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She Was Pretty Episode 3 Recap

First of all, I will like to wish my home country, NIGERIA, a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! HAPPY 55 YEARS OLD! I love this country despite its MASSIVE faults. Hehe! In a way, my culture is highly similar to that of Korea’s culture and due to this similarities, is mainly the reason for my indulgence in Kdramas. I can go on to list the similarities in culture, but I am sure it the recap we care more about. So, let’s dive in.


3 SWP 1

Hari needs to start keeping a journal because she seems to be slipping with her stories she tells Sung Joon, though doubtful, he still buys explanation of why she’s back in Korea. Hye Jin decides that quitting is not the answer. She tells Hari that she’ll work hard and ignore Sung Joon. So, from now on, Sung Joon is nothing to her. Sung Joon really needs to pay attention to what he does outside of work because he is so focused on what he’s looking at on his tablet that he runs into a glass window. It is hilarious, but slightly perplexing. Anyways, little things trigger Sung Joon’s memories of his past with Hye Jin. Hye Jin is still a mess at work and Sung Joon is still mean. Luckily, Shin Hyuk knows that Hye Jin has more potential than she lets on, especially when she encounters Sung Joon. Snide and crude remarks from Sung Joon her lack of fashion in a fashion industry brings Hye Jin down, so she goes back to her old, original job, management team, but she gets kicked out. She just has to stick it out for three months in the fashion team.

3 SWP 3

Oh, a small twist, Hye Jin has a younger sister, Hye Rin, who looks exactly like Hye Jin when Hye Jin was younger. So, this should be fun. So far, Hye Rin and Hye Jin do not look like best buds and it seems like Hye Rin sees Hari more like a sister than Hye Jin, as Hye Rin tries to scam one of Hari’s friend that is a boy for a gift to “appease” Hari. Hye Jin complains to Hari about Sung Joon’s bad mouth, but Hari points out a valid point, she needs to have the skills of a job regardless of what field she’re in. KNOW YOUR WORKS, in essence. Also, is she there to work or for Sung Joon?

3 SWP 4

So, let the studying begin? Hari shows Hye Jin at least the basics of what she needs to know in the fashion world. Hye Jin is determined as she studies her butt off. Hard work does pay off for Hye Jin as it seems like she know understand what her job entails. Oh snap! Did Shin Hyuk indirectly ask Hye Jin out after a successful day? Hmm! Hari does have a stepmom and her relationship with her dad isn’t too bad, well except the fact that he slaps her after coming into a late conversation of step-mom bashing Hari’s dead mom and Hari had to raise her voice.

3 SWP 5

Hari needs her best bud for comfort, but Hye Jin is having her involuntary lunch with Shin Hyuk, hehe! Hari goes drinking alone, but she gets harassed. She definitely can defend herself, but Sung Joon is there regardless. They have alone time together as Sung Joon tries to comfort Hari. After talking about his struggle with his weight as a child in connection to her deceased mother’s soup, it seems like Hari won’t be clearing up the misunderstanding of identity anytime soon. The next day, Sung Joon is being is usual non-attentive self, but what makes his day is when he comes across Hye Rin, who’s the carbon copy of Hye Jin at their young age.  Conveniently, Hye Jin who’s looking for Hye Rin sees this encounter and it seems like the earth is not cooperating to swallow her anytime soon.

Aigoo’s thoughts

3 SWP 7

It is definitely a fun episode as the characters are still getting established. There are some information that we’re beginning to learn about them: Sung Joon’s lack of attention. This is a habit that I will like to conclude as something he built up as a defense mechanism while in the States. I am sure his weight issues didn’t stop in Korea, but carried over and since Hye Jin was not there with him, he has to come up with  a distracting habit in order to keep him in a safe bubble from snide comments about body size. This is my theory, which I’ll be glad if the show gives us a good reason for his lack of attention because this is incident is not a callous one to throw aside for humor. Also, I really hope Hye Jin’s “It’s a go” will put him on alert that the real Hye Jin is the one who has always been right in front of him. In a weird way, I still love the fake pairing because the turnout of Hari falling in love is something I want to get a glee on. This girl needs to know what love is before she can have a life full of love from good men. Even if, one of the good men out there happens to be Sung Joon.

3 SWP 5

As for Hye Jin, this girl really has a strong spirit. I am glad that her personality isn’t gone, but I am a little bit surprised at her “spasm” behavior, especially, in front of Sung Joon. I get it, he is hot, rich and successful, but that should not throw her off. The first time was okay and understandable, but it shouldn’t transfer into days of encounter with him. You don’t want him to know who you are, well, he’s bound to find out, especially, if you act conspicuous. I am trying to understand her because the Hye Jin of then would not act this way, despite the outlook of a person. Then again people change.

What I did find interesting is the younger Hye Jin brought out the best of Sung Joon, but the adult Hye Jin brings out the worst in him. I don’t know what to make of it just yet, but I find it to be an interesting switch. Another quality Hye Jin displays is her determination. She has spunk and she’s not afraid to use it. Why should a mean prick dictate her chance of having a stable job. I do like that rather than play the victim card, she is willing to turn her weakness into a character that’ll define her.

3 SWP 6


It was a nice surprise to see her younger sister, Hye Rin. It will definitely bring additional external factor that’ll bring out the identity secret faster than I thought, which is good because there is so much patience I have if it’ll unnecessarily drag out. It’s inevitable that Hari will fall for guy who isn’t a jerk to her. Hopefully, we don’t enter into the friendship fall out territory once that happens. Hye Jin better understands because she did cause it and Hari needs to learn boundaries, even if the guy turns out to the nicest dude ever. Shin Hyuk is still golden, but it looks like this golden dog is turning into a puppy when he’s around Hye Jin. Eek, I cannot wait!

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