Chinese Drama Review: Boss and Me

Yay, to my first Chinese drama! I was a little bit skeptical in venturing into the other side of Asian drama-watching; however, I decided to give this drama a-go as my first Chinese drama, due to the positive review it had.

Frankly, K-dramas are venturing into police procedural and actions stuff. My favorite genre is action and I love cop shows, but I need more to keep me super engaged and until my indulgence for American TV shows start, like How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal…and BBC and PBS shows come on this fall, I guess I am back to watching classics that made me fall in love with Asian dramas.

Anyways, that’s enough of my whining. So, what’s this drama about and why it my drama spotlight of the week?

Title: Boss and Me/Shan Shan Comes to Eat/Shan Shan is Coming

Genre: Romance, comedy, modern drama

Episodes: 33 (I know, it is long, but I promise you, it goes by so fast and it is less than an hour per episode)

Air date: July, 8th 2014-July 20th, 2014


Based on a Chinese novella, “Shan Shan Comes to Eat” by Gu Man, Boss and Me is about a Chinese heir, Feng Tang (Hans Zhang) who’s the president of Feng Teng Group, a app company (I think, I really did not pay attention to what the company does). Anyways, Feng Tang’s younger sister, Feng Yue (Zhang Yang Guo), has a rare blood type, AB Rh negative (Panda blood) was in need of blood transfusion during childbirth.


Feng Tang has a company policy, though, kept in secret, the company hires a staff that has the Panda blood in order to be his sister’s life line. This is where Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Yang) comes in for a transfusion, during Feng Yue’s childbirth. Indebted to her, Feng Teng suggests paying off Shan Shan by writing a check, but Feng Yue feels more gratitude by suggesting she makes a nutritious lunch box which contains pig’s liver and rice and vegetables, in order for Shan Shan to replenish her blood from the transfusion. Feng Teng brings the lunches daily and has his secretary deliver them to Shan Shan.


Shan Shan is a food lover, so this brings joy to her, despite being the daily, breaking news at work for constant gossipers; this doesn’t deter Shan Shan from eating. However, she goes up to the company’s rooftop to enjoy her meal in peace. What she doesn’t realize is that her boss, Feng Tang, can see her through his office tinted windows. Over a period of time as he watches her eat, her cheerful demeanor and her enjoyment of food begin to soften his heart. He slowly falls for her positive attitude in life. Cute, right! But, this is no drama without a drama.


Feng Teng childhood friend, Yuan Li Shu (Lvy Lee), whose mother was the Feng’s childhood nanny, worked hard in order to gain a socialite status, so that, she can have a good financial standing to her name and become someone recognized by the public. But, why go through all that? That’s because she is secretly in love with Feng Tang. Then, there’s Feng Tang’s best friend and his company manager, Zheng Qi (Huang Ming), who does the unconventional as the second lead; he’s not going to fight for Shan Shan’s affection, but Li Shu’s.


General Spoilers: BAM is a classical rich boy falls for average, preppy girl, but what makes this drama entertaining was how fast it went by. Even though, it was 33 episodes, it went by quickly. I mean, there are some moments that felt draggy, but that was during the angst, separation part, but once the couple reunited, the pacing picks up.


It’s a fluffy show, not too dramatic and the separation of the couple, during the latter part of the drama, didn’t drag on for too long. Even when they had to take a break, Feng Tang was still constant in Shan Shan’s life. Though, she tried hard to forget him or ignore him, that didn’t work out too well for her. Fortunately, they were reconciled due to the help of others around them and they just love each other too much to try to pretend.

I felt constant butterflies as soon as the leads were together. Their interactions were cute and in a way relatable, that’s if you are dating a super rich guy who adores you. Hehe! What drew me in were Shan Shan’s interactions with Feng Tang. This girl is super touchy. Hehe! Well, not in a perverted way, but she really wasn’t shy to show her feelings for her boyfriend and Feng Tang reacted in a similar manner as well.


Even though, Shan Shan was a little bit insecure in the relationship, mostly due to the office workers who kept on gossiping about her relationship with Feng Teng (seriously, I wondered how the company functioned with the constant gossipers not working), she kept her head high and found ways to make her relationship work.

So where’s the drama? Once, Li Shu’s presence is made. At first, both ladies didn’t get off on the wrong foot, but when Li Shu saw that Feng Tang is actually in love with Shan Shan, claws came out. She was super, duper nice to Shan Shan and when Shan Shan caught her boyfriend and his one-sided crush in a compromising manner, that’s when the drama began. Luckily, by then Li Shu was already over her one-sided crush and actually felt bad for her stupid interventions. But, there’s nothing a best friend can’t do, if not  to reconcile couples who truly love each other. Zheng Qi’s able to keep Shan Shan from leaving the company and with that Feng Tang was able to work his magic in winning Shan Shan back.


Speaking of magic, these couples are an epitome of cute and sexy at the same time. Zhang and Li Yang are two beautiful creatures that kept popping on my screen. Once they are on, their chemistry was amazing. If all fails, these two actors chemistry can at least get the ratings up just by exuding an intense chemistry. There were simple moments they had that made their chemistry sizzle.

Aside from their chemistry, Zhang’s portrayal of an aloof boss wasn’t too cocky or arrogant. There was softness to his cold side. What’s funny is that he’s not even a cold, mean boss. He’s just reserved, smart, cunning and super confident. Oh, the non-existent guy! Hehe! Maybe that’s why I liked him from the start, he is so reserved that he becomes borderline socially awkward, especially, when it comes to dating Shan Shan, even though, he dated high class women in the past. Hehe! Maybe, Shan Shan is just real to him that he has to compromise his eliteness for her simpleness.

With that in mind, thiis is when Shan Shan’s strength comes into play. Her insecurity in dating a rich guy showed a lot, but at the same time, she saw how lonely, yet kind her boss was. She was able to build off his confidence as she went into her journey of personal growth. Feng Teng saw how personal growth and that’s how he’s able to navigate his ways around hers.


For example, when she came up with the excuse of studying for an exam in order to avoid eating lunch with Feng Tang, she doesn’t realize what that excuse would lead to. Down the road, she realized the importance of becoming someone better, not only for Feng Tang, but for herself. Once, she became successful at earning the degree and attaining a better position at work, you could see her confidence exude. Even though, Feng Tang loved her for her, she wanted to love herself for herself. So, it was a nice moment for her as she realized that since she’s dating a capable, hot, rich guy, she needs to build a stronger defense mechanism which is self-confidence in order for her to be secure in her relationship. Now, that’s cool, especially, when your boyfriend’s confidence rubs off on you.


Granted, not all is cherry. There were moments I wanted to hit her on the head as she had doubts and insecurity because she’s a great catch and Feng Tang saw that in her, but she didn’t see it in herself. However, that’s something that’s so relatable, whether you are dating someone rich or not. Once you are in a relationship, all your flaws and weaknesses become known. It takes courage to fight it and make them your strength. She knows she’s not the best for Feng Tang, but she’s willing to work hard to be the best her for him (her words, not mine). Wouldn’t you fall for that person who’s willing to do that for themselves and no one else? Well, Feng Teng did.

As usual, I have a lot to say, but I want you all to enjoy this drama as much as I did. It is your typical drama, but with less angst drama, more communication from the couple, skinship (touching), light, funny and cute. Granted there are lots of flaws as those flaws make you go “are you kidding me,” or make you roll your eyes, but they are easily forgotten. The only initial issue I had was the eyebrows drawn on Zhao Li Yang. It was too comical, but after episode 2, trust me, those eyebrows were really on fleek. Hehe!


This show’s subbed, so you can view it on youtube or other source that’s legal. I highly recommend you watch this show. Less crying and more of oh, my feels moments!

Drama recommendation: 4.5/5

6 thoughts on “Chinese Drama Review: Boss and Me

  1. Totally agree with the eyebrow thing. Took me a while to get over it haha. It’s really a great drama in a sense how Shan Shan learns slowly to with Feng Teng to walk together in their own pace.


  2. Glad you liked it! Zhao Li Ying is my favorite Chinese actress 🙂 If you like seeing ZLY work with people whom she has great chemistry with, you might also want to check out Legend of Lu Zhen, co-starring Chen Xiao. ^^


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