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Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 12 Recap [& Review]

WHOA! WHOA! Who forgets to write the ending episode of a drama series. Me, that’s who? I really could’ve sworn that I wrote the ending episode recap for Ex-Girlfriend Club, until it was brought to my attention. Even though, this drama ended a while back, I still need to do it justice.  Though, I will cut to the chase on the recap and give the major highlights. 

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 12: The Beginning of an End

caption: enjoykoreawith.blogspot.kr
                                         caption: enjoykoreawith.blogspot.kr

Soo Jin sees the boys fighting in her sister’s and brother-in-law’s kitchen and she’s exasperated at the sight of them. While Soo Jin is talking to Jo Geun outside, Myeong Soo watches them from the visible line he cannot cross and he wonders what the two are talking about.  Once the two are done talking, Soo Jin decides to punish Myeong Soo; piggyback ride. Nice punishment.

Busy day at work, the next day, as workers are scrambling around to get the movie production started and Soo Jin couldn’t have been more happy to see her dream come true as she relates her dreams to Myeong soo that evening after work hours. Jo Geun is mopping around the streets as he thinks back to Soo Jin asking if he liked her. He laughs in disbelief as he lies that he doesn’t. They shake hands as they clear up the “misunderstanding.”

caption: enjoykoreawith.blogspot.kr
                                              caption: enjoykoreawith.blogspot.kr

It seems that Young Jae is in the mercy of Hwa Young as she tells him that they will need to work harder until their job is done. The next day, Myeong Soo is the unwilling designated driver to Jo Geun and Soo Jin as they drive up to the film studio. At the studio, Jo Geun and Soo Jin look around and Jo Geun mentions that he would like to use colors to represent the women’s characters. Soo Jin wonders what her color is and Jo Geun states that it is white as compared to the three ladies which are represented in blue, yellow and magenta.

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                                                    caption: noonaoverforks

A bored Myeong Soo, who’s waiting outside the studio, gets cheered by Soo Jin with a hug. The two leave Jo Geun on site, who’s still waiting for the art department team. On their way, the car breaks down and there’s no way to get help. In the end, they run to wait in the car as the  sudden rain begins. Jo Geun is already in town and he heads to Ji Ah’s restaurant. He’s joined in by the rest of the gang plus Young Jae, who looks like a whipped puppy. Apparently, Hwa Young is the head director, while Young Jae has to take orders from her and the reversal couldn’t be sweeter to Hwa Young. Young Jae was demoted to a regular employee by his dad, but Young Jae has the last laugh as he tells Jo Geun that he was the one who sold his house in order to make a movie all for Soo Jin’s sake, but at the end, he lost the girl. Yea, both of you lost this round. 

                                                    caption: noonaoverforks

Bow, chica, boom boom! Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are cozying up in the arms of one another. Yea, false alarm people. Soo Jin decides to ask what color she is instead of doing more than talking. Ahhhhhhh. Anyways, Myeong Soo response, “FFFFFF,” which is a color Hex code for white. However, Soo Jin is not an artist, so she is understandably confused. She then acts cute in order for him to make himself clearer, but it just leads to him loving her act. Hehe!

caption: noonaoverforks
                                                            caption: noonaoverforks

Jo Geun decides to be a senseless boss of the day, but don’t worry, Soo Jin is able to act cute until he finally gives in. It’s random, but we will go with it. Soo Jin is discussing with a costume desinger, who praises Jo Geun. However,  Soo Jin uses this opportunity to ask about what FFFFFF means. She explains it to be the color white, also, it means that’s she is a special person who one is afraid to lose. Hmm, her interest is piqued. Soo Jin reassures Myeong Soo, while at his studio, that she’ll be by his side which he states that if they both break up, they’ll die together Hehe!

Soo Jin does come to realize that Jo Geun did like her, however, without telling him that, she just apologizes to him and thanks him for all his assistance. He doesn’t really take her apology and asks that he needs an expensive camera instead. Hehe! That evening at the restaurant, Jo Geun is sent out to help Ra Ra, who’s sent on an errand. He sees her coming back with two huge watermelons. They talk and he subtly take her melons from her. Hehe! Not like that! Young Jae is able to join them for dinner and after couple of awkward phases, they enjoy the evening.

12 EGC 4
                                                   caption: noonaoverforks

Oh, the ladies are extras in the movie production and it seems like they’re headaches on set. Soo Kyung and Ji Hoon come on set as well. Oh, what a jovial day for Jo Geun as they resume filming. Hehe!That evening, Soo Jin asks Myeong Soo when he first started liking her and he turns the question back to her. She says it was during their first encounter. He tells her that he liked her before then. He saw her earlier before their encounter, so he has been following her around all day, not in a creepy way of course. They love each other as they kiss the night away.



What a nice way to end the series. This series, though, predictable and I wished for more stuff to had happened, I will take what I can get.

I wanted to see more dynamics from Hwa Young and Young Jae. I mean, he found out the truth about her past as well as knowing her real personality, it would’ve been fun to see them explore more a little, than her telling him to work harder and being a hardcore boss. There was really no need to switch up their career’s position in order to show us that they still love each other, but it was a little bit fun to see her act all bossy and kind of crazy with the switch. Hehe!

As for love triangles, I don’t ever think there was ever one. Soo Jin always had one person in mind that she ever loved, so any guy who made advances towards her did not have any chance whatsoever because Myeong Soo is already in the picture. I mean, if she had met Jo Geun earlier before reconnecting with Myeong Soo, it would’ve been a different story, but since that’s not the case, it felt like Jo Geun was a waste of love contender.

It would actually would have been appropriate if Jo Geun tried to get with one of the exes. Well, not appropriate, but it would have been more of Jo Geun as a happy camper and less of Jo Geun who clearly is not winning the heart of Soo Jin. I really liked Jo Geun, so I wanted more for him, especially, since he became the Sherlock Holmes of the dysfunctional group. Hehe! He really was hilarious as he went along with the most ridiculous plot they tried to run with.

Shortest Review Ever!

I really enjoyed this series. It was funny, not unique, but definitely something that did stand out. Despite the ratings, this was my crack drama. Also, I am glad it was cut down to 12 episodes, I think that was the saving grace for this drama. At first, I was sad about the series shortening, but around episode 8, I was glad the decision was made because I realized that once the couple got together, there really was no point to extend the story-line; adding randomness and irritating angst would’ve destroyed my enjoyment. So thank you TVN production.

I am not happy that I didn’t write this back then because I had lots more to say then, regardless, it was a nice show and not as irritating as one would expect. Song Ji Hyo did well in this drama and so did Byun Ho Han and other characters. So, if you are looking for a fun, super fluffy drama that still makes you think about that guy that got away or vise-versa, well, here you go. It is not a drama on how to try to get back at your ex, or how to act around your significant other, but you get the idea. Have fun marathoning.

Drama Recommendation: 3.85/5



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