Glamorous Temptation Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 Highlight: “I See You”

Il Joo/Sang Yi (I will call her Il Joo in the present) weds President Gwon’s son, Gwon Moo Hyuk, who is beyond ecstatic to marry his crush. So cute! Well, for him, Il Joo looks like she’s about to die at gunpoint. Anyways, Eun soo is still reeling from the shock she had seen earlier from Hyung woo and Il Joo kissing. Eun soo is a bit jumpy as she is in proximity with the past. With her lack of concentration and nervousness, she drops a plate of food when she bumps into Moo Hyuk by accident.

5 GT 4

Eyes are on Eun soo as Hyung woo’s mom, (Mrs. Han, what I’ll call her from now) notices Eun soo and so does Hyung woo, but he pretends like he doesn’t recognize her. Mrs. Han confronts Eun soo and throws money at her to disperse, though, Eun soo tries stands her ground, but she leaves defeated. Il Ran decides to make the party lively as she causes a drunken commotion, so does Il Do, who accuses PM Kang, aka, baddie (PM Kang…you know the formula) of making Il Joo in charge, when he is the first child. Before, the party turns into a complete fiasco, the drunken siblings gets dragged out. Il Do  pretended to be a drunk because that way his behavior would be excused and his father would listen to him. Okay…attention seeker much, also, Il Do is a misogynist, so we will expect to see him berate his wife and women as this show goes on. 

5 GT 3

Mrs.  Han is glad that her son isn’t dead and tells him to pull out of their plan, but Hyung woo wants to see it through. Since,Il Joo is married, it will be hard to carry out their plan because she could get pregnant and that will be a game changer, but Hyung woo has faith in Il Joo, so, he’ll stick to their plan. President Gwon is iffy on his son Moo Hyuk following through (still don’t know his plan), but he also noticed PM Kang’s strange behavior in the wedding (PM Kang clutched his heart for a moment before confronting his drunk kids). PM Kang is has a moment alone in his room with a broken prescription eyeglass. He thinks back to when he was he cowardly encountered his now-deceased wife slap Cheong Mi,  Il Joo’s mom, which resulted to her being dragged out, but not before her eyeglass gets broken.

Moo Hyuk is a doting husband as he calmly tells Il Joo that he won’t rush her.  Hyung woo thinks back to the when he sees Eun soo and his face betrays the façade of pretense because he recognizes her instantly as he wondered why she is in her predicament.  Eun soo who is now home compares the slush fund document she stole from the Kang’s resident to the one she recovered from her little brother when they were younger.  At work, Eun soo’s colleague wants her to interview with her at the Kang’s resident, but Eun soo refuses.  At breakfast at the Kangs’, PM Kang tells Il Do that he’ll resume his work at Yeouido, which is where the district of the National Assembly is located. This is exactly what he wants and he is beyond excited, though, Il Joo doesn’t look too happy about the news.

5 GT 6

Hyung Woo is Il Joo’s aide and her new hubby makes acquaintances with a possible love threat???? Hyung woo briefs Il Joo on the way to work about what she needs to learn before the press begin to ask questions about her wedding; the couple met in Singapore and have dated for a while, so that the public won’t think that the wedding was a political wedding. Eun soo encounters her boss at the restaurant, but she is not having any of his advances, so he brings up the case of her  borrowing money from him.  Correction, it was her mother who borrowed and Eun soo is mad at her mom  as she assumed that she collected the money to pay of her gambling debts. Mom is unreasonably angry at her daughter as she blames Eun soo for their hardships.  She tells Eun soo that she’s still young, so she needs to remarry, while she takes care of Mi Rae.

This is not what Eun soo wants to hear and mom stalks off. Mi Rae, who is awake from the noise, cries that she doesn’t want to live with grandma and mom reassure her that she won’t.  PM Kang has fancy gadgets anchored on him in the hospital. His doctor tells him  that things aren’t looking so well. What they don’t realize is that their conversation is being recorded and the person listening is Il Do.  It seems like Hyung woo also got his hands on PM Kang’s health status as he shows Il Joo the analysis. Before, she can fully process the news, Il Do shows up at her office and suggests she hands over Hyung woo to him as his aide. Since she is the Assemblywoman in his district, this is the least she can do, but Il Joo fights back and says no. Il Do is about to slap her, but Hyung woo intervenes and tells Il Do that he’s not working for him regardless. Later, Il Joo tells Hyung woo that she is too scared to move on with the politics and revenge, but Hyung woo promises her that he’ll be at her side.

5 GT 2

Moo Hyuk wants to surprise his wife with some nice flower arrangements, where each flower has a special meaning, but the florist seem irritated at his extravagant demands and when she tries to get the arrangement ready, he slaps her hands and with a face of a solemn creepy dude, he cuts the flower himself.   Pres. Kang  who is waiting in Moo Hyuk’s office asks his son why he’s playing house, but Moo Hyuk answers in a disturbing tone, in which, his father causally brushes aside, if it is right to use his son for his political agenda.  Il Ran picks a squabble with Se Young about not knowing her place. Se Young quietly speaks that she’s there to shop for her husband, which Il Ran calls bull. Il Do tells Mrs. Han to join forces with him since PM Kang is dying, so she needs to choose, Il Joo or him? Mrs. Han tells Hyung woo that they are switching players, but Hyung woo is still standing by Il Joo’s side, despite knowing the odds might be in her favor later down the road.

Se Young asks Il Do to wear the shirt she originally got for her dad to shut Il Ran up, but it is no surprise that Il Do is not supportive. He even throws some money her when she asks him to come with her to celebrate her father’s birthday.  Il Ran is so mad at the incident that all the shopping she did for the day becomes items she regards as trash, well not to her assistant at least, who takes all the “trash.” Il Joo and Moo Hyuk are having dinner and he gives her the huge boxes of flower arrangement, though the flowers are all dried up since Il Joo made him wait all day.  He proposes that they should start from the beginning by dating and taking each moment step by step. He then gives her a necklace which as a reminder of the promise they made to each other till the day they die. Later, that evening, he goes through the shirt she wore and gets her hair strand. He uses it as a bookmark like the other hair strands he collects. Damn, we have a crazy, infatuated, lover in the house. Yes?!?!!

5 GT 1

Il Joo comes to check on PM Kang who tells her a moral story about of when he was a wee boy he had a dog which he loved wholeheartedly, but after dog 1 died, dog 2 came about and he loved dog 2 more than 1. Moral of this story: dogs too have emotions. Also, she needs to trend the waters carefully, especially now that she’s married. He didn’t say this, but poison can be advantageous, right? Yea, I didn’t get the hidden message in this context because they seem to have two different undertone meaning, but have the same conclusion. Anyways, Eun soo tells her  manager (name I don’t know)  that she’ll pay in installments for the money borrowed, but he doesn’t want that. Eun soo tells him to take it from her salary since he still cannot take a hint. He is so dejected that when Eun soo’s mom sees him, she advises him to open his wallet if he needs to open her heart towards him. Besides, her “hotel manager” takes a fancy to her. So, let the games begin.

On her way home, Eun soo feels like someone is following her, but it turns out to be  false alarm. In actuality, it is not a false alarm because someone is actually following her. Before entering her house, she gets the same anonymous call who tells her to work for the Kang’s residence, to retrieve some documents as he husband’s death is linked to the home. But, she needs to wear glasses so that people will not know that she is superwoman/Eun soo. At work, the hiring manager recognizes Eun soo, but before she can press on, Se Young sees the hires and before she can press on the fact that she and Eun soo are wearing the sane dress, Il Ran stops by to rub salt, pepper and a bit of basil into the pot of awkward best dress. Se Young is so frustrated at Il Ran/Eun soo comeback to Il Ran’s questions, that she uses her frustration to slap Eun soo. She fires her and tells the male staff to drag her out. On her way out, Eun soo yells at the men that she can walk on her own.  PM Kang who watched the incident play from the dragging, to the eyeglass breaking to Eun Soo saying she’ll go on her own brings memory back as he thinks back to the encounter with his wife and Cheong MI, Il Doo’s mom. Eun soo, however, is stunned to see Kang and Il Doo face to face. But, she dashes out quickly before Kang breaks memory flashback and Il Doo looks stunned.


Now, we are beginning to set the stage for the adults. We already know the backstory, but now the reason is why. Each person has an agenda. We now have new characters in play from Il Doo to Moo Hyuk to Il Ran to Se Young. Who are these people? What is their intention? We have a glimpse of some characters like Moo Hyuk and it seems like he is someone who is more than a smiling, doting, cute, understanding hubby. It looks like Il Joo needs to be sharp in this political world she finds herself in because from the looks of it, Moo Hyuk might have been a distraction to the Kangs’ in order for the Gwons’ to activate their plan, but Moo Hyuk is not stupid. He knows what he agreed to and he did it out of the strong, controlling, creepy love that he has for Il Joo, who is really underestimating her hand that she’s playing. I admire her fierceness and her quick reaction, especially to her siblings, but she shouldn’t take Moo Hyuk advances lightly because I fear for her.

As for Il Do, from the recap, you can sense that I will hate this dude. He is a misogynist pig and I can understand Se Young lashing her frustration on Eun soo, though, it is NOT acceptable, but you can see that she is in a desperate need on an ally and Il Do, jerkface, is not one who will provide that comfort. I do smell trouble from her to Eun soo, so let’s see what bigger role she’ll play, except playing the victim to a jobless sister-in-law, Il Ran. So far, we don’t have much to go on with these women in order for us to feel any sympathy from them. What we know is that Se Young was a news announcer and Il Ran is a divorcee who feels trapped in daddy’s house. I don’t know where to place them at the moment, so for now, they are just hanging, until something interesting about them comes up.

Hyung woo has been quiet throughout most of this episode. He hasn’t said much or done anything, so for now, he is just an aide. Eun soo’s mom still hasn’t changed from her money-loving days. It feels like she is a comic relief with Manager of the restaurant, but she just irritates me more. While, watching, I thought, hmm, I don’t want Eun soo to become rich because this woman will cause problems for her, or not. Let us see how she plays well in episode 6 for me to change my mind about her.

Stray Observation

  • Who is President Gwon? Is he the President of Korea or the political party?
  • Kang is really dying if he is now thinking of his ex-lover.
  • Does anyone agree with me that Il Joo is wearing a tracking/listening device necklace Moo Hyuk gave her?
  • Manager really likes Eun soo and I kind of like him, all sleazy hairstyle and all, so I wish she gives him a chance before entering a dirty world called the Kangs’ residence.
  • Does Pres. Gwon that he’s underestimating his son? Or does he know how crazy-in-love his son might turn out to be?
  • Hyung Woo might be the stalker…..

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