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I Remember You Episode 16 Recap (Final Episode)

I Remember You Episode 16 Recap: I Remember You


Hyun voices over as he lays unconscious that the cards Min sent were from the “scenes from that day.” Mom is playing word games with the kids when the doorbell rings. Unfortunately, her death is an act of revenge. The kids hide underneath dad’s desk. There, Hyun finds a gun hidden in dad’s work bag.  He shoots the killer in order to protect his mom who’s barely breathing and Min. however, the trigger is too heavy for him and he hits his head first on the ground after firing the shots. Hyun doesn’t know what happened after that, but he figures Min’s psychopathic tendencies could’ve resulted from the shocking of witnessing the crime. Dad covered up the case and Hyun erased the incident from his memory. Min clearly remembers everything that went down.


Hyun forcefully wakes up and begins to blame himself of what Min has become. He thinks back to when Min states that he was already born to be bad. Min overhears the conversation and blames himself of sending the cards to Hyun which prompts Hyun’s memory. Joon ho asks his conscience, aka, the lady, who’s now wearing gray shirt, why his heart feel ripped apart from the boys crying. The team wants Eun Bok to turn himself in before they decide to investigate his case; there’ll be nothing they can do once he gets investigated. Rather than talk about Joon young, Eun Bok just apologizes for killing Ji Soo. Seung Joo tries to appeal to his humanity by pleading to Eun Bok to confess; he saw him as his big brother and family. This fazes Eun Bok a little.


Ji Ahn tells Min that Eun Bok was one of Joon young’s kids. Suddenly, she hugs Min and tells him to reflect on his murderous acts and take responsibility of his crimes, if he’s not doesn’t understand that his crimes were wrong, at least doing it for Hyun should be good enough reason. Ji Ahn throws seeds of reflection into Min’s mind as she tells him that if Min and Hyun decide to run and hide, will they be able to find happiness? Eun Hyeok still has to follow the law as he tells the guys that Eun Bok needs to be interrogated. Min thinks back to when he asks Ji Ahn why he can’t cover up the crimes since there’s no evidence and it’s in the past. She’s a cop and not shady, so that’s not happening, besides, Hyun will be in the center of the chaos of trying to protect his brother and the investigation.


Ji Ahn thinks she has nine lives as she bravely visits Joon ho at his home. She goes straight to the point, one of his kids got caught. Joon ho, first, feigns ignorance, Ji Ahn sees through his act as she states that the people around her were hurt by him. Joon ho says that he doesn’t kill without any reason, he just gets rid of abusive adults against their children to prevent further violence. Ji Ahn can’t take his B.S. anymore as she calls him by his name, Lee Joon Young, and says that she plans on killing him, but not by shooting because she doesn’t want to make Hyun sad. Joon young says he did like Ji Ahn and he didn’t want to hurt her. Ji Ahn draws her gun at him as he gets up. Bad move! He throws the gun from her hand as he reaches for her purse and sees that she recorded their conversation. Girl, you should know, berra!


Joon young subdues her as she tries to fight for the phone recording. He deletes the recording and Ji Ahn dares him to kill her, that way he will surely get caught. Aigoo, Eun Hyeok bravely enters a psychopath’s house, with no weapon in hand or backup, as he sees Ji Ahn under Joon young’s lock. Eun Hyeok confronts Joon young as he tells him that he doesn’t see any sign of being human in Joon young. This rattles Joon young who is seriously wondering why everyone sees him as a monster. After the intense climax, Ji Ahn and Eun Hyeok take a casual stroll as they talk about their encounter with Joon young. Joon young looks at his reflection, per Eun Hyeok’s advice. He sees two sides of his reflection, which shows two different facial expressions, like he has two personalities, and he seems more distraught. Eun Hyeok tells Ji Ahn he cannot do anything other than to apologize for his father’s wrongdoings.


Hol’ up! Eun Hyeok confesses that he did like Ji Ahn, but liking her from afar was good enough for him, and he walks away like a brave man. Hyun wakes up from his nap and sees Min lost in thoughts. First order of priority, cook. Min already did the honors and he reassures Hyun that it’s not his fault of turning into a psycho; it was just self-defense. He reflects on Joon young’s words: is Hyun happy to reunite with him and they are very different, even though they look similar. Ji Ahn thoughts trails in; both of them can never be happy. With Eun Bok’s search for the missing kids almost done, Seung joo’s able to find two of the missing four kids’ locations. Kyung Hyun soo, she doesn’t know Joon young and Kid 2, who may be or not know who Joon young is, but the looks on his face says otherwise, when he sees the picture of an older Joon young/Joon ho.


Reconstructing sitting arrangement of Hyun’s father’s death, Joon young’s first word “let’s run away together!” Ha! Is that Nora Jones, “Come away with me,” I hear! He knows Hyun is still reluctant to apprehend him because of Min. min, who’s back from work, over hears the conversation. Hyun touches Joon young’s lack of arterial pulse and threatens Joon young to stay away from Min. Joon young sees Min waiting for him at home. He’s conflicted; run away with Joon young and live by the lies he’ll feed him, while he gets separated from his brother, or stay with Hyun and not get a happy ending. Eun Hyeok tells the Deputy that’ll take responsibility of his teammates since the team is on the verge of being disbanded. Eun Hyeok takes his dad to school as he tells him that only kids runaway from responsibility of their wrongdoings.


Hyun tells Min he thinks Eun Bok will confess because the team is trying hard to soften him up. Aw! They still do care for their murderous teammate. Since Hyun has lots of time on his hands, he suggests they do stuff, the next day. Ji Ahn taught Hyun well as the brothers take a selca, during their walk. Kid 2 stops Joon young in the park to ask if he remembers him. As Joon young’s about to utter his name, Kid 2 stabs him. Yea, this kid IS NOT happy that Joon young killed his parents. Rather than fight back, Joon young just walks away as the kid stares in fear, then confusion. Rather than being in the shower for too long, Min is at Joon young’s house. He tells Joon young that he thinks is best if they both run away together. Joon young ask if something is wrong with them, mentally, Min just says staying around is bothersome for Hyun. Min, running away means leaving physically, not in death.


Min engages in a knife combat with Joon young, since Joon young is his last killing. Hyun senses something’s amiss. Joon young does have the upper hand in handling Min as he stabs the boy.  Min gone! He gone! Hyun is in terminator mode as he attacks Joon young. DAMN YOU, LADY WHO DECIDED TO WEAR WHITE! DAMN YOU. She hits Hyun from behind as Hyun is about to finish Joon Young. Hyun comes through and sees a house with no corpse. Eun Bok tells the interrogating officers that he got rid of Joon young’s fingerprints, but he will fully cooperate in confessing.



Seriously, Joon young has telepathy as he turns on his phone location, nice product placement, then places a call to Hyun to meet up. Hyun asks why Joon young was obsessed with him from the start. Maybe, ‘cuz Hyun saw him as being different. Hyun understood him better than most people. Hyun is someone he wanted to be, Min is someone who became the present him. All Hyun want from Joon young is to return Min’s corpse to him, that way, Joon young stays alive. The cops arrive to late at the park, but Ji Ahn sees Joon Young’s phone which he left behind.



Omo! Are we going back in time, only this time, the initiation/stalking is acceptable and reciprocated? Hyun visits Ji Ahn as he promises; three times, for every one visit he misses. However, Hyun disappears after that. Time Jump: One year later. New rookie, Ji won, joins the surviving team and this time, the team is on their toes as they do show concern. Aw, Seung joo keeps visiting Eun Bok in prison. Ji Ahn still thinks of Hyun. Bong Sung-ah. Eun Hyeok and Myeong woo try to know Hyun’s whereabouts through Bong sung ah, whom I think is feigning ignorance. But, other than that, they enjoy each other’s company. Hehe! Ji Ahn still misses Hyun, who shares the same past history as her; Lee Joon Young. She sees a silver lining in their tragic past; meeting one another, albeit in a different way. This time, she imagines her alternate life with Hyun and Min and her complete team. My feelings!


New case and DAVE IS back, echoing that of episode 1.  MY LUNGS! MY HEART! MY SCREAMS! MIN IS FREAKING ALIVE! Lady in white is his caretaker. She gives him an envelope from Joon young, in it, Min has the choice to change his identity or not. Hyun apologizes to Ji Ahn who is still prissy. Hehe! He tells her that he remembers what Joon young, but doesn’t say as he thinks back to Joon young asking “what kind of adult will you become?” he does pity Joon young, but he can never understand the mind of a killer nor forgive. Ji Ahn is letting Hyun off a little because he says he’s not leaving anytime soon. He asks if she misses him which she does a lot. They hug and KISS it out. Min ho chooses to go to jail in order to live close to his hyung. As Hyun and Ji Ahn walk in bliss, they miss Joon Young walking in plain sight as he voices that he would like Hyun to keep on chasing him. Looks like Hyun love the chase. WILL THERE BE A SHORT SEASON 2?

The End, y’all. 



This series is PERFECT. I have to keep my eyes on writer-nim for his next project. He has a vision and he saw it from start to finish. Sure, there were flaws, but those flaws did not overshadow the main storyline, so I will refrain from complaining. Not once, did I fast-forward. I actually watched an episode twice, one for my own enjoyment and the other viewing for recapping. Adding the mother’s storyline late in the game didn’t feel rushed, it actually made sense as the story flowed along.


Overall, I love how the romance did not overshadow the whole storyline. The alternative life Ji Ahn daydreamed about really gave an insight on how uncomfortable it would have been if the romance between Ji Ahn and Hyun had blossomed fully, with Eun Hyeok trying to fight for her attention. So, I was glad that the “romance” was between the brothers and oddly Joon young, who ended up being a jealous lover that didn’t get who he wanted. I was surprised he stabbed Min because that moment showed he really would kill those who threaten him. Besides, he really was at the brink of showing violence. First, with the homeless man, second, Yong jung (the guy who wanted revenge for his gf’s death). However, seeing him lose his cool demeanor with Hyun, Ji Ahn and Min shows how dangerous and damaged this guy really is and how they all overestimated his psyche.


Actor Choi Won Young really did a superb job in his portrayal of a man who’s far too gone in the head. His accomplice, the lady in white, is someone who I truly thought was Joon young’s consciousness. She humanized him, but at the same time she represented his thoughts and made him express his human feelings. Well, what he deems to be reasonable. Her wearing white, symbolizes that Joon young always assumed that everything he did was for the good of the kids he saved. However, when she wore gray, earlier in the episode, it showed how conflicted Joon young’s mind was. He began to question his actions, something he never did 20+ years. So, it was really eerie when Eun Hyeok told him to look at himself in the mirror to see the monster that he is. He saw two different expressions, or rather, personalities that are in the same body. Hmm, does this sound like a familiar work of art?


In a weird way, I am glad Joon young is still out there because it would have felt too anticlimactic if he got killed, ha! show almost tricked us. It shows that there is an activity beyond the drama ending and we are left to our imagination what horrible death, or not we want Joon young to face. I want his death to be slow and quiet, by poison. He doesn’t realize that he’s being poisoned slowly until it is too late. Then again, I am a stickler for the law, so I guess he can rot in jail. HOW DO YOU WANT HIM TO SERVE JUSTICE? Anyways, Min is alive. So whew. In a roundabout way, this was a different form of happy ending. Even though, it looks like Joon young still controls the game. I will take any happy ending I can get. Now more kisseueh, please!

Everyone did an awesome job! Kudos. Jang Na ra, you rocked this role. Seo In Guk, Whew, how can you be hot and tempting and the same time vulnerable. Park Bo Geum. Ahh! Be still my heart! Lee Chun Hee, wished your character was fleshed out more and showed us more awesome fighting skills, but you still have a place in my heart as the awkward, yet lovable team-jagnim. I am already missing my addiction. Don’t know what I will need to withdraw from this, but this one of my top fav. drama.

Would I recommend this drama to someone. Heck yea. Already did!




6 thoughts on “I Remember You Episode 16 Recap (Final Episode)”

  1. Going thru the whole 16 ep again, and you can count how many times he smiled at a simple outburst from her, you can see the process whereby he gradually defrost before Ji-An, one ep after another. He knows, while he forgotten his-SELF, he came to Ji-An and asked her, what happened during those frozen times when he returned Korea, why? Because he knew, Ji-An remembered him, she was his hard-disc, his memory bank. Like I said, with Min, he was the caring father that Min lost, indulging in “giving”, with all Min’s devotion towards him, knowing Min can die for him even, but still Min wouldn’t understand him as much as Ji-An did. But with Ji-An, he can be himself, did he not asked Ji-An when she slept, “if I ran away…” his unfinished sentence was, “bring me back, if I am disappearing again, ask me to look at you, remember you, when things get hard…”
    from that time at underground dungeon, when Ji-An hug him after he revealed his self-reproach that if he didn’t leak about Min, LJY may not take Min,… when Ji-An tightened her grid on his hands as he broke down in tears while Min undergo OP after the stabbing… when Ji-an passed by his house after his awakening that Min has evolved into LJY cold blooded beyond redemption, when Ji-an hugged him when he recalled his memory that he might be the source of Min’s psychopathic tendencies…. All these crucial moment when he broke down, he found solace in Ji-An. By looking at Ji-An, then can he fed the kinder wolf, and chose the right door, remember how to be the kind of person he should be. Remembrance calls for responsibility, choose to be the kind of person your heart knows you should become.
    Remember Hyeon and Ji-an, we all wlll, for a long long time.


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