Webtoon: Trash Bird

I guess at the moment, there is no drama that’s of high interest to me, so as of now, I am in my drama-coma, but I had an epiphany last night as I read one of my weekly readings, and I said why not share this awesome readings to everybody.  With this new section in place, I will be able to write often.

In the past months, or rather, going back into 2014 or earlier, there have been some recent trends of turning some online readings into drama. The most recent is Orange Marmalade and the most anticipated is Cheese in a Trap. That’s right I am talking about WEBTOONS. I have read this little discovery for a while before Orange Marmalade or Dr. Frost aired. Though, I didn’t watch either drama because I am not into vampire stories or cool and heartwarming stories, I am in a place where laughter and mystery needs my attention. Hehe!

For those unfamiliar with what a webtoon is, Wikipedia is a great background source. Hehe! Anyways, let’s talk about the webtoon that’s in the spotlight.

TB 1

Webtoon: Trash Bird

Artist: Reza Farazmand

Episodes: 18 (New Episodes are out on Tuesdays, I believe)


This webtoon is really basic. Each episode is about three to four slides of the web comic. In each episode, there are mundane things that are said or  done by Trash Bird and his posse and they are ridiculous, however, each action being said or done is hilarious. Everything Trash Bird says or does is something that’s relatable, something we humans do or say on daily basis, however, seeing things play out in other’s life make us think back and shake our heads. In this case, Trash Bird represents us Humans.

TB 2

When I read the beginning episodes, I was like this is so stupid, yet I kept on reading and I found myself laughing on every episode. So, I restarted the web comic from episode 1 and I was truly invested in everything Trash Bird had to say or do. Trash Bird is witty, cynical, sarcastic and just plain forward. He tells it as it is and it is up to the responder to act based on what Trash Bird says. Most times, they don’t get what he says and that is the best part. Mr. Farazmand definitely captures human essence in Trash Bird. He’s the artist behind Poorly Drawn Lines in which I am yet to read.

Why do I like Trash Bird? I just do. If you want a reading to boost you up, while you are down or bored, you need some Trash Bird in your life. Trash Bird reminds me of me, of my friends, of people I associate with. It reminds me of what I say to people, how I act and what I see around me. Trash Bird is me and you. Hehe! Yea that sounds crazy, but that’s the beauty of it and I am sure Trash Bird will agree. Then again, I have an awkward sense of humor; I laugh at the mundane and weird things in life. Call me coo-coo, but I think I am Trash Bird. Ah!


Favorite Episodes

Episode 3


But really, does he need a hat?

Episode 7

TB 4

I am the queen of excuses.

Episode 8

TB 5

Hehe…no questions asked! HAHA

To view more craziness of Trash Bird, you can easily download the app by Naver called LINE Webtoon on Google Play (Yes, I am an android fan) or App Store iTunes.  If you haven’t caught up with the latest technology, it can be easily read onlineTRASH BIRD.

There are awesome reads on LINE webtoon. If you have read some or would like to recommend, don’t hesitate to drop a comment. More web-reviews will definitely be on the way.



2 thoughts on “Webtoon: Trash Bird”

  1. It’s a good think you didn’t watch Orange Marmalade….I dropped it after 4 eps…it went really weird after a good start.
    I haven’t read any webtoons but it looks like they are really popular in SK.


    1. Same here….after episode 4 and the random switch-a-roo to the past…i am like yea i am done. Hehehe. I didnt even bother to read the recaps. I did read the webtoon to some extent, but didnt finish. I kinda lost interest so it made sense when the drama lost my interest too. Hehe…i would recommend you read some funnies to get u started. 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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