She Was Pretty Episode 5 Recap


Hye Jin knocks down Sung Joon’s Renoir’s puzzle in a glass due to her erratic surprise of his wake. Interestingly, he doesn’t yell at her as he tries to comprehend her unintelligible excuse she gives of being in his house. Hehe! Hye Jin needs to take some valium to calm her nerves, girl is so jumpy.

5 SWP 1

Hari is looking at really nice heels that she wants to purchase. Unfortunately, the only size, display shoe, is a tad bit smaller than her shoe size. Though, the sales girl warns her about her feet hurting later because the shoe just won’t fit, but Hari will not budge into not buying the heels because she always have what she loves. Subtle metaphor/symbolism, writer-nim! Very subtle!

5 SWP 2

Hye Jin’s family plus Hari begin the celebration without her. Hye Jin finally joins in the affair, but why do I feel like the family like Hari more, even though, Hari has a look on her face that speaks “I don’t have a family like this anymore.” Anyways, super hot mom really loves dad, freckles, bad hair and rosacea included. So, there is still hope for Hye Jin and Hye Rin, who has a high chance of looking like Hye Jin once she is older. Hehe! Later that evening, Hye Jin comes across old boxes full of memento, one is full of certificates of her in school. She goes down memory lane of presenting what she would like to be as an adult; an author of children’s’ book. She also comes across the missing Renoir puzzle piece of Sung Joon’s.

5 SWP 3

Hye Jin finds herself in a situation where she overhears Sung Joon talking on the phone about the magazine’s dire situation. He urges her to be quiet, any leak into other’s ears, will be assumed that she told. Hari encounters Sung Joon in the gym and later that night, it seems like she enjoys his presence. So, it was definitely hard for her to tell Hye Jin that she met with Sung Joon, since Hye Jin firmly believes that Sung Joon is still in the dark about Hye Jin’s present location. At least, Hari feels guilty for deceiving her wifey. Hari apologizes to Shin Hyuk for his homelessness misunderstanding, Sung Joon notices Hye Jin at the pedestrian crossing after hearing her trademark “it’s a go.” They have an awkward standing in the elevator, but it is here guys, CHEMISTRY. Whoo! Thought, we lost it there for a second. Hye Jin realizes that her puzzle piece is missing; luckily, Shin Hyuk is there to the rescue. OMG! Watching this scene is golden!!

5 SWP 4

Hye Jin apologizes to Shin Hyuk over drinks. She talks about her mini low-esteem in facing Sung Joon and my heart dropped when Shin Hyuk softy says, she is pretty. AHHH! SCREW THIS…I need a MALE LEAD RESERVAL NOW!!! Shin Hyuk continues his chill night with Hari and yes, such a in-your-face-phone-product placement moment. Hari throws out her nice, heels, which she could’ve easily sent to me instead, again symbolism. Hye Jin has Sung Joon in mind when she gets him lunch at work, though, she doesn’t know that he knows about the secret delivery, but the moment is nice. Yay, to fewer veins popping out around Hye Jin and maybe the staff as well.

Hari asks Shin Hyuk for a favor to make them fully even, she needs him to pretend to be her fiancé. Awkward/sweet moment, Sung Joon teaches Hye Jin how to properly put on a band aid. She is just about to die of awkwardness and bafflement. On the way to the restaurant, Sung Joon drives by a road side accident and things turn ugly when he begins to have a panic attack. Lucily, Hye Jin is around the area and sees the breakdown. She becomes his umbrella and moments later, he utters Hye Jin. Meanwhile, Hari and Shin Hyuk are waiting restlessly for Sung Joon’s arrival.

Aigoo’s thoughts

5 SWP 5

Really! Another Hari-confession-time thwarted. But you know what? I don’t her to confess/lie. I do not want the ruse to continue, but at the same time, this girl needs to find some love. I know most will NOT agree, but Hari has a record of men who want to take advantage of her. She has found the opposite in Sung Joon and trust, with the way he treats her, shoot, I fell for him too. Hehe! In all seriousness, yes, again, a friend shouldn’t betray another, but like I said, Hye Jin cannot be a victim in this case when all she does is hide.  I am sorry to say, even though, she did not want to face Sung Joon, the deception itself is what makes this whole thing wrong. So, Hari just happened to be caught in the middle. She feels bad for what she is doing, but at the same time, you cannot control your feelings. She plans on hurting herself in the process by coming clean, but who can a blame a girl. I say wear the shoes, but take them off before you get blisters. Then again, I don’t have lots of female friends. Eek!


Hye Jin still believes that Sung Joon thinks she is in London. So, what if that were the real case. You cannot hide a problem that you are too coward to face. It will only get messier. Again, my choice of words sounds mean, but this is the one way to translate what I see. Hye Jin has been hiding all this time, so, we cannot blame Sung Joon and Hari’s meetups. The Hye Jin we met in episode 1, was someone who didn’t care about other’s opinion of her. She was someone who had to suck up being hurt in order not to damage her esteem. We could argue that her esteem is slightly messed up, but she was someone who had embraced her “ugly” side and someone who embraced Sung Joon’s as well as youngsters, so seeing the present Hye Jin all afraid of what the past will think of the present shows that she’s not that brave as she puts out there. I am not dumping all the blame on Hye Jin because in reality I would do the same, so, I understood her completely when she states that she doesn’t want to see the present Sung Joon because of how he turned out to be. Too bad Hari doesn’t fill her in on details because the lens she views Sung Joon is distorted. Then again, Sung Joon did bring it upon himself.

As for Shin Hyuk, I hope he gets more story in episode 6. But, I do luv’ this dude, though.

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