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Glamorous Temptation Episode 1 Recap

Glamourous Temptation. One thing that will make me stick this drama is the music. I love the dramatic, tensed and “Downton Abbey-esque” composition, so this drama might be up my alley. It is full of confusing plot, but not to the extent of you getting lost in between the drama. The confusion stems from why is this happening? What led to this particular issue and why are the characters speaking in cryptic code? From the character set-up, you ask yourself, what happened in the past?

Episode 1 Highlight: “Sin of the Past”

1 GT 1

(2009)   Pregnant Shin Eun soo (Choi Kang-hee)  and her husband Hong Myung ho (Lee Jae Yoon) are running away from bad guys. Eun soo is scared and worried as to why her husband behavior changed within 5 minutes. He drops her home and he drives out to make a mysterious call. It seems like it is bad news he got as he drives himself over a cliff during the thunderous night leaving his wife and unborn daughter behind. It also seems like Myung ho’s death was all for nothing because the next thing we see, Eun soo is sent to one year in prison for her dead husband deed of embezzlement. The cops believe that the coupe conspired together to steal from the company she worked at as an analyst.

1 GT 2

(2015)    Fast forward six years later. Kang Il Joo (Cha Ye-ryun) and Jin Hyung woo (Joo Sang-wook) are running from bad guys. Luckily, they outrun them as they declare their undying love for each other. Hyung woo’s mom, Han Young Ae (Na Young-Hee), is begging an elderly man, Kang Suk- Hyun (Jung Jin-Young) not to harm her son Hyung woo. Il Joo and Hyung woo wed themselves in church, only to be interrupted by Prime Minister Kang, aka, Il Joo’s dad. I guess he doesn’t like Hyung woo as he’s being dragged out of the church. Il joo tells her dad that she loves him, but as a dad in politics; their love is not happening.

1 GT 6

Eun soo works in a hotel as a maid and she finds out about Il joo’s secret marriage to the President’s son from a fellow maid who will be working the wedding event. At this moment, we are to assume that Eun soo isn’t familiar with Il joo.  Eun soo has another job as a part-timer in a small restaurant. The manager seems to take a liking to her, but she diffuses it. Her mom, Choi Kang Ja (Kim Mi-Kyung) who also works in the restaurant advices Eun soo to date the guy; she’s young and pretty and not many men will be interested in a single mother. While mom is yapping away, Eun soo gets a mysterious call who tells her to check her email if she wants to know about the mystery behind her husband’s death. She checks her email at a computer café and thinks back to her teen years when she came across a document/secret paper with words?? in Hyung woo’s belonging which resulted to a slap from a mysterious hand.

1 GT 4

She’s so out of it as she sees an apparition of her younger self staring at her. The mysterious caller urges her to go to Il joo’s house if she wants to find the answer.  PM Kang has a visitor, President Gwon Soo Myung (Kim Chang-Wan) and his son Gwon Moo Hyuk (Kim Ho-Jin)  and it is a marriage proposition between Moo Hyuk and Il joo. PM Kang has other children, though, they each come with their own baggage, especially second child, Kang Il ran (Jang Young-Nam) who looks like a spoilt brat that opposes to daddy’s ways. Hyung woo is about to become the fish best friend, but after a call placed to PM Kang, he tells Il Joo that, even though, he loves her, they cannot be together. Hence, Il Joo goes along with the proposal and Moo Hyuk who is a fan of hers is more than over the moon.

1 GT 5

Eun soo takes the place of her fellow hotel maid as she works the secret wedding of Il joo and Moo Hyuk. She task herself to get the wine needed for the reception. She uses this opportunity to sneak into the rooms as she’s looking for something in particular. She sees PM’s first son, Kang Il do (Kim Pub-Lae) having a heated conversation with his wife Lee Se young (Park Jung-ah). It seems like all is not well in married land, but the conversation is about the wife begging her husband to sober up and not say anything stupid at the reception. Though, he’s too angry to wan to expose his dad that he’s verbally abusive to his wife. On her way out, Eun soo comes across PM Kang’s room and finds what mysterious caller needs, the same mysterious document/secret paper she received from her email/flashback. She accidentally drops the book and a picture of her husband and PM Kang posing like gangster is revealed. She thinks back to when her husband hurried her out of the park in the beginning and places PM Kang’s face as the boss sitting in a car looking like a gangster.

1 GT 6

Hyung woo is back from the dead and Il joo couldn’t be happier to see him. He does not look to happy to see her in a wedding dress, but he tells her to go ahead with the wedding. He really loves her, regardless, and their love can transcend all things. I think. I tune out to mushy lines. Hehe! Anyways, on her way to her reception, Hyung woo who’s trailing behind Il joo stops her and says he loves her too much to see her be with another man. Il joo is so touched that she turns around and kisses Hyung woo. Eun soo who’s looking for her way out sees the two French kiss and thinks back to the time she had her first kiss with Hyung woo when they were teens. She sees Il joo who watched the moment take place, only this time, in the present, it is switched and with more adult action.

Aigoo Reflections

I love Choi Kang Hee. I have mentioned this more than once, hehe, and Joo Sang wook can look no wrong. Who loved the alternate love between Jae Yoon and Kang Hee is in this drama as they carried over from Heart to Heart. Hehe. I actually do like this drama, even if, the music is epic-ly good. Okay, “epic-ly” is NOT a word and I exaggerate, but the music does make the drama more enticing to watch. 50 episodes is a long way to go, but at the same time, this drama a story that can take us to 20+ episodes because we need to know what happened in the past in other to fully understand the present. There are lots of characters in this drama, but easy enough to keep up with for the time being.

Something bad happened that Eun soo’s husband was too coward to face. I know, I am ms. obvious!!!, but his bad/good decision led to a horrible outcome. We don’t know what he was involved in or what he did, but, I am sure that his path and Hyung woo’s path will cross at some point and it could either paint him in a bad/good picture more than before. Hyung woo’s relationship and Il Joo’s is something that is highly suspicious because if you’ve seen the preview of this drama, you know that something went wrong while these three kids grew up. Everything has to do with their parents’ past and the sins of the parents are what the kids are paying off as adults, just as PM Kang shamelessly puts it.

This is k-drama and WE ALL know, that first love is NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT. Hehe. So, I want to know how we got to this extent of secret and love and politics. Hopefully, I don’t get bored half way, but so far, the show is shaping up well to a good expectation. Besides, I want to see Kang hee first drama as a mom. So, we need more mother and daughter scenes; Eun soo and her mom and Eun soo and her daughter; to lessen le shet that will definitely be going down.


7 thoughts on “Glamorous Temptation Episode 1 Recap”

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  2. I really loved the relationship that blossomed between hyeon woo and eun SOO do you think that he still loves her even until adulthood? Does he really love sang yi like he claims too and why did he kiss sang yi out of the blue he barely even reacted when eun SOO left I’m so confused do you think they will elaborate on this because I need answers. I hope what you said bout first love makes a come back in this drama because I need to know


    1. Oh, thanks for the comment. To answer each question, I do beleive that Hyung woo does love Eun soo. It will take a lot of betrayal and hurt for him to fall out of love, but that love is still there. Since his mother is deeply hates Eun soo and this is a revenge drama, there will be a turning point where he’ll need to fall out of love in order to accomplish his goal. I don’t want to go beyond this episode to answer this question because I don’t want to give you spoilers if you have not seen the other episodes or read the recaps. So, I will stop here for this question.
      Second question. All we see is not what we should believe. We see in this episode that he is deeply, madly in lovoe with Sang Yi, but ask yourself this, huh? what gives?? What’s with the chase and the romance and the almost-death. The fact that he told Sang Yi to go ahead with the marriage plan was a clue for me to know that something is up and this was before I watched episode 2. In this episode, I don’t believe Eun soo has come in direct contact with Sang Yi and Hyung woo, she too is confused, just like us, so now, we are following her own journey into the past as we see things that happen in her own perspective. Or, so I want to say. Hyung woo’s mother must’ve had a huge role in separating the kids and we see a glimpse of it when she tells Sang Yi/Il not to reveal her hand just yet. The first love story will come back, but it will take a whole lot of pain for us to see the reunion, or not????

      Thanks for the comments, hope to see more of your query soon. I hope this can help. I too am in the confusion land as well. Hehe.


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