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I Remember You Episode 14 Recap

I Remember You Ep 14 recap: Lee Joon Young’s Room


Luckily, Hyun stops Ji Ahn from going all “Kill Bill” on Joon ho’s ass, while Joon ho tends to Min ho at his house. All Ji Ahn wants to do is kill Joon ho and Hyun hugs her to calm her down. He believes that she’ll find another way to bring Joon ho to justice as compared to killing him. At the station, the team is already filled in on Ji Ahn’s past, so now, their main priority is to focus on bringing Joon young to justice. How sweet! Hyun baked a cake for Ji Ahn, while she praises him for his additional talents; she suggests they celebrate with Joon ho as she wants to see his reaction after giving her the worst b-day gift ever, her dad’s corpse.


Ji Ahn, Hyun, Joon ho and Min ho decide to have the most uncomfortable b-day celebration. Ji Ahn goes straight into telling Joon ho about her hope being dead after her father’s body was recovered. Joon ho thinks it’s a good thing for her as she now has closure, but Ji Ahn doesn’t need closure, she needs payback. Joon ho states that there are always two sides of every person and people barely see the second side. Hyun steps in to say that a person cannot be judged and killed based on that. Ji Ahn and Min ho agree with Joon ho’s statement. Take Hyun, for instance, 20 years ago, he was a jerk, but now, he’s alright, though his ego is still at large. They toast to the day she’ll “throw him in prison,” per her inner thoughts.


Hyun praises her for a not killing Joon ho on site. Ji Ahn tells him about the forbidden room at Joon ho’s place and Hyun tells her not to go in there alone. Joon ho is lost in thoughts and Min ho gives him a penny for his thoughts. Joon ho wonders why Ji Ahn is so angry about her b-day gift. Didn’t she want closure? Min ho simply responds in layman’s terms, no, dude. Hyun and Ji Ahn fall take turns to watch each other fall asleep. Ji Ahn tells Hyun to bring Min ho over at his place instead as she plans on returning home. She tells Hyun that she does plan on arresting Min ho, but it will soften the blow if Min ho turns himself in. Hyun drives Ji Ahn home and offers to clean her house. She refuses, but she’s still gong ho about her points; 15 plus alpha. Ooh, she is infinity! She’s so priceless ‘cuz ma head hurts just from listening to the theorem! I cannot uncurl my toes from the squee!


Hyun stops by Joon ho’s house and ask Min ho to move in with him. Min ho does and Joon ho doesn’t look too pleased. Joon ho tells the lady, who was hired to take care of him as a youngster, that he thought that separating the brothers at a young age was a good things. She tells him that he tends to cause more problems when he decides to be considerate. Sparing her life wasn’t a good idea because she feels guilty for living. She asks Joon ho wants he wants from the brothers and he tells her that he wants them to live together. Ji soo asks Seung Joo to do background checks on people they work with outside the force; she wants to compare Joon young’s real fingerprints.


Hyun asks Min ho the meaning of the cards he sent and Min ho is surprised that Hyun doesn’t remember. He does say it’s for the best and he was “born like this” when Hyun keeps asking. Min ho asks for a hairdryer and Hyun decides to use his hairdressing degree to dry his fussy lil’bro’s hair. He needs to stop resisting. Ji Ahn is informed about a fire about 20 years ago that destroyed some records. This leads to her concluding that Joon young used the opportunity to change his identity. It is a match as Ji soo confirms the fingerprints of Joon young to Joon ho. when she sees Joon ho, she leaves her poker face behind as Joon ho notices something’s off about her. She calls Hyun, who lets her call go into voicemail. She then, decides that the smart thing to do is to take the evidence with her.


An uncomfortable dinner takes place at Hyun’s as Eun Hyeok joins Ji Ahn, Hyun, Min ho and Joon ho for dinner. Eun Hyeok does mention that Hyun and Min ho sure do look good together. Haha! Dude, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT!  Ji soo’s being followed home. She turns around and sees Eun Bok who followed her home. But her relief is cut short as Eun Bok decides to stab her to death. He apologizes to her as he needs to repay his debt. Then, he runs off with the evidence she had on her. Aigoo! Eun Hyeok decides know is the time to ask who Joon young is. After 8 pairs of eyes gives him the “are you s&*ting” me look, Joon ho lies that he doesn’t know who Joon young is, Ji Ahn states that he killed her dad, Hyun’s and kidnapped Hyun’s brother. Eun Hyeok states that he himself might have had a connection with Joon young, but before he can continue all four, minus Min ho gets a phone call.


Eun Bok washes his hands to remove any traces of blood, when he gets a call also. Ji Soo is dead. The team cannot really investigate her case since they worked for her, but her case is similar to that of recent robbery attacks. Joon ho does the autopsy, to Ji Ahn and Hyun’s facial disproval. Hyun listens to the voicemail Ji soo left about feeling guilty and having Joon young’s fingerprints evidence. In addition, she never raised him out of guilt because she considered him as his son. After the funeral, the office is in a melancholy mood. Ji Ahn and Hyun are able to figure out that Joon ho must have found out about the evidence, however, he was with them during her time of death; therefore, he has an accomplice. Besides, she didn’t have any defense wounds on her and if her death is similar to that of recent robberies that only the cops know about, that means the accomplice is someone who works in the station.


Hyun tells Min ho about Ji soo and her role in their lives. Min ho, speaks like a true sociopath, as he says that she deserved to die. Hyun is astonished by what Min ho’s saying as Min ho continues that if he were the killer, her death wouldn’t be a waste. Hyun just smiles and tousles Min ho’s hair while his inner thoughts is geared towards making Min ho change for good. Eun Hyeok asks Deputy about Joon young’s case. Deputy confesses that he threw Ji Ahn’s dad under the bus because the case would have turned out to be a disgrace for the police, so it worked, since the press didn’t have to focus more on Joon young’s escape. Eun Hyeok is rightfully furious at dad and the force back in the day for their callous action. Even though, he wants to pretend like he’s not familiar with the case, he cannot.


Min ho asks that Hyun keep Joon ho’s identity a secret because revealing who he is will also reveal him. Hyun promises to look for another way, though, Min ho is asking for a miracle. Min ho provides a better insight into Joon ho’s mind as Joon ho takes in kids from an abusive family. So, the kids who become murderers is actually Joon ho projecting himself killing his family members all over again and saving his younger self. Eun Bok meets up with Joon ho and tells him Ji soo’s murder was his repayment for Joon ho rescuing him. Hyun begs art buddy, Bong Sung, to look into Eun Bok carefully, since previous check on him revealed him to be an orphan. Besides, his rating is over 20. Hehe! Why mess up a good thing, Bong Sung?


As promised, Joon ho and Hyun meet up for soju. Hyun wants to give Joon ho a chance to actually understand him first; as compared to previously in episode 12, he had no interest in that. Joon ho relates a Scottish legend about a man who could see the evil in people. Hyun refutes that not all people are evil. Joon ho, then asks, if Hyun can take care of Min ho, who could be evil. Yes, HE CAN. Ji Ahn calls Hyun, who informs her with his meeting with Joon ho. this gives her an idea as she calls Hyun again to ask him to stall Joon ho as she breaks into Joon ho’s home to check out the forbidden room.


Hyun, then, says to Joon ho that he should cut the act because he knows who he is. Joon ho, who ponders to be expecting more guests at his place for the night, asks Hyun why he didn’t reveal his card earlier. Hyun states that he’s still missing that 1% of evidence. Ji Ahn sees an album of children’s pictures in the room and she grabs some on her way out, after hearing someone entering the house. Oops! There he is. Min ho. in order to prove he is truly Joon young; Joon ho takes Hyun’s hands and puts it on his neck with no pulse pulsating from that side of the body. Hyun calls him by his real name, and Joon young is more than happy to hear his name coming from Hyun’s mouth.


A satisfying, yet disturbing reveal! I had an inkling that the pulse issue is the 1% Hyun needed as evidence in order for him to pursue Joon young full force. What caught my interest the moment on this episode is the fact that Joon ho has someone who he relates his bad deeds to and she still lets him walk freely, knowing that the deaths that happen, are sometimes connected to Joon ho. I don’t know who is more disturbed, her or Joon ho? In a weird way, this relationship Joon ho has from the past is something that still humanizes him. Keeping her alive because she rescued him is really a cruel act for him to do to her, but at the same time, she is still living in fear; fear of guilt and fear of death. So, it will make sense that she then becomes his personal consciousness, to keep some of his good side intact, well, whatever he believes to be good. As well as, ease her guilt. If she can try to steer him away from killing, then she will be fine. Wrong!


This action could have indirectly lead Joon ho to take in kids who were abused or thought to have been abandoned by their family and raise them up as disastrous, indebted killers. It gives me the creeps to think everything Joon ho does; he believes to be doing it for the greater good. Hmm! What a mind of a psychotic man. It really is complex; I don’t know where to start dissecting his complexity. Even the fact that he wants to be a family with the two brothers, I got nauseous. Not because he doesn’t deserve a family, but because he is still that abandoned child 20+ years ago who is still wants to be loved and cared for, just like Hyun still does for Min.


Oh Min. It is really sad to see what he has become. First, I do wonder what he meant by telling Hyun it was best for him not to know what the cards meant. Does it have anything to do with his mother? That topic needs to be revisited. Maybe that way, we can have a key into little Min’s mind and why his brother had the tendency to take care of him and protect him. I mean, except, for the fact that the father didn’t have any realization that his other son was the “monster.” Joon ho deems that there’s evil in everyone and it is his job to bring it out of them. With Eun Bok, killing Ji Soo is unfortunate, but it is a form of repayment to get himself of the hell he found himself with. I do wonder if he parallels Min ho. Could Min have gotten out as well, if he wasn’t so hell bent on trying to get Hyun’s attention?


This is why I fear for Min’s life because he is getting what Joon ho has been longing for since birth, affection and reconnecting with a lost family. Something he cherishes so much, that he is willing to welcome Hyun into the small family he already formed with Min. However, since Hyun will not have that, he will snap. Like his consciousness, aka, the lady in white, he’s jealous of the brothers relationship. Besides, I do think he’s right. Min is too far gone to be saved by Hyun. Hyun, I think it is time to jump ship. You cannot reverse time in a matter of weeks.



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