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Loving or Bashing: “Oh my Ghostess” Drama Review

OMG! I found this old write-up in my stacks of drafts. It is never too late to share a thought, so here goes. This review was written about 4 months ago, so what you’ll read was a feeling of THEN. I have not made any changes NOW because I like to see and experience my thought process of the past. Pretty neat,  but strangely weird. Hehe 🙂 , but Enjoy!!

Drama Synopsis:

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is a timid girl who lacks self-esteem and is socially awkward due to her ghost-seeing ability, which she got from her shaman grandmother since she was little. She withdraws herself from being close to anyone. However, that changes when she gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost, Soon-ae (Kim Seul gi). Hilarity ensues when Bong Sun’s boss, an egotistical and self-praised Chef Kang Sun Woo (Cho Jung Seok) gets entangled in this crossover.

Short Gloss over


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It was funny and surprisingly, heartwarming. Granted, there is nothing new about this plotline, but what makes it feel utterly different is the fact all three characters behaved as adult, especially when it came to physical tension. Since, that’s the premise of the drama, the tension was played out well by the actors and I was so glad that they didn’t shy away from it.


Even though, the comedy aspect of this drama was spot on, it began to lose its sizzle when the mystery part came into play. However, before I dive into that, let’s talk about the inevitable; a ghost, who borrows the body of a human girl fall in love with a male human. With the way Soon Ae was using her host body, Bong Sun’s, I was afraid that she’ll begin to get used to living and that fear came true when she finds herself falling for Sun Woo. The writing did go that route and the plot became somewhat clichéd. During this duration of the storyline, I began to lose interest because I solely didn’t want Soon Ae to fall for Sun Woo; luckily, she was able to pull herself out of the dilemma before she became too hung up on the idea which would have lead to a different outcome. Once, that was resolved, it became a story of finding out how she died. This was the biggest mystery for Soon Ae to discover.

Losing her virginity was not Soon Ae’s main agenda before crossing over, but rather, the mystery behind her death. It was nicely solved as we saw who was behind her death, but solving the mystery towards the end, felt a little bit off because I, then, became interested to know about her killer and some details of his evil spirit possession. However, we got the short end of the stick because why the comedy aspect was spot on, the mystery and supernatural aspect of the drama fell flat. So, it made sense when a lot of questions about the supernatural were glossed over and coincidence became logic. Since, that was the case, Bong Sun’s sudden confidence did not make sense whatsoever, but it was logic per the story, or rather, the lack of it. Regardless of the flaws, this was a nice drama. Actor Im Soo Hwan was underused in this drama, his portrayal of a trouble, possessed human was fantastic. The chills were real and towards the end of the series, I began to watch the show at daytime. Actresses Seug Gi and Bo Young were utterly superb in this drama. I think I found my girl crushes. Tehe 🙂 Jo Jung Suk never disappoints. Just sayin’

Drama Verdict: LOVING

Drama recommendation: 4/5


Photocredit: Dramafever, Soompi


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