Glamorous Temptation Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 Highlight: “Beginnings”


(1999) On their way back from school, teenage Eun soo and Hyung woo hide from Hyung woo’s parents who are being driven home by Eun soo’s dad who is the family’s driver. Though, mom notices the kids hiding behind a tree and she looks irritated. The Shin family gets invited to a friendly dinner  and Eun soo feels daggers being thrown at her from Hyung woo’s mom. Eun soo’s mom makes things worse as she suggests that her daughter and Hyung woo look good together. Hyung woo smiles as he to hear those words, but it cannot be said the same for Eun Soo who chides her mom for going over the edge.


Hyung woo’s mom tells the dad to retire the Shin family, but dad regards them as family of more than ten years. Anyways, mom visits a distant relative, who is lying on her dying bed. Her dying wish is for mom to take care of her daughter, Sang Yi, and never reveal to her who her father is. Mom and Sang Yi runs into the kids and with Sang Yi outcry of “watch out,” Hyung woo saves Eun soo from a falling signboard and in the process, he gets a shard of glass stuck on his thigh and mom is very displeased with Eun soo’s presence.  She even voices it out loud to dad in the hospital that whenever Eun soo is by Hyung woo, he always gets hurt. Eun soo overhears the conversation as she thinks back to when Hyung woo fell from a ladder and Hyung woo’s mom use some intense flower-weed analogy to put some fear into a five/six years old girl.


Hurt, Eun soo cries to her dad for working with the Jin and not have a regular job. Hyung woo’s mom introduces Baek Sang Yi to dad and Hyung woo as her niece and automatically, Hyung woo regards her as his little sister. At dinner, Eun soo’s dad tells the family of quitting the job. This rouses mom’s temper as has a throw down between daughter and father. Eun soo asks her dad why flowers are only seen as precious, though, dad doesn’t understand her cryptic message, he still listens. Sang Yi overhears the Jin talk about her mom who bore a fake identity. All Hyung woo’s mom can say is that Sang Yi is insurance for her husband’s advancing career. CUTE, five/six years old, Hyung woo/Koo moo and Eun soo/Koo Soo are parents to a bird, Koo Ee and they share a kiss on the cheek underneath their special tree.


Eun soo and Sang Yi become buddies after Sang yi joins in to help Eun soo kick some bullies butts.  Hyung woo’s dad places a call that he won’t stand still if his son gets hurt. On his way home, he sees his son, not in school, who is still waiting for Eun soo underneath their tree. He tells his son to go for love and we know that dad is a good politician, though, it feel like he’s being controlled. Hyung woo’s dad tells mom that Sang Yi will always be regarded as her niece, so no funny business. Sang Yi enters Hyung woo’s room and she sees that he’s trading stock. He clarifies that he’s saving for his wedding funds. Gah!! Sang Yi tells Eun soo that’s not related to Hyung woo, so her feelings for him are too deep and she feels like dying because she truly loves him. As someone who buries her feelings, Eun soo cries along with Sang Yi and asks if loving someone is a sin.


Elder Suk Hyun, aka, baddie, visits the Jin’s home. He reassures dad that he’s not behind the attack. Dad is not entirely convinced, but he suspects that President Gwon could be behind it. Dad tells baddie that he wants to retire from his National Assembly seat as an Assemblyman, that way he’ll leave without any ties to baddie. Not so fast! Since, dad was careless in speaking about their slush funds, dad needs to clean up the mess before leaving. Hyung woo’s mom tells Sang Yi to bring in tea for the men. Baddie asks if he looks familiar and she says he’s the head of the Democratic Progressive Party since he’s on TV, but he cannot shake the feeling that she looks familiar. Lover boy confronts Eun soo about his feelings. Eun soo tries to deny her feelings for him, but to make sure that she means what she says, Hyung woo kisses her and again for more reassurance. Knowingly to Eun soo and unknowingly to Hyung woo, Sang Yi had watched the series take place.

Aigoo thoughts

Hyung woo’s mom is power-hungry and there is no doubt that she is protective of her son, but not in an over-protective way. She wants to build him up, when the time is right for her own agenda and Eun soo being in the picture is not part of the plan. Eun soo is a distraction to her political stride for her son and she has to nip the weed in the bud before it blooms and pretends it’s a flower to naked eyes.


In this episode, mom is the villain. Her secret/power-hungry is what will decide the fate of her husband and the children in the future. We are still in the dark about the secrets the adults harbor, from Sang Yi’s mother changing her name to Eun soo’s dad having a savings that warrants to millions, but this episodes raises more questions of why and how the now adult-teen got separated. Hyung woo is head-over-heels over Eun soo and that feeling is highly reciprocated, so why is Hyung woo seen kissing bridal Sang Yi/Il do before her wedding when he clearly regards her as a sister. There isn’t much to analyze because this episode is the ground set of where each character drive comes from.

Stray Predictions

2 GT 8

  • Hyung woo’s dad is going to die because he is a nice politician and the scene where he looked back and smiled at Hyung woo after advising him stayed on him for five seconds. A smile Hyung woo needs to remember once he’s out for blood.
  • There is no way Eun soo’s dad is able to save millions of dollars within ten plus years as a driver, either he is working with Hyung woo’s dad and that’s the slush money or he stole. Either ways, his future is looking dire as well.
  • After seeing the kiss, Sang Yi is hurt, so this will be her time to exact revenge on her friend’s betrayal. Okay, I don’t know, but let’s see where her story will take us.
  • Eun Soo’s mom loves money. Hehe! I like her.

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