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She Was Pretty Episode 4 Recap


Sung Joon is in awe as he sees the exact replica of Hye Jin, Hye Rin, much to Hye Jin’s dismay. Luckily, Hye Rin didn’t reveal much. Back in the office, Chief Editor Kim Rara, makes a comment about Hye Jin’s lack of fashion. Sung Joon is particular with time three minutes, to be exact, as he tells reprimands the team for lack of orderliness during the meeting and Shin Hyuk is the brave soul to call him out on it.

Sung Joon and Hye Jin notice how nice the sky looks, though on separate times, they commemorate the beauty with a photo. Hari is still feeling down from her father’s unwanted slap, but she cheers up after receiving a picture of the sky from Sung Joon.

4 SWP 1

That evening, while the ladies relax in the playground, Hari asks Hye Jin what if she had met with Sung Joon instead. Hye Jin replies that they both would’ve been awkward about the rendezvous since expectations would’ve met reality. Hye Jin still believes that Sung Joon thinks that fake Hye Jin is in London. Hari tries to come clean, but Hye Jin shuts down the conversation. I’m not saying she should change her looks, but Hye Jin missed some makeup tip steps as she goes to work with a face that screams circus, but it shows that she does take Rara’s words/ job seriously as looking the Most, though, her new look doesn’t bode well with Sung Joon. Sung Joon has a meeting with a client and Hye Jin’s the unfortunate one to drive him to the airport.

4 SWP 2

Sung Joon is enveloped into his tablet that he doesn’t hear Hye Jin repeatedly ask him what airport the meeting would hold? They get to the wrong airport and Sung Joon is beyond furious, she does think on her feet quickly and Sung Joon is able to make the meeting which was a success. Sung Joon still berates Hye Jin for an almost messed up day, but Hye Jin FINALLY grows a backbone as she is rightfully mad as well as yells back at his douche of a boss. GIRL FIST BUMP!! Hari’s dad tries to apologize to his daughter, but it doesn’t go well, since he wants her to be the bigger person (Sometimes, it doesn’t work that way, appa!). Coincidence is sometimes called fate as Sung Joon sees the Renoir umbrella he got for Hye Jin/Hari, with Hye Jin. Anyways, Hari and Hye Jin were to meet up for a drink later, but Hari runs into Sung joon at the gym who convinces her to chill with him. Shin Hyuk sees Hye Jin drinking alone and joins her.

4 SWP 4

Sung Joon and Hari stop at a play area to play speedminton and during the game, there’s a short pause for tension. Sung Joon mentions Hye Rin (he thinks she is Hari’s sister) and Hari plays along. Every little conversation they have reminds Hari that she is not Hye Jin, so on their way home, she lies to Sung Joon that she is engaged and her fiancé won’t be pleased with their meetings. Ha! Got’cha. It was her imagination as he states they meet up again. Hye Jin drunk calls Sung Joon to insult him, while Shin Hyuk sits by her looking flabbergasted.  Hye Jin has a bad hangover and when her mom calls her to let her know that they’ll be celebrating her new job, she sees her log calls from the night before.

4 SWP 4

She asks Shin Hyuk, at work, what happened. Sung Joon sees them talking and he thinks back to the call he did get from Hye Jin, but he really didn’t listen to her emphasis on her name as opposed to hearing the insults she jabs at him. Hehe! there’s a running joke that someone is a secret chaebol, Rara’s nephew, and Sori, fashion assistant manager, thinks it is Jun woo. Hye Jin tries to apologize to Sung Joon about the call, but he lets it go. Later that day, the barista brought to mind about his lack of attention which makes him think back to Hye Jin and the airport incident. Later that day, the team go out for a drink and it seems like big boss can’t drink as he passes out from taking one shot of alcohol. Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin take him to his hotel room and Hye Jin sees that this dude lives on water alone.

4 SWP 4

Hye Jin is so worried about Sung Joon that when Shin Hyuk tries to break her focus she snaps at him to the point where she tells him to go play with his younger sister. Shin Hyuk quietly utters that she died when she was six years old. Hye Jin tries to apologize, but Shin Hyuk plays it off and leaves. Hye Jin then remembers that she left her phone at Sung Joon’s place and goes back to retrieve it.  Hye Jin finally is able to get access into his apartment; password, International left-hand day.  Hari mistakes Shin Hyuk for a homeless man, but is quickly retracted as she’s reminded that he’s a long time hotel guest. He lets the misunderstanding die, but says that her voice is awfully familiar. Hye Jin notices the Renoir puzzle in a glass and as she is drawn to the puzzle. Sung Joon wakes up from his slumber and sees her in his apartment. He creeps up behind her which scares her to the point of her accidentally knocking the glass down. She loses her balance, but Sung Joon catches her mid air.

Aigoo’s thoughts

4 swp 6

Highlight is longer as expected, but this was a longer episode. New revelations are out and secrets try to stay buried, but they eventually come out. There is no new development that happened in this episode, but we do get to know Shun Hyuk a little bit more and it is no surprise that he is the secret chaebol. The question is what does his sister’s death have to do with the way his present is.


Sung Joon is calming down on his random scream after Hye Jin stood up for herself. He was becoming borderline stupid with the way he interacted with her and the staffs…lead or not, hot or not, old friends or not, he was just plain rude and ridiculously annoying, regardless of where his heart lies and in terms of trying to build up more competent staffs. It is not like the staffs are not competent already because they do their jobs right. Hey Sung Joon, positive outcome stems from positive reinforcement; listen more  and shout less. Also, I want to say that there could be an issue of eating disorder that Sung Joon have/had. It will explain a lot, but before I jump onto that ship, let us see where the show is taking us.

4 SWP 8

Hari! Hari! Hari! This girl is falling hard and there is no cushion to stop her. We cannot choose who we fall in love with despite the circumstances, so I am not hating on her. The whole shenanigans could have been avoided, but it happened and it is sad and awkward to see her fall for Sung Joon. I get it, girl code, but it is a given rule that if you try to manipulate life, it will come biting you in the ass. So, it might be mean for me to say, but Hye Jin has a knife of betrayal coming her way, so does that make me sardonic when I will not feel too bad for her?

Oh, a stray observation…puzzle pieces breaking. So, that means Sung Joon will have to start from scratch in rearranging the puzzle pieces…this show is huge on symbolisms and metaphors. So, I guess the angst won’t last for too long.


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