Glamorous Temptation Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 Highlight: “Who are You?”

Eun Soo runs out of the house just has she has a stare down with PM Kang and Il Joo and it seems that Il Joo doesn’t betray her emotion that Eun soo looks familiar. While PM Kang is broody in his room, Il Joo fishes out the old sewing machine music box from her hidden safe and thinks back to when she how it is in her possession now.



Il Joo is worried about her political career as an Assemblywoman to President as Hyung Woo fills her with thoughts of her father replacing her with Il Do. Later that day, she reconnects with Eun Soo. Il Joo goes straight to the point: was she married? Yes and with a kid as well and now she is trying to make ends meet, so, Eun soo begs her old friend to help her get the maid position at her house. With a secretive past or not, Il Joo cannot do that to someone she once knew, but she’ll think about it. PM Kang had his Lackey to do a background check on Eun Soo and he finds out that she was married to Hong Myeong Ho, her late husband who worked with Kang, and she was daughter of the driver of Assemblyman Jin.


Eun soo and her hotel colleague get hired and Il Joo confronts her dad about why he hired the daughter of the driver. Dad wants to know the truth of what really happened in the past; there had to be a reason why taking the slush fund documents would cause so much devastation. This shakes up Il Joo as she goes back to her safe to take out the documents. It looks like Il Joo never paid attention to the document in the past because as soon as she takes a glance at the documents she was able to decipher her mother’s name, “Cheong Mi” from “Blue Beauty” in which there was a Swiss account under the name is the 80’s & 90’s (BLUE BEAUTY are synonymous words to Cheong Mi in Hangul). Il Joo is not the only one to know this information; Hyung woo and Mrs. Jin knows as well, but they are not sure of its significance. Upon leaving, they bump into Eun soo and Hyung woo pretends not to know her as he bypasses her. Mrs. Jin is barking at Eun soo when they get interrupted by Il Ran who is not fond of PM Kang and Il Joo’s pets; Mrs. Jin and her son. Ha!



During breakfast, Se Young makes a fit about Eun soo being hired, but Il Joo slides in that she hired her. However, the siblings make a fit about her not knowing her place in the household. PM Kang shuts them up saying that he hired Eun Soo and they should never speak ill of Il Joo’s mother again. In the background, Il Joo’s creepy-love hubby, Moo Hyuk is fuming at Il Do’s misogynist display of masculinity towards Il Joo. PM Kang ask Hyung woo how long he’ll stay behind Il Joo since for the past seven years he had been her aide. He wants him to get his interest in politics, but Hyung woo is satisfied with his positon. PM Kang cuts the bull as he says that Hyung woo controls Il Joo from behind. Hyung woo thinks back to the times he declared his love for Eun soo through the cheesy poem and gave her the music box memento as a promise for the future.

Mi Rae is bothering her mom for a new pink kitchen toy that all her friends have except her, but Eun soo gets frustrated with her instead of soothing. Il Joo stops by Eun soo’s and in favor to as she gifts Mi Rae with the new toy kitchen. The ladies go out for a drink and Il Joo tells her friend that she’ll look for a new job for her. Eun soo refuses, but she reminisces that her life and family’s went sour ever since the slush fund document was found in her backpack; she wants to know how it got there and why. All Il Joo can say is sorry, but Eun Soo just assumes she’s sympathizing with her. Eun soo’s mom seems to have conned manager for some cash as she’s eating some delicious, grilled meat for breakfast. Before, Eun soo can get an answer from her, their neighbors come up to randomly disturb the peace and from one chaos to another, this scene is prepping us to show that grandma’s actions and behaviors can be imitated by Mi Rae, it was pretty funny though, though, I could be reading a lot into it.


Eun soo’s mom feeds Manager’s desperation as she claims that Eun soo has a wealthier pursuer; her hotel manager. Manager goes to pick up Mi Rae from school and she uses the same line to get a meal out of him and possibly a Louis Vuitton bag perhaps? Ha! She got more game than granny. Se Young makes friend with Eun soo, but it looks like she has something up her sleeve. Even Il Ran sees that as she warns Eun soo that Se Young’s niceness is nothing to take lightly. She gives her a designer purse and tells Eun soo to be careful. After an exercise session, Il Joo brings out the claws, why did Hyung woo pretend not to know Eun soo? He answers that Eun soo was the past and he never loved her, the person he truly loved was SangYi/Il Joo. Please tell me, she didn’t buy that line?


Anyways, Il Joo invites Hyung woo for dinner with her husband, but he declines and he doesn’t look too pleased to see Hyung woo by Il Joo’s side. During dinner, he presents Il Joo with a gift; a parrot in a huge, golden cage (symbolism??). She like it and gives him a suit as a gift as well. People really should learn to use inside voice as they literally insult Il Joo loudly while sitting behind the couple. This is where Moo Hyuk gets dangerous; he violently attacks the male customer in the bathroom. Eun soo gets another instruction from the anonymous call; this time he gives her a specific task; get a particular book from PM Kang’s study. Eun Soo doesn’t have any fans in the house as her fellow maids bully her for her connection in getting hired. But, Eun soo fights back, however, the fight stops when PM Kang walks by. PM Kang thinks back to when he was a starting congressman and his secretary, Cheong Mi, used herself as a blockade to help him pass an angry mob of men in suits.


Hyung woo comes out of hiding in the background and confronts Eun soo as he tells her in a pained tone, that she should have lived well and never appear in front of him again. Ha!! Let’s see how that turns out! Il Do needs a worthy challenger to fight with him in the boxing ring, but Hyung woo proves to be weak and he takes Il do’s constant beating, while he thinks back to a “fox rain” time with Eun soo as teens.  He stays down defeated and pained. Moo Hyuk and Il Joo meet up with President Gwon to ask him to help his wife in the political race. Eun soo sneaks into PM Kang’s study to search for the book, but her treasure hunt is cut short when her colleague comes into the room, though, she doesn’t get caught, but it feels like there is a security camera hidden somewhere.

That evening, PM Kang’s Lackey gets trailed by an unknown man to a shipping area where he sees Lackey trading a briefcase with someone. Unfortunately, unknown figure gets caught by the someone who gives a chase and a fight, but before unknown figure could escape by jumping into the river, he gets cut. Eun soo is eating diner alone in the kitchen, when PM Kang silently joins her. Her rice combination reminded him of the time he ate Cheong Mi’s and his smile at that memory doesn’t look good in the present. Apparently, the food is similar to Cheong Mi’s, which would make sense considering the fact that Sang Yi could’ve taught Eun Soo. Anyways, on her way home, Eun soo encounters the unknown figure who turns out to be Hyung woo, but before she can fully register his injury and presence, he shields her from Lackey who happened to drive by them.



We all know the obvious, Il Joo doesn’t want the truth to get out, just like PM Kang and Eun soo voiced, I want to know her reason of taking the documents. With that aside, let’s talk about the minor characters, Il Ran is still on a “useless” side character, until she shows that she is someone who could help Eun soo later on, or have at least have a tangible story apart from her screeching and being a brat at an old age. Il Do is just a pig. Se Young will just be bitchy because he husband is horrible.

As for Moo Hyuk, DAMN! I didn’t know he will turn this dangerous so quickly. Wow. He is a new type of villain who is more interesting than Kang or Mrs. Jin or President Gwon. I want more of him even though I sound like a EVIL. As for Eun soo’s mother, I really don’t know where to place her, so, we will just see her as a comic relief with Mi Rae and Gullible Manager. The question is was Hyung woo really keeping tabs on Eun soo, or was this a recent thing for him? Obviously, he is still in love with Eun Soo that he in a way feels responsible for not owning up to the promise he made with her as teens. Well, we will see more of them having a love-hate relationship, until things die down. Now, for the main question: IS PM KANG EQUATING EUN SOO AS HIS LATE LOVE, CHEONG MI/IL JOO’S MOM? Any thoughts? I have some, but I’LL wait for episode 8 to be fully subbed.

Stray Prediction

  • I want to believe that Hyung woo is the anonymous caller to Eun soo or President Gwon or his prosecutor son.
  • Moo Hyuk is mighty dangerous and that caged parrot that refused to talk is a huge red alert of symbolism.
  • There were 12 shots of the last scene, cameraman/producer-nim, we get it.

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