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She Was Pretty Episode 2 Recap


Less paranoid, more confidence is what Hye Jin should be exuding. In this episode, Hye Jin spends literally the whole episode running and hiding away from Sung Joon, who happens to be the new director at The Most magazine, aka, her boss. She tries to get back the job she was originally hired to do, but because, The Most magazine sees her as a competent editor, and they have the highest rank within the company, she gets stuck with the editorial team.

2 SWP 1

It doesn’t bode well for Hye Jin who sees Sung Joon everywhere she turns to. However, each time they encounter, Sung Joon turns out to be a real poopy face boss. This makes Hye Jin extra disappointed that her friend from childhood has grown up to be foul-mouthed. Since, she cannot deal with the stress of constantly running into Sung Joon, she tries to resign. Hari tries to convince her to face the music because their “foolproof” plan works, but that falls on deaf ears.

2 SWP 4

As it turns out, Sung Joon’s main reason of returning back from the States is because “The Most” has now become “The Worst” magazine and he is given three months to revive the magazine or it gets shut down and all the capable staffs will lose their job. So, he becomes a hard ass boss during the meeting which doesn’t sit well for the staffs. Sung Joon has pushed Hye Jin to the limit to the point of her not resigning. Now, that she has seen how her first love acts, that’s a huge turn off for her. She has bills to pay, so now she’s staying to work and not to see Sung Joon. Sung Joon on the other hand, sees that Hari/Hye Jin is in town and not in London. Oops!

Aigoo’s thoughts

2 SWP 2

There are three layers of Sung Joon; the shy and chubby, the sweet and nice, and the mean jerk. Each layer come with each situations where he needs to display some of those aspect of who is he is. So, it makes sense that he is a mean boss, but he tends to take it too far as he crosses the line from someone who is hard ass to someone who is planning a douche and it is the latter which he mostly is, not only to Hye Jin, but to the other staffs as well. I want to say that this layer of him is a defense he has built up over time, but as the story progresses, I hope answers will be given because the little boy of then is not so attractive in the present. Like Kant stated, “beauty is a question merely of the form.”

2 SWP 5

Well, until the time comes when the real Hye Jin is revealed to him, can he please tone down the screams and insults, it looks like he is about to pop a vein. Oh, also, who else noticed that Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk’s path will definitely cross, literally as they drove down the highway? Hee! I had to laugh at that scene. Regardless, the girls are still going strong in their wifey-hubby relationship. Again, Hari is Hye Jin’s voice of rationality and real life. When Hari tries to convenience Hye Jin not to quit her job, Hye Jin gives a line of ridiculous excuse, “it is not him, it is me” speech and though it makes sense and is relatable. It seems like this is a pattern for the girls’ as Hari tries to boost up Hye Jin’s moral by being rational, but Hye Jin is too emotional and possibly damaged due to societal and people scrutiny against her.

2 SWP 6

Hye Jin’s line of defense is to go into hiding whenever things get a little more than uncomfortable. It is sad, but realistic. Hari seems to have mummy/stepmom issues, so let’s see if this story will be worth paying attention to. As for Shin Hyuk, nothing new about him, except that he could be the company’s son, or Rara’s nephew, who’s secretly working with The Most. He is still a goofball and so far a comic relief. I do hope it is not played for too long before we see the mysterious side of him because if that happens, it will fall flat. But, he should definitely bring the funny. Who else thinks Si Won and Jung Eum have mad chemistry as well—two crazies in one. Hehe

2 SWP 7


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