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Loving or Bashing: The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days Drama Review

This show was all I wanted it to be and it came out as all I wished it wasn’t. A wasted potential and I will be part of the few who felt like this drama didn’t turn out the way it should have.

I will keep the review short because I do not want to say things that will get me burned at the stake. Hehe!


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I think after episode 4, I began to lose interest in this drama. I will seriously blame the writing of this drama which made the series falter. After switching the drama three times, I guess the idea of the original writers got lost in translation to the point where the drama began to lose its realistic perspective it was trying to get across. The story began to lose sense and the characters just frustrating as they drastically changed personalities; Hana, who showed herself to be independent and strong, became mush and irritating when it came to dating or reconnecting with her past love and Won, who was dedicated and patient became whinny and childish as soon as he began dating Hana. Everything felt out of place that it became boring once the story tried to pick its pace.

I stopped comparing this drama to its original starting from episode 4 because I believed that the writer wanted to make it their own slice-of-life, realistic and relatable drama. Yea, that didn’t happen. I did stop comparing, but it was just wrong on its own, with or without it being a remake. It is really sad because this drama had a lot of chances to be good, like a lot, so, I had hope by sticking with it, but I felt cheated once the drama ended. The leads had tons of chemistry as friends so, I felt like they were bound to have explosive chemistry once they got together. My dreams of that died as soon as they began dating.


First of all, when they got together, it felt forced and flat. I don’t know, maybe I missed the part where Hana realized who she was supposed to be with, Seo-Hoo or Won. She was in love with Seo-Hoo as she claimed, so call me crazy when I say getting together with Won felt out of place, like she settled with him. Hana is not the only one to carry the blame. For Won, he just accepted her like that. I guess when you’re in love, it doesn’t matter.

There were random fillers and characters that were added that later on which made me go, so what’s the point? Case in point is Won’s mother. What’s the point of adding her to the story late in the game, where she’s practically useless to the story? I’m sorry, but I thought her story is what would’ve shaped Won’s perspective on love. I truly believed that she would be the reason why Won was afraid to venture out his love for Hana because he was afraid of being left alone by someone he loved. Leaving her son at a young age would have scared him for life, but once he realizes that Hana will not leave him, like his mother, he overcame that. Another alternative: since, he’s in love with Hana, he begins to realize that not everyone he loves will abandon him later in life. So, it is worth the risk to try to see where the relationship with Hana will lead to, by a leap of faith.  Pft! There was no hint of that whatsoever. Obviously, there is a reason why I am not a writer, but I.make more sense. Hehe, i think.

The last four episodes were just so ridiculous, it would have been a tighter story if the episodes were cut down to 14 and removed the dumb fillers, like the couples fight, Mi-hyang and her “ugly” baby she grows the love, Dae-bok and his sudden accomplishment, the list is endless… I didn’t care for that at the end because it didn’t seem real. Even the wedding was just blah. I should have cared about a lot of things, but unfortunately, I didn’t. Again, not all was bad, but it could’ve been better. There were lots of potential to make this show worthwhile. The leads had fantastic chemistry in the beginning, but it fizzled. You don’t need to agree with me, but this is a forgettable series. I am really sorry show, there was “The Time I’ve Loved You, 4 Episodes.”  I seriously wanted to love you, but I am bashing you.


Drama recommendation: 2.5/5


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