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She Was Pretty Episode 6 Recap

Highlight: If the Shoe Fits…

Truck-o-doom sure knows how to put a damper on a moment. Sung Joon refuses Hye Jin repeated assistance to help, but she still does even if it is through a driver that drives Sung Joon home. Hari bails on Shin Hyuk after hearing calling Sung Joon to confirm his no show.

6 SWP 1

She finds out that he’s sick, so she rushes to his apartment. She makes him a bowl of soup, or attempts to make him something edible. Hye Jin is still worried about Sung Joon and when Shin Hyuk calls to check up on her, she begs him to check up on Sung Joon, though, his service will come with a price. Shin Hyuk turns out to be mother hen as he nurses Sung Joon back to health. Though, Sung Joon is not too ecstatic to see Shin Hyuk at his place in the morning, as compared to his expectation of Hye Jin. Omg! Si won is really killing it in this role. I can’t even! HAHA!

 6 SWP 2

Hye Jin caught a cold and Hari almost gave herself away. Guilt is a terrible feeling to harbor. PANTY! PANTY! PANTY! You just have to watch that scene, that’s all. Sung Joon sees Hye Jin and thinks back to his panic attack the night before. He equates that feeling to the past. Hye Jin is aware of his presence and so is her cold. Hehe! Everyone at work tells Hye Jin to keep her distance due to an upcoming deadline and besides she lost her basic manners when it comes to sneezing. Aww, Sung Joon is a softie. He got her medicine for a cold, but before he can maneuver his way to her desk, Bond Style, Shin Hyuk beats him to it, though not on purpose. Hey, who knew Sung Joon can be petty! Hehe! Sung Joon is meeting up with Hari for lunch and on their way to their rendezvous, it begins to rain. The rain makes Hari think of the time she plays in the rain with her mother when she was younger.

6 SWP 3

The two meet up and there are two instances that makes Sung Joon begin to doubt if Hari is someone else; rain, fuzzy hair and green light.  There is a new writer that is catching the attention of the Most staff, but before we know if the person is relevant or not, let’s instigate who put onion on Hari’s desk. If Sung Joon wasn’t a poopy face in the beginning I will totally dig him right now, but pulling this stunt is making me sit on the fence. Anyways, that puts a smile on Hye Jin’s face and oniony face as well as Sung Joon and Rara is there to capture it all. Hehe! Bon Journo, Rara! Hye Jin decides to take her medicine which made her drowsy as she tries to finish her work for the day. Luckily, Sung Joon is able to catch her fall, but the moment is cut short by A-reum.

6 SWP 4

Hye Jin wraps up for the day and it seems like she still cannot keep her eyes open on the bus ride home. Sung Joon’s shoulder is to the rescue, but, too bad the tolling company doesn’t see his heroic deed. Sung Joon calls his psychiatrist who basically tells him that he is suffering from Zeigarnik Effect— remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. In order words, Sung Joon cannot forget his first love. OMG! THERE IS A SCIENTIFIC NAME FOR IT!  In essence, he feels like Hari is someone different and Hye Jin reminds him of the past. The only thing left is for him to know that the two ladie0s are deceiving him and all will be well. Hye Jin tells Hari about the magazine shutting down in two months. Hari is feeling down as she joins Shin Hyuk for rounds of drinking. She feels bad for failing for the wrong guy, but she cannot help herself and Shin Hyuk gives her a good advice, “Love is crazy and openly allowed.” (Movie- HER). Pursue it so that you don’t regret it. Hari does exactly that as she retrieves her discarded heels. Again, writer-nim, we don’t need the “subtle” symbolism.

6 SWP 5

It turns out that Hye Jin was aware that Sung Joon prevented her from falling at work. Sung Joon is creating a Mr. Oniony. During staff meeting, Sung Joon can’t take his eyes off Hye Jin. I melt and so does Shin Hyuk. Ah, fine, Shin Hyuk does notice Sung Joon’s distraction—Hye Jin. Hari sees Hye Jin’s puzzle and does something stupid. She gives it to Sung Joon during their dinner date. Though, Sung Joon doesn’t seem too thrilled to retrieve the missing piece. Oh, she’s wearing the heels. Dinner is ruined by Hari’s stepmom, but, Hari’s secret is still safe. Hari’s conscience is eating her so raw that she sleeps with Hye Jin. Hye Jin’s sound advice to her best friend is not to wander for too long. Sung Joon does rearrange the puzzle, but the missing piece is not in the puzzle. Rara still wants Hye Jin to look Most –like. Shin Hyuk will like to use one of his three promises for dinner, but, Team leader, Joo young, cannot make the one night trip to a site, so Hye Jin has to go in her stead. Seol and Joon Woo already left for the site, so this will definitely be an awkward ride for Sung Joon and Hye Jin.

Aigoo’s thoughts

First, let’s have a moment of silence for Mr. Oniony.

We hardly knew thee, but your smile lit up the room and your presence made us

feel warmth and well. Till we meet again.

      Signed, Aigoo


It is safe to say that this show has fallen into the typical mishap of rom-com. I am not complaining and I do feel like the formula, though, generic, is still has its standards. But, the inevitable is coming and that is the makeover of Hye Jin. Rara keeps on emphasizing Hye Jin’s looks and presence to exude the Most, so that change is bound to happen sooner than later, considering the fact that she will be spending a day wearing Team Leader Joo Young’s clothes. I am not in anyway disproving Rara because Hye Jin definitely needs to dress the way she wants to be addressed. So, the makeover is welcome, but it shouldn’t be drastic. Her hair, freckles, roescha needs to be highly present in order for the makeover to still be true to her. She is pretty just the way she is without any changes and Shin Hyuk can back me up.


The show is gravitating towards the topic of less beauty and more on the subject of love in the past, present and future. I am glad there is science to back up the issue of first love because this seems to be a trope drama try so hard to ignore that it becomes nonsensical down the line. This is why the show is entering the generic setup of rom-com, but still retaining its own standards with Rara’s constant reminder, even though, no one at work or outside seem to care anymore about Hye Jin’s sense of style. Unless, Rara has more role than uttering words in Italian, I will say that she is there to remind us about the overall theme of the show. Then, again, I am suspecting that she is the pen-writer the staff is raving about.

Anyways, for the first love and incompleteness, this is why I want Hari to try on the shoes until it is time to give it up. Why? Because this will give Hye Jin and Sung Joon to know each other all over again knowing who they are now as compared to knowing who they were then. People change and it is good that they see the worst in each other now, so that, when they begin to fall for each other, they embrace the flaws and all. Using the past to formulate your present is a disastrous recipe to carry into the future. So, everyone, please don’t hate on Hari. She is just a stepping stone for Sung Joon to know that he needs to shed the past and focus on the now.


Let’s talk about character developments starting from Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin. There’s nothing new under the sun with these two. Funny enough, we don’t get to see that because the way the show is being paced, but this episode brought it to light. Especially, with Shin Hyuk, I know he is a comedy riot, but when he gave Hari an advice, I was like whoa, so he can be deep. I am NOT complaining, again, NOT complaining, but I thought the revelation of his dead sister would’ve shone more light into his past or at least something about him leave clues to us that he is more than a guy who loves American panties. Ha! I did mention in episode 1 that his path and Sung Joon are intertwined (the car and bike merging on the bridge). Aside from him using jokes to mask something or his hidden talent as a love guru, I need to see more behind the mask.


Would it be wrong, if I say that Hye Jin is the least developed character? Right now, she is billed as the missing piece to Sung Joon’s puzzle. The first love! The girl with fuzzy hair! Michael Jackson! Intern! She has titles that define her, but no definite personality, except being scared and jumpy. This missy will burst a nerve soon. Everything she does is behind the scene. It is high time she comes out of her hiding. In this episode alone, she got two people to take care of Sung Joon, while, helping the guy, though, he does acknowledge her meddling, but he sees it as a peeve as compared to gratitude. Girl, stop hiding because that is what is making your best friend take something that is not originally hers. Sung Joon is no one’s possession, but Hari is doing things that shouldn’t be done. Again, I cannot blame Hari because we really cannot choose who we like. I feel bad for her because she is truly fighting off the feeling, but she is not fighting hard enough if she can take the puzzle piece. I feel like I am contracting myself from episode 5 analysis, that’s to say that things are really murky in this situation.


It is not enough that she is forcing her way into Sung Joon’s without Hye Jin’s consent, but taking the puzzle was a slight bit over the edge, but this girl is in despareate need of love and she is not getting that from step-mom, appa, or the random guys she sleeps with. I am glad Sung Joon is beginning to have doubts about her, but at the same time, she needs to at least experience what love is even if it will lead to a heart break. I trust that she’ll come back to her senses, just as Hye Jin trust her not to wander for too long.

Sung Joon…I don’t know, did I miss the part where he is having “feelings” for Hye Jin. I mean, she does remind him of the familiarity, but I am still iffy on the suddenness. It makes sense considering he stopped yelling at her since episode 4, but it still feel rushed, hopefully, their time together will show the transition. It does prove, though, that they’ve mad chemistry.





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