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I Remember You Episode 12 Recap

I Remember You Ep 12 recap: If You Must Kill Someone


Hyun finally opens the envelope once at home, in his basement. After going through the commonality of information in the envelope; the murder victims were abandoned by someone, the flips over the picture of the murder suspect. MIN. Hyun literally beats himself up as he realizes what this means. At the same time, Sun Ho/Min (I will refer him to Min ho at this point on) drives out in this killing mode outfit. Hyun thinks about Min ho’s subtle talk about Yong jae’s parents (recent victim) and drives to the parents home when Min Ho doesn’t answer his phone. Luckily, no one is home, but he does find the drawing of a radio left for the parents. He asks art buddy to send him the addresses of the suspects and calls Ji Ahn to find the parents.


Hyun finds himself at Min ho’s studio and as he scans the room of familiar painting, Min ho walks in. Hyun begins to lose it as he turns to face an unfazed Min ho and recognizing his little brother, even if he says he is too late. He takes Min ho’s hands to check for injuries, but Min ho assumes he is checking for bloodstains. Hyun asks Min ho to deny any ill involvement concerning Yong jae’s parents as that could destroy him. Min ho rebuts that he maybe already destroyed. This tears up Hyun as he cries, “I never abandoned you.” Min ho finally gives into his anger as he tells Hyun that he never looked for him, neither did he recognize him. Both brothers are relishing in anguish as old wounds flare up again. Hyun reveals to us that he did tell Joon young that little Min was a monster. Ji Ahn breaks the tension as she calls to confirm the safety of Yong jae’s parents. Hyun tells Min ho to kill him instead and Min ho attests to that. As Hyun leaves, both brothers ball their eyes out. I’m not tearing up; I just peeled some onions.


Ji Ahn senses that something is up as Hyun walks in. That night, Hyun dreams of little Min burying something underneath the tree, suddenly, there is a body part next to Min ho. He jerks up to find Ji Ahn nodding off, while holding his hands to comfort him. He lays her head gently on the table and believing her to be asleep; he confesses that Min could be a murderer. Ji Ahn opens her eyes as Hyun walks away. In an abandoned building, a dark figure looks at Hyun’s picture. Joon ho is at Min ho’s studio hints that Yong jae’s parents are still alive. Min ho didn’t feel like killing at the moment. Then, he asks Joon ho is Hyun really abandoned him with Joon ho. Joon ho replies that the situation was just convenient for everyone. Ji Ahn confronts Hyun, over breakfast, about his confession, but Hyun tries to deny it. She changes her tactic as she says that she will give Hyun a listening ear as a friend first before she processes the information as a cop. That eases up Hyun’s tension as he tells her half-truth; Min was kidnapped by Joon young and he could be a murderer.


Eun bok is able to pixel out Yong jae’s mom, who is then arrested for child abuse and negligence. In a corner, Ji Ahn thinks back to Hyun not disclosing who Min is, but alerting her that Joon young is nearby. He has her listen to Joon young’s recorded tapes, though, she is mystified at his audacity, she is more worried that Hyun was locked down in the basement at such a young age. Hyun confides in her that Min was the one with a sociopath tendency, but he took the fall for it, so that his dad doesn’t lock up Min. Ji Ahn’s heart is heavy with sympathy as he hugs Hyun who is about to break down again, just talking about his childhood. He thanks her just for her being his comfort throughout this process and plants a gentle kiss on the forehead. Min ho is irritated at Hyun’s presence in his studio. Hehe! This is going to be Hyun’s daily routine from now on, so Min ho has to get used to it. Also, if Min ho wants to kill, he should just channel that to Hyun instead.

Sorry, for the blurry pic.
Hyun gets another delivery at work, much to Myeong woo’s annoyance. As he throws the package on Hyun’s desk, a picture of a dead person is revealed. Accompanying the pictures is a Bible verse about the price being paid by the sons for their father’s sin. Eun Bok is able to relate the pictures to the arrested prisoners by Hyun’s dad. Joon ho asks if Min ho wants to reunite with his brother, though Min ho doesn’t look too pleased at Joon ho’s interest, when Joon ho gets a call about a new body being found. The victim is identified to be homeless, who just happens to be a scapegoat for someone else. Eun Hyeok kind of gave away that Hyun could be a potential target and this piques Joon ho’s interest. Ji Ahn is at home with Hyun pestering him to reveal Min’s identity. He refuses and asks what if the person he killed deserved to die. Ji Ahn states that no one has the right to kill another no matter what.  He looks defeated as he slumps back further into his chair like a “150 years old grandpa.” Ji Ahn urges him to get up and snap out of it, but he doesn’t budge, so she gently takes his hands and pulls him up. Hehe!


New case: Murder suspect, Jo Yong-woo, a mob boss and a hitman for 20 years before he got arrested by Hyun’s dad. Hyun thinks his motive to take revenge is rather weak, but Eun Hyeok is surprised that a Hyun is on different murderers’ list. Hyun tells the team to investigate further and as he leaves, Ji Ahn runs after him and tells him to be careful. Hehe! Hyun is bugging Min ho again, who just says no to everything Hyun suggests. Joon ho looks at Hyun’s dad diary and reads an article about the murder suspect’s girlfriend who died during his arrest. Dad wrote on the side, maybe he should have been more careful during the arrest. Ji Ahn delegates herself to be Hyun’s personal bodyguard which just tickles Hyun. Hehe!


After Eun Hyeok does his check in with his dad (since the stabbing, dad has been on his neck about him staying out late), Eun Hyeok suggests that Hyun needs to be protected as well. So, he dubs himself and Myeong woo to be Hyun’s protector. Ji Ahn comes out of the shower, when the two protectors-with-badges show up. Ji Ahn freaks out and tries to hide, but not finding any good spot, she climbs out the window. Does this remind you of someone? Eun Hyeok and Myeong woo question Hyun’s eating habits, while Ji Ahn in her bathroom slippers and towel on the head, senses that she is being followed. It turns out to be Joon ho who pretends to be scared. Know that she knows Joon ho lives in the neighborhood, she reflects on Hyun’s words about Joon ho being nearby.


At Joon ho’s home, she begins to access the place and before you know it, she starts putting two and two together about her suspicion on Joon ho. He offers to drive her home and on their way, Ji Ahn talks about her dad and how she’s not sure if he is dead or alive. Joon ho mentions some philosophers name and their perspective on hope. In short, hope can be cruel. The wannabes Kelvin Costner gets tucked in by Hyun, who then calls Ji Ahn to check up on her. Surprised that Joon ho dropped her off, she reassures him that she is fine. Looking at her old, stalking pictures of Hyun, she recognized Min ho in the pictures. She begins to think back to Hyun and Min ho’s conversations and light bulb, Sun ho=Min=Min Ho (my version of his name).


Joon ho tells Min ho about Yong-woo seeking revenge on Hyun’s dad who’s at fault for his girlfriend who died the same way the homeless man died. He later finds out dad is dead, so now he is after Hyun. Joon ho states that he believes Hyun is not the intended target for Yong-woo’s revenge thirst, but someone who Hyun cherishes the most, that way, Hyun can suffer the way he did. Min ho thinks Ji Ahn could be the target, but Joon ho counters that Min ho is more likely to be since criminals know more than one can expect. Ji Ahn sends information about the girlfriend of the mob boss being killed in a similar way as the homeless man to Hyun. Hyun thinks like the murderer and says that he could be the intended target; however, the killer will want to hurt him more. Ji Ahn is walking alone on the street, when she gets a call from Hyun asking for her location. He already deduces that the killer could be after her, but before she can disclose her location, she senses someone walking behind her.


Okay, show, we are not repeating the whole kidnapping and Ji Ahn fighting her way through again. I don’t mind seeing Ji Ahn being a badass, but let’s switch it up. The biggest foreshadow in this episode is the window. Ji Ahn climbing over the window and entering the same car as Joon ho foretells that she could be Joon young’s personal target. However, what this show does well is that not all you want and see is what you get.


Eun Hyeok is revealed to be a good fighter and he has shown some guts and brain power in couple instances, yet, he is still a bumbling, talkative team leader. However, there is a possibility of him being a romantic interest to Ji Ahn which I still want to disprove again. I do think he is familiar about Joon young’s case and Ji Ahn is someone is he looking out for. Anyways, unless, he is revealed to be a bad guy, I will wait for the surprise. As for Myeong Woo he is just a pest to Dave.


Back to Ji Ahn, I do believe that she is not Joon young’s personal target. Instead, Min Ho is in order to prove a point to Hyun. Joon ho/young is a tormented man, so Min ho is someone who he and Hyun cherishes the most, even though Min Ho doesn’t see it. I do believe that the final showdown between Hyun and Joon ho/young will prove to Min ho that Hyun really did not abandon him. So, I will take a final stab at this that maybe, we should expect some noble death as well as get out box of tissues ready. We might be going in for some memorial service of a character, soon. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


Lastly, I would like to believe that Sun Ho/Min didn’t follow through on being a murderer, but just an accomplice; hence, he became a lawyer, in order to use the law to protect Joon young. I want to keep hope alive, people, so I will keep my positive, naive thoughts running. The show is almost near its end, so more reveals will be out soon. i am a sucker for details and I am always curious about art and its meaning. When Hyun came to visit Min ho, who was in the middle of painting, the art showed two men who are still glued together, but now, one of them is putting his hand around the other’s shoulder, who’s trying hard to pull apart. Yet, they are looking away, there is still a sign of pulling one close to another. Min ho uses his art to reveal his own interpretation of what Hyun means to him in different stages of their lives. Hopefully, this is a good sign to Min ho and to us that Min will begin to soften towards Hyun’s advances to makes amends, but what’s with the suits. Hints** death????





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