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Glamorous Temptation Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 Highlight: “The Beginning of the End”

Baddie and goons strunt the halls of the funeral home to pay their respect to Hyung woo’s dad. The media is in frenzy as they report that their beloved Congressman is dead due to the reports of his driver. However, his case is now closed by the prosecutor’s office.

4 GT 1

Eun soo and her family come to pay their respects and Hyung woo’s mom is beyond reason as she yells that her husband’s killer had the audacity to pay their respects. Dad gets kicked out and kicked on, luckily, Eun soo steps in to save her dad. Hyung woo thinks back to the time he went hiking on the mountains with his dad. For dad, this moment is where he uses to reflect back on what he did wrong for the day.

4 GT 2

Eun soo’s mom is conflicted about their situation. On one hand, she blames dad for the death of Congressman. She berates dad for reporting and backstabbing Congressman considering the life they lived because of him. But, once she sees the rope marks on Eun soo’s leg, she changes her tune that dad did the right thing in reporting a kidnapper. Sang Yi comforts Hyung woo by telling him that he should be glad that he had a good father, unlike her. To add more, woe is me story, she tells Hyung woo that they are not related. Step three complete. Upon returning home from the funeral, Hyung woo’s mom is livid to still lay sight on the Shins. She yells at them to leave and begins to insult Eun soo’s dad. Eun soo cannot stand the ridicule as she yells back at Hyung woo’s mom for being ridiculous.  The secret is already out in the open, so can she not cop to it. Well, she didn’t say it that way, but she implied it. Hyung woo shuts his mom up and drags her inside to tell her that she is the one who killed dad. BOOM! THERE IT IS!!! Mom who’s still in denial and in stupor begins to cry as she thinks back to the good times with Congressman.

4 GT 3

Hyung woo fishes out a key and thinks back to when he visited dad in the station, who tells him not to seek out the truth and just believe people’s words blindly. His father hugs him and secretly puts the key in his pocket. Baddie meets up with a bigger baddie??/President Gwon who didn’t pay his respect to Congressman. In short, Baddie feels like Gwon is challenging him in their political, so, let the battle lines be drawn. Hyung woo and mom use the key to open up a locker where the see the extra copies of the slush fund document. President Gwon and his son, Prosecutor Joon Hyuk meet up. Joon Hyuk tells his dad that the case is dismissed since they don’t have anything to go on with. However, even if the codes gets deciphered, they still won’t know how much money was embezzled. Eun soo is being bullied by the bullies and the class over the fallout, she tries to fight back, but she’s outnumbered. Sang Yi comes in her defense and Eun soo just cries.

4 GT 4

Hyung woo’s mom tells him that the owner of the documents is Representative Kang Seok Hyeon /baddie. Hyung woo wants to know why dad didn’t just tell the truth, but mom states that this is bigger than the truth. Even if dad said anything, nothing would’ve changed. Hyung woo tries to decipher the code, but he’s helpless. Eun soo stops by Hyung woo’s house to tell him something, but she’s stopped by the powerful slap from mom, but she presses on. She ask Hyung woo if they can run away together and his hesitation is the answer she needs because he cannot leave his mom. She wants to let him know that no matter how hard he tries to protect her, it is useless. At home, Eun soo sees her dad who looks like a wet dog and yells at him if saving his daughter is a sin. Little bro comes home all battered up and this is a consensus agreement that it is time to move. Eun soo is scared to return the music box to Hyung woo, so she hands it over to Sang Yi, who sees the family moving out in the middle of the night. Sang Yi takes out the missing copies of the documents and thinks back to the first time she overhears that baddie tell Congressman of speaking recklessly about the slush fund, hmm irony. Next, she sees Congressman hiding the documents and the key and burning the original documents. She steals the key and the documents from the cabinet. She didn’t know that her plan would escalate into something more dire and she is truly sorry. She hides the document inside the music box compartment.

4 GT 5

Baddie’s wife and a representative of his party are dead, so Hyung Woo’s mom uses the opportunity to introduce father and daughter. Hyung woo is filled in on this new discovery as well. In a sentence, Sang Yi’s mother was Baddie’s secretary. Hyung woo’s mom wants to get revenge and she is going to start by using Sang Yi against Baddie. Hyung woo is torn on his mother’s path as she alerts him about Sang Yi’s feelings for him. I am sure Hyung woo was a fan of Pocahontas as he listened to the wind, which gave him the answer to the code he saw while visiting his dad, “I will take responsibility for your son.” Eun soo’s mom is still ridiculous as she belittles her husband for their downfall, even though, the father is more worried about his kids’ future. Dad is working as a taxi driver and due to the conversation from the passengers who blame the driver for Congressman’s death, dad loses his focus and gets into an accident. Unfortunately, he was driving a taxi that wasn’t his, so they family needs to come up with money that they don’t have in order to pay for damages. Mom is still being an ass, dad is still moping like an idiot. So, the responsible and sane adult, Eun soo, takes a part time job in order to help the family out and unbeknown to her, her picture gets taken by a stranger.

4 GT 6

Dad decides to drink his sorrows away and cause a drunken commotion as he overhears two men talking about how horrible the driver is. Mom is still being an ass, dad is drunk and sleepy. Eun soo buys burger for her little brother to cheer him up, since mom is an ass. She then discovers the missing documents that little brother used to make his ddaki game. Baddie visits the Jin and Hyung woo’s mom presents to him the complete documents and a book with the coordinates. Baddie tells Hyung woo that he’ll take responsibility for him and asks if he’s interested in politics. Yea, this is a revenge drama, so Hyung woo is going to defy his dad, enter politics and hell breaks loose in seeking revenge. Baddie tells Sang Yi that even though they are blood, he’ll not add her to his registry. She needs to prove with her own ability that she is his child. Sang Yi is horrified at this statement that daddy of the year makes because she has no interest in becoming part of his family. She is going to make it own her to his position without his help. She tells Hyung woo how she despises the man who claims to be her father. A man who wasn’t there to hold her hand and protect her mom. So, she won’t go with him to be raised by baddie. Hyung woo begs her and she cannot believe that Hyung woo will support baddie. Hyung woo kisses her to shut her up, probably because he doesn’t want her to hit him and he tells her to go with them because he will protect her. He kisses her again and again, only this time we are now in the future where Eun soo sees Hyung woo and Sang Yi making out before her wedding.


4 GT 8

Oh snap. We are back to the future and I couldn’t be happier. I do like the kids’ backstory, but if it’ll be best to see how the adults play out in this game of cat and mouse. Flashbacks are more than welcome, but now that we see how the parts of episode one came to be, everything makes sense, for now.

First of all, Eun soo’s mom. I did like her at first, but on this episode, she got on my nerves. I want to reserve my irritation and anger and tears and laughter and gasp-ness in the middle of the series, not early in the game with her talking shit and berating her husband. Is she that gong ho on making money and living comfortably and “rich” that she cannot see that her words hurt the family more. She should be the backbone, yet she talks like she’s talking out of her ass. As you can see, I am getting irritated. Not cool, it is too early for stupid and unnecessary makjang.

Hyung woo’s mom didn’t piss me off as much because I mentioned that she is just a caricature until her know her agenda, except seeking revenge and pushing her husband into something he didn’t want to do and not taking responsibility. When she told her son that she wanted revenge, it didn’t make sense coming from her because I just didn’t get it. What did Baddie do that you want revenge. Everything that we have seen since episode two was your own doing, so I am confused when she wants to use Sang Yi and her son to get Baddie. Hope she has a larger role in mind, than just plain ol’ revenge because my husband is dead stint because that won’t fly.

Hyung woo being out on revenge I can understand because his father’s death caused him to lose the love of his life.  As for Sang Yi, I am still confused. Did she frame Eun soo, so that they can get driven out of the house and she can have Hyung woo all by himself all just because she has been lonely for 18 years, or didn’t she know the serious implications of her actions. I am really confused on what drove her to do what she did and if her answer is that she was jealous of Hyung woo and Eun soo or she felt betrayed, I will fly to Korea and slap the s$%^ out of her. So, I need something more as to why she did something this big.

Stray Observations

  • I am so loving the fact that we get to see the adults act.
  • Eun soo is really awesome. She has a backbone , she’s strong and fearless and even though her luck is wearing thin, she still fights on. HWAITING!!
  • Eun soo’s dad will do the unspeakable.
  • What is President Gwon’s deal? Is he a baddie or a goodie?
  • Is Sang Yi really that lonely in believing that Hyung woo likes her within a day or two and will protect her. Yea, I think she might be. Hopefully, she is smarter than that and is in on the plan for revenge as she states that she will rise to the position of her father. I will need more of you girl.
  • I am sorry, did I miss the part where Congressman is the best politician to the people. Except, I slept off, which I didn’t, I don’t get why the “nation,” aka the random people, place the whole blame on the driver. I guess this shows the power of the politicians and media as the story get spun around so many times that everything looks loop-sided.

5 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 4 Recap”

  1. …what can i say about this ep…?

    I was being honest yesterday when i told you that i would be depending on your recaps because most lines from the drama were not sub properly and that made a dumb me so hard to decipher what was being said, you see, i got the general idea but i wanted to watch while enjoying instead of analizing what i was watching.

    Thank you again for doing a freat job, honestly i am a bit lost as to how hyun woo fell in love with the other gal…

    Haaay….i didnt watch ep 4, i think ill skip for now, i am happy with your recap.

    And ive been a fan of kdrama since 2010…? Im getting old….out topic hehehe

    Hope you had a good day👍


    1. Hehehe ….like you…some subs were missing, but i got the main points as well. But i am glad the recaps could help in some ways. Episode 4 is just a prissy episode with people talking smack and doing nothing. I didn’t want to go into full analysis mode because we have 46 episodes for more analysis. Hehehe oi…whooo 46 more episodes to go. Hehe
      If you go to viki.com the subs were at 93% when i viewed it last night…hopefully more are added to make sense.

      Whoooo same here as i began watching in 2010….yay…hehehe i know i am old too. Hehe….well thanks for stopping by and i will do my best to recap this series as soon as it airs because i know there is a dedicated watcher out there…. 😊😊😊…have a lovely and blessed day. 👊👊


      1. Hi!!! How’d u been? Hope ur doing fine over there.
        Viki is not accessible here in the philippines, 😔.

        I really am hoping for each eps to be satisfying and interesting since i dont like watching super lengthy drama, i am giving it a shot bec i love choi kang hee.

        I ditched her heart to heart midway, i lost the interest.

        I will be back for your ep 5 recap hehe, take care.

        You dont like we got married?

        I liked soeun/jaerim, so yeon/shiyang, cherry shoulders couples. I didnt watch other than them.

        Have you tried Thank You? Jang hyuk and gong hyo jin were in it, choi kang hee took a special part too. If you havent and have a free time, try it hehe.

        Bye for now…..


        1. omg! sorry for the late response blog-chingu….slow wifi to no internet connection…I already saw the episodes today, though, ep 6 subs are not fully done…but I will get the recaps as soon as I can…

          I did love heart to heart, even though, the story went soapy later on…I am not a huge fan of variety shows except Running man, which I watch when I am super, duper, really, crazy bored. Yes, that bored. I used to be an avid fan, but later on I just lost interest early this year.

          Thank you, is kinda melodramatic, after ep 1 i was iffy on continuing the drama, but Hyo Jin is one of my top 5 actress….

          don’t fret ma amis, ep n 6 is on the way….


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