can become like Assemblyman Kang. Kang doesn’t buy that, but their talk is cut short when Eun soo perfectly timed her serving. Kang observes Hyung woo and Eun soo’s action by their proximity. Before the conversation could go on any further, Il Joo storms outside, bumps into Eun soo, looks at Hyung woo and gives him a dirty, hard slap.


I tried to make this recap short, so next time, I will have to cut down on the details and give the main ideas in order to make recaps quicker. With that out of the way, this was a nice episode that was full of action.  Even as an adult, Eun Soo easily get blamed for everything, like seriously, this girl cannot get a break. However, I do like that she has a backbone and won’t back down and this is the same awesome personality Mi Rae took from her mother. Eun Soo’s  mom is now infuriating, but she does have funny scenes, so, I will just ignore her antics until she has done major damages to the point where Eun soo is almost non-forgiving. towards her. As for PM Kang, he is losing it big time, probably due to the fact that he’s dying, but he is really entering into the deep trends of characterizing Eun soo with Cheong Mi and there will be some complications down the road which I am anticipating.

As for Moo Hyuk, Il Joo, be careful because cray-cray hubby cannot hold his cray-cray any longer. I seriously do fear for her. I did mention that Il Ran has no real purpose, but for now, let’s say her main beef is with Se Young and any one who can shake Se Young is her friend. Hopefully, she doesn’t switch sides when pappy has a thing for maid-y. Oh, ha! this just reminded me of “Maid in Manhattan”  with Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes—a political officer and his maid romance. Only this time, the political officer has grown ass children fighting for power, he’s old and kinda cute for his age. While the maid has a kid, a butt and wants to be a own a managerial hotel position, is not out to know who killed her late husband and have everyone against her. Okay, fine, this is NOTHING LIKE THAT!

Stray Predictions

  • Manager Ma is beginning to grow on me; I love his earnest pursuit in Eun Soo as long as he doesn’t turn 180 on us.
  • PM Kang is proven to be diabolical. This guy has all his tracks covered, from Hyung Woo to Eun soo and her being played??? Now, I am curious about him and his goals.
  • Who is the anonymous caller? Hyung Woo? PM Kang? President Gwon? Her “late” husband? The Prosecutor? An unknown character? What do you think?
  • “Ah, my poetic sensitivity is getting hurt” by Il Ran

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