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I Remember You Episode 13 Recap

I Remember You Ep 13 recap: What choice would you make?


Sensing that she is being followed, Ji Ahn turns her back, only to find a random stranger passing by. Anxious about Hyun’s call, Ji Ahn demands to know why Hyun is freaking out. Hyun tells her to walk on open streets as he tells her that Yong woo is seeking revenge on he person he cherishes the most. Ji Ahn is quick to catch up on the phrase and before she can press him further to explain, he hangs up. Pft! Ha! Hyun then realizes that Min ho (Min/Sun ho) is the one in danger. He calls Min ho, but Min ho fails to see the missed call as he leaves the office.


Too late! Yong woo is holding Min ho hostage in an empty office space in Min ho’s building. He calls Hyun to meet him at the location in order to watch his most cherished person die in front of him. Min ho uses the opportunity to counterattack Yong woo, who’s still talking on the phone. Whew! Did it just get hot in here! Is it weird if I find Min ho hot as he takes down his opponent?  Anyways, Min ho got skills as he takes down Yong woo, however, Yong woo has the upper hand. With a knife on him, Min ho is suddenly subdued by a stab to his gut. No! Hyun heard the commotion on the other line and rushes out as he heard “Min-ah” in pain. The rent-a-cops tell Ji Ahn about Hyun’s sudden rush and she figures he knows where Min is.


Yong woo is about to finish the job, when Hyun appears. Hyun decides to use reserve psychology on Yong woo as Min ho is fighting for his life. yong woo is ready to buy Hyun’s statement, but Hyun betrays himself as his eyes show a great concern for his brother. Yong woo is ready to go all out on Min ho, but a sudden shot on his arm stops him. It is Ji Ahn to the rescue. Hyun calls the ambulance, while Ji Ahn is hot on Yong woo’s tail. Eun Hyeok and Myeong woo split up to find Ji Ahn, while Ji Ahn loses Yong woo on sight. Luckily, Eun Hyeok is finds her just as Yong woo is creeping up behind her. As they walk away, Yong woo comes out from hiding, but it seems he is not the only one.


The brothers hold each other’s hands tightly on the way to the hospital. As Min ho is taken into surgery, Ji Ahn comes finds a nervous Hyun and tells him she lost Yong woo, but she is there for emotional support as Hyun silently cries. Eun Hyeok meets Ji Ahn in the hospital, but he sees that she is troubled. She tells him that she doesn’t like being a cop as she thinks to herself that she will have to arrest Min Ho. She does deflect that it is her tiredness speaking, but Eun Hyeok doesn’t buy that. Min ho recovers from the surgery and once awake, he sees Hyun holding his hand, sleeping. As he tries to touch Hyun’s face, Hyun wakes up and Min ho pulls back. He tries to act all cool when Hyun asks if he’s fine, but we know he is all giddy inside that his hyung is beside him. Hyun begs his art buddy to watch over his potential murderous brother. Ha! Poor art buddy! I really want to know what favor he owes Hyun.


Art buddy tries to make small talk, but Min ho is all like I know who you are, Na Bong sung, which freaks art buddy a little bit. Hehe! I can watch him squirm all day. The gang are racking their brains to find out Yong woo’s location, but it is hard to track, well, until Hyun causally gives them his number, since he called Hyun earlier. Oops! Hehe! The gang find Yong woo buried is the same building where the homeless man was buried. Joon ho pays a visit to Min ho and Bong sung recognizes him right away as another murderer suspect. Gulp! Joon ho excuses him as he speaks to Min ho in private. Joon ho softly reminds Min ho about the time he took care of Min ho when he used to get sick as a little boy. Min ho ask Joon ho if he gave his information to Yong woo. Joon ho replies the question with a subtle answer. Min ho asks if Hyun really abandoned him, but Joon ho says he will answer his question once he recovers. Thinking back to Hyun telling Min ho to kill him instead of another, Min ho looks at Joon ho and says that if he has to kill someone one last time, it will be him. Dun! Dun! Dun! Gauntlet drawn!


Upon Hyun’s arrival, Joon ho begins to take his leave, when Hyun sees a wound on Joon ho’s hand. Joon ho claims to get cut from cutting down his trees and he took care of Hyun’s while at it; it even turned out to be okay. Hyun references that he will take care of his own trees from now on, so Joon ho leave his tree alone, a’ite. Min ho just smiles at their banter about “trees.” Tsk, you know you’re the tree, son. A quick cut: Joon ho was the other figure lurking behind Yong woo as he hid from Ji Ahn and Eun Hyeok. In the lab, Hyun, Ji Ahn and Joon ho inspect the body. Ji Ahn got major balls as she throws shady questions directed at Joon ho, but deflects each one as the killer being a pro for Joon ho not to pick up on the victim’s signs of death. Ji Ahn tells Hyun that she highly suspects that Joon ho is Joon young, once out of the lab. She was able to deduct this the time he gave her a ride home and when she mentioned her dad. Hyun tells her not to push Joon ho’s buttons, but our fearless cop isn’t afraid.


On their way to the station, Ji Ahn tells Hyun that they will need Min ho’s statement in other to catch Joon young. She says that she looked into Joon young when she first started her cop career and one thing one odd about him; his fingerprints don’t match the ones he gave on file and they are not in the system. Hyun says that there’s something hidden in his memory that can at least prove that Joon ho is indeed Joon young. He just needs that one percent proof, but what? At the station, as Hyun relates how Yong woo is able to lure him out, he mistakenly slips out that Ji Ahn is his cherished…oops! He is quick to try to cover his tracks as he begins to score each member on the team. Hehe! Nice save, there buddy! Myeong Woo wonders why Sun ho was attacked instead.


On his way out, he sees Deputy Commissioner and Ji Soo. In Deputy’s office, Hyun asks about the fingerprint which Ji soo claims that the system of then wasn’t too advanced, but the look on Deputy’s face says otherwise. Eun Hyeok eavesdrops on their conversation as Ji soo begs Hyun to give her a chance to come clean about Joon young. Hyun wants to suffer the way he did. As Hyun makes his exit, Myeong woo is quick to swiftly hide Eun Hyeok from Hyun’s view. Ha! Okay, then! At the hospital, Hyun decides to spoon-feed his brother, who refuses at first, but gives in. Such a testy baby!  They go for a walk and the conversation leads to Hyun telling Min ho that’ll he be there for him. Min ho tells Hyun that he got his identity form a random person. It seems Joon young, like Min; got his identity from a homeless man whose name might have been Lee Joon ho.


“X” marks the spot as Joon ho marks a location on a map and wraps it in a gift box. It is Ji Ahn’s birthday as the gang helps her celebrate it. She opens her gifts and one of the gift is from Joon ho. she recognizes the location immediately as it used to be her old neighborhood. She tells the gang to get the body-sniffing dog ready. Min ho reminds Hyun that’s Ji Ahn’s birthday, but Hyun tells his brother that’ll stay with him. Is that a happy smile, Min ho? The dog finds the body and as the team digs through a pocket watch is revealed with some bones as well. It is an old picture of little Ji Ahn and her dad.


Eun Hyeok fills the Deputy with the new discovery and Deputy seems genuinely surprised that Ji Ahn’s dad was involved in the case as well. Eun Hyeok plays an advocate that maybe the Ji Ahn’s dad was innocent during the night of Joon young’s escape. Hyun sees Ji Ahn staring soullessly at the pocket watch. The gang doesn’t know what to do at her non-reaction as Eun Bok tells Hyun what transpired earlier. Ji Ahn is lifeless as Hyun takes her away from the station to his home. Min ho calls Hyun as he gets discharged, but since he’s with Ji Ahn, Hyun cannot pick him up. However, Joon ho is there to save the day as he tells Min that he’ll nurse him back to health since they are family. Min ho is definitely not glad to hear that statement.


Ji Ahn finally breaks down as she thinks back to when she took the picture, on the pocket watch, with her dad. Hyun just holds her as she continues to cry. I really need to switch up my cooking which involves cutting onions. After a while, Ji Ahn thinks back to when Dae young asks her what her reaction will be once she comes face-to-face with her dad’s killer. Guess, now is the time to clean up the gun as Ji Ahn pulls it out of her bag. Min ho and Joon ho arrive at his home and Ji Ahn looks like she is about to spend her life in prison for murder.


Girl, you know that gun is too big for you! Put it down. It is climatic as we have come to the inevitable closure that Ji Ahn needed to have. Definitely, it’s the worst birthday gift that cannot be returned. But in a weird way, it makes absolute sense what Joon ho did. Oddly enough, I was glad when we had the reveal of her father remains. Does that make me a sociopath? Joon ho, what have you done to me? Anyways, this act was what she needed in order to fully pursue Joon ho, the right and lawful way, of course, and put this guy where he rightfully belongs. Joon ho is a complex character and I want to do his character justice by dedicating a review on him.

Are you freakin; kiddin’ me?
In the meantime, don’t you just love the brothers forming a bond? It is better late than never, and Min is beginning to realize that, even though, he tries to act all callous. I do guess I cannot be delusional anymore as he too confessed that he had killed in the past, “if I do kill for the last time, it will be you uncle.” Gah! That had me there as it shattered my hope. Anyways, Eun Hyeok is a good guy, officially. Deputy is getting shadier. Ji soo is getting more pathetic by the minute, Myeong Woo is a comic relief, Seung hoo is just there and Eun Bok feels shady. Why do you keep holding the keyboard, dude?


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