Korean Drama

What Happens to my Family Drama Update!

FINALLY! FINALLY! THIS IS WAY OVERDUE. “What Happens to my Family” was my first weekend drama in which I made a challenge to finish the show and recaps.

Unfortunately, neither happened, not because I got bored, but some real life crisis happened around that time, where I had to force myself to focus on my future. So, I stopped my watching dramas all together and decided that real life came first.

However, once that bridge was crossed, it was hard to pick up the recaps. I kept on watching each episode every weekend, but when I finally decided to continue recapping, BOOM! My laptop went kaput!  Days turn to weeks turn and weeks to months before getting a new laptop. However, the drama was long over and I am not one to watch a drama once it recently ends. What do I mean? “I Remember you” just ended, but I will not sit down to rewatch the drama next week because I found it good. In order for me to rewatch it, it takes time because I want to see the drama in a different light, that way it stays a true classic in my brain. This goes to same as WHTMF.


This drama won awards and it gained tons of ratings and praises which it deserved. The writer went a different route from the usual soap opera kind of drama which was what I LOVED about this drama. About quarter way into the show, it was stepping into the soap opera genre a little bit, but it was quickly railed in. So, that I really appreciated. I don’t need to see people screaming like idiots and fighting like they lack home training before I find a drama to be worth-while. Sorry, to other dramas out there that fit the profile, but it is not my cup of tea. I am a pacifist by nature, so seeing those type of drama turn me off big time, even though, they do turn out to be crazily addicting. Yes, I will confess, I saw “Wang Family,” another weekend drama. Hehe!

So, what am I trying to say? I thoroughly enjoyed this 50+ weekend drama. It was funny, relatable, and quirky and sometimes irritating, overall, this was a family drama that tugged my heart. The characters were good, though, some came out to be one- dimensional, but the end result was nice and sweet. However, it will not translate into the continuation of recapping. I would love to hear your input on this drama, but, sorry guys, I am pulling the plug on recapping on this drama. I guess I should do a more realistic challenge next time.

For full recaps of the entire series, read ninjareflection. I read her recaps, while I was computer deprived.

Drama Recommendation: 4/5


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