I Remember You Episode 15 Recap

I Remember You Ep 15 recap: Is an happy ending possible?


Lee Joon ho is finally pleased to know that Hyun recognizes him as Lee Joon Young, through his lack of arterial pulse. They both have a telepathic understanding of Hyun’s main reason of returning back to Korea as they reflect into the past of Hyun giving his book interview in the US about wanting to finish a paused conversation of the past,

while Joon ho reads his interview article and realizes that Hyun is remembering him. Ji Ahn gives Min ho an excuse of not meeting Joon ho at home. Min ho tells her to wait for Joon ho’s return. She declines and he subtly threatens her that he’s going to tattletale since she’s so brave of invading a psychopath’s home.


Since Hyun already knows the answers to what kind of child he was while growing up and why his dad thought of him as a monster, he wants to know why Joon ho killed his dad, kidnap Min and turn Min into someone like him. Joon ho looks flabbergasted like he did something wrong as he thinks back to what his conscience said, aka, lady who took care of him, and Min ho stating that evil doing good for someone is not necessarily a good thing. Joon asks if Hyun, at a young age, could have raised Min well, since Min had a high tendency of being a sociopath.


Min ho demands the pictures from Ji Ahn as he will let it slide, but Ji Ahn fights back that for Min ho and Hyun’s sake, these pictures will incriminate Joon young. Joon ho, being the smart psychopath that he is, knows that Hyun is stalling, so he cuts their rendezvous short, but Hyun has to stall longer. Joon ho is not having it, as he breaks his cool façade for the first time, but he quickly collects himself and goes home. Hyun calls Ji Ahn to get out, but Min ho grabs a hold of her hand. Fear has overcome Ji Ahn, but coolly asks if Min ho will let her go. He tells her to take another way out, but I don’t like his smile turn into frown.


Hyun reprimands Ji Ahn for her recklessness, though, she was scared, it still had to be done because they don’t have enough evidence built against Joon ho. Min ho did tattletale, but Joon ho is more worried that she took the picture of “that kid.” Omo! Eun Bok, Eun Hyeok??? Hyun tells Ji Ahn that the kids in the picture are the ones Joon ho saved from their abusive parents, but murder is murder in Ji Ahn’s book. Oh yea, she got caught by Min ho as well.


Joon ho is late on the game as he tells Min ho that Hyun remembers him. Min ho counters that Hyun didn’t abandon him. Min ho wants answers and Joon ho simply states that Min ho would’ve been in Hyun’s way. He didn’t on taking Min, but it just happened, like fate, and with that he was able to know who Min will turn out to be, just by the first look. Planting seeds of doubt into Min’s mind, Joon ho urges him to study Hyun’s expression, to see if Hyun is truly happy to reunite with his brother. Especially, since Min has turned out to be something different. In essence, can they really have a happy ending? All Min knows is that Joon ho’s relationship with him is now severed. Oh snap, Joon ho is his last kill.


Eun Hyeok is having a pity party of one as he thinks back to his conversation with his dad and seeing Ji Ahn’s reaction after the discovery of her dad’s remains. Myeong Woo joins the party of one and awkward comforts his crying team leader. Ha! Team leader ran away from home, so he needs a place to crash. Hyun sees Min sleeping and he thinks back to when Ji Ahn believes that Min’s and Joon ho’s relationship is stronger than anticipated. Hyun truly believes that he will change Min. Min gets ready to return to work as Hyun reminds him to take his medication during lunch. Ha! Min rejects Hyun’s offer to tie his tie, but later he gets up to let Hyun finish. He even allows Hyun to drop him off at work. Is that change I see?


Ji Ahn senses something amiss at work as her coworkers are suspiciously quiet. They tell her that the skeletal remains are indeed her dad’s and Lee Joon young is the killer. Eun Hyeok still feels guilty as he tells her about Deputy’s involvement. He does promise to do all he can as he accepts responsibility of his father’s deeds. She tells Hyun about it and is now weary of every cop. Myeong woo sees them talking and thinks they are dating, in which Ji Ahn tells him that his intuition is wrong.


Ji Ahn tasks the team to find the kids in the pictures she took from Joon ho’s house because they could lead them to catch Joon young. Eun Bok doesn’t look happy. Hyun goes to pick Min up when he sees him with a client, Seung Min Yeuk. The prosecutor, Kang who is hecka pissed, is related to the victim, Lee Moon Joo, Min Yeuk is accused of killing. Ha! Hyun asks a reluctant Myeong woo of a favor; he needs his ID card to investigate Min Yeuk’s case. Ha! Myeong woo is indeed simple, as Hyun logs into the system with Myeong woo’s birthday.



Case report: Min Yeuk is Moon Joo’s boyfriend; cause of death is strangulation and there’s evidence of being sexually assaulted. With Hyun’s 20/20 vision, he’s able to tell that Prosecutor Kang was the one who raped and killed his niece. Joon ho knows no boundaries or as Min says, there are not enough corpse in the morgue, as Hyun comes home to find him cooking, while Min is reading. Joon ho must be a good cook as they all eat his dinner. Ah, Joon ho’s pushing his luck as he joins Hyun by noting that Min does keep him in the loop. Hyun says that Kang showed anxiety, rather than anger, while Min Yeuk showed anger towards Kang. Min knows all that information. He needs something new because Joon ho completes his sentence of the two men being involved in the crime together.


Hyun quickly calls Myeong woo and boom! Min Yeuk comes out of the house with bloodstains on his shirt. Hyun looks resigned as he returns to the table where two murderers are just causally eating. Ha! He asks if murder-talk was a frequent dinner conversation. Yep, it is. Joon ho returns Hyun his dad’s diary. Going through his past memory, Hyun begins to understand his father’s perception of him, just like his to Min. His option is to ask Min face-to-face before jumping into conclusions.


Myeong woo and Seung joo return to work and Myeong woo is curious as to how Hyun knows a lot of death happening. Ji Ahn tells a guilt-trip Eun Hyeok to help catch Joon young, that way, he can rid his guilt. Ji Ahn tells Eun Hyeok who Joon young is. Hyun flips through the diary and comes across a missing page that leads to another page of question, “was it an accident or did Hyun do it willingly?” Does it refer to his mother’s death? Ji Ahn calls Hyun to meet her outside. She wants to confirm if Min is not involved in the revenge murder. My feelings! They take a walk, while holding hands, as they confide in each other.


Min sits alone at home as he ponders if meeting Hyun was a good thing, per Joon ho’s seed of doubt. Hyun gets the remaining cards and asks Min what the cards mean. Digging deep into his hidden memory, Hyun begins to see the objects of the cards, when Min states that he won’t kill anymore, well that is if Hyun tells him not to. He wants his happy ending with his brother. Hyun is conflicted, but he’ll try to make it happen. After flipping through the albums of abandoned children, Joon ho thinks back to when Eun Bok makes a secret call to inform him about the police new investigation. Joon ho is confident about the kids not talking once found.


Ji Ahn thinks that one of them might speak out, out of resentment for Joon ho taking them away from their family. Bong Sung calls Hyun, who’s on his way to drop Min at work, to inform him about the identity of the orphan. Ha! Apparently, Myeong woo is the messenger Bong sung has to drop the information with. Ha! Myeong woo’s salty. Bong Sung sees Eun Bok and I don’t feel as ease. Eun Bok sneaks the files out to the bathroom and sees they are information on him. As he tries to pick up his picture, which dropped, it gets picked by Seung Joo. Shoot! He goona die! Whew! That was close. Seung Joo is quick to know something is not right, so he leaves the picture behind and walks away. As Eun Bok leaves the bathroom, Seung Joo watches him, in hiding.


Myeong woo is having a mental breakdown as Hyun asks for the envelope. Eun Bok quickly reveals the envelope as he lies that Myeong woo left it on his desk. Hyun doesn’t believe that lie, but he goes along to insulting Myeong woo’s age. Seung Joo confides in Ji Ahn, in secret, about Ji Soo giving him an assignment, but doesn’t tell her about his suspicions on Eun Bok. Hyun opens the envelope and voila, it is Eun Bok. Ah! No! Seriously, Seung Joo decides to confront Eun Bok on the roof, really, dude? He pulls his gun on Eun Bok as Eun Bok walks away from the accusation. Hyun tells the team, minus Eun Bok and Seung Joo, that Eun Bok is Joon young’s protégé. They all rush to the rooftop as they see the boys have at it. The gun gets kicked to Hyun as they try to stop the fight. Hyun picks up the gun and his memory replays clues of the cards, hyacinth flower, his mom, as well as he holding a gun pointed at someone, as he tears up. he passes out from the sudden memory flashbacks.


Really, you are going to pull this on us at the eleventh hour. Man! Okay, first order. Thank goodness, Eun Bok is caught and Seung Joo is not dead. Secondly, every reveal, every sentence is perfect. Ah, I am speechless guys, THIS IS A FIRST. I will say more for tomorrow’s showdown. Until then, please let’s hope we have a happy ending!


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