Heart to Heart Review

What do you get when a girl who blushes uncontrollably which makes her shy from the world meets an arrogant and emotionally unstable psychiatrist who is still silently grieving from the loss of a loved one? I don’t know what the result is, but I do know that Heart to Heart does give a clue on to what extent the answers fall into.


 Four Main Leads

Choi Kang-hee as Cha Hong-do/Oh Young-rae

Chun Jung-myung as Go Yi-seok

Lee Jae-yoon as Jang Doo-soo

Ahn So-hee as Go Se-ro

 Sixteen Episodes in One Summary


Cha Hong do (Choi Kang Hee) is a super smart woman. She self-educates herself with TV shows and mostly reading. However, why doesn’t she utilize those skills in the real-world? That’s because she has a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system which causes her to blush excessively. The medical term for this is called erythrophobia. With this ailment of hers, she hides from the world because any little factor can stimulate her face to blush uncontrollably and that could lead to major outtake on societal shun, or so I assume.

Anyways, Hong do is not a major indoor “freak;” she does happen to venture outside and integrate herself into society, but only if she’s disguised as an old woman (Oh Young-rae) or if she wears a helmet. That’s sounds plausible, right? Not only can she try to overcome her hindrance by being in disguise, she also happens to have developed a crush on a detective, Jang Doo-soo (Lee Jae-yoon) who saved her life from a burglar attack seven years ago. Since, she cannot show her real self to him, the only way to show her appreciation/crush is by the food she makes for him. she doesn’t have a personal encounter with him as she always runs away when he tries to get close. It seems that Doo soo doesn’t mind this relationship they have, though, he wants it to be more than him just talking to himself.

Well, the hide-and-seek is about to change when Go Yi-seok (Chun Jung-myung) enters the picture. This infamous, psychiatrist is someone who will constantly trigger Hong do’s face blush at a constant regularity. Ha! Yea, right! It is quite the opposite. Upon their weird and awkward encounter, Hong dong cannot stand this guy. Even though, she blushes uncontrollably in front of Yi Seok, she is still able to speak up. Yep! She actually talks in front of Yi seok. Though, what come out from her mouth is constant insults at the douche, but nonetheless, she talks. Hehe!


Their encounter is where we begin to see Hong dong strength as a person and as viewers; we get to see that right away as compared to waiting 5 to 6 episodes into the series. Yi seok has issues of his own as well, but we do tend to see his strengths come out as a person. It is funny because as these two beings interact with one another, they bring the best out of each other, but when Hong dong finally interacts with Dong soo, his worst/bad quality comes out. Her interactions with both men lead to the opposite outcome of expectation. To round up character interactions is Go Se-ro (Ahn So-hee). Yi Seok’s baby sister, who aspires to be an actress, however, that dream needs to be buried because she is horrible, but hard-work and persistence does pay off. Though, the second female lead who is contending for the heart of the second male lead, Sero doesn’t come out to be a stereotypical second female lead. She actually becomes likable despite her numerous and failed attempt to win the heart of Dong soo. Like I said, hard work and persistence does pay off.





Lee Yoon-Jung captured the essence of this drama, Coffee Prince. The scene transition was a little bit off putting at first, but the cinematography and the style of the camera works well with the vision of the story. I guess that was why this drama took my interest in episode 1, that and the actors (more on them later). There is this innocence and nostalgic feeling you get as you watch the show. It gives off that indie vibe as the show displays its richness in colors. That is one thing that really stood out to me, colors. Most time, the actors wore monotone colors which didn’t stand out due to the way vintage-like lighting, but once a bright color is being brought into a scene, the atmosphere of that scene changes. I don’t know if it was a deliberate choice, but it worked well with the theme of the story.

Bright colors emulate new beginnings, change and confidence. So, when there is a display of this representation, there is a gradual shift in the character’s behavior/outcome of a circumstance in which bright colors are presented in. Again, this has to do with how the director incorporates this subtleness in the drama. So, this is why this drama is one of my all time favorite because it brought me out of my months of drama funk and also the use of subtleness in every area of how colors are being portrayed: representation of love, emotional display with the use of light and scenery and just the fact that this aired during winter which is my top two favorite seasons, after fall/autumn.


  • Actors

Choi Kang Hee and Chun Jung Myung! I don’t need more than that! EXCEPT THOSE EYES THOUGH!

  • OST 

Again, it gives off that feel which gives off that aura of falling in love again or for the first time. It is has a touch of indie, electonica and a playful pop that carries the drama into its state of subtlety. I am a sucker for music that is not mainstream, so it was exactly another factor that drew me into this series.


  • PLOT

Everything was going in the direction that screams awesome, until, BOOM! Cliché time (I need a jingle for this. Anytime a drama winds up being the classic cliché, this music plays on. Hmm! It is MY DUTY AND MISSION TO FIND THE PERFECT CLICHÉ MUSIC).


Leaving out details of what transpired before, Hong dong finds out that she might be involved in the death of Yi Seok’S brother, about 20+ years ago. With this, she regress back to her state of being a hermit. Luckily, the drama doesn’t dwell of the fact that it is her fault, why, because Yi Seok is a “sane” psychiatrist who is able to differentiate the past from the present. Yadi, yada yada, his rich family tries to break the couple apart, but that is not happening, since the title of this drama says so. Even though, the drama ventured into a frustrating overused plot, it didn’t dwell too long into it. It was annoying, but it wasn’t a major drama-spoil.

Oh, okay, I didn’t give that much away, see, I am nice.


There is a lot to say, but since, I didn’t do a recap on this drama, I do not wish to ruin this review with major spoilers. There is definitely lots of funny, cute, romance, actually a pg-13 romance and it is definitely heartwarming. Well, that is if we ignore the suicidal and psychological aspect of the drama. Hehe! Do not expect a lot of medical jargon and logic because this is NOT the drama for it, even if the writer and producer and director intended it to be.

Overall, I highly recommend you see this drama as it is also the perfect season (fall) to watch this drama.

Drama recommendation:3.5/5



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