I Remember You Episode 11 Recap

I Remember You Ep 11 Recap: Birth of a Monster


Apparently, Hyun didn’t kiss Ji Ahn back and when she realizes her mistakes, she comes up with excuses that just lead to more embarrassments. Hyun discovers the diary of cop Yang Ji Suk and infer that Joon young is responding to his ad in the fishing magazine. Ji Ahn is still reeling from her embarrassment, but that is short-lived, when Hyun tells her about the diary.  Cut to Joon Ho, who is sharpening his knives and giving off a creepy vibe. 


With the clues from the diary, Ji Ahn and Hyun visit an old, abandoned home, whose family and the 13 workers in the home are claimed to have disappeared. Ji Ahn gets frightened by a woman/ghost upon entering the house, while Hyun looks unfazed by Ji Ahn’s scare. They get to a room that has a drawing on the wall about purgatory. Hyun breaks down the wall and discovers a wall. At the same time, Sun Ho/Min gets a text from uncle who states that the person is at his door.


Hmm! Entering the room with the hidden door, Hyun and Ji Ahn discovers a coffin with a skeleton in it. The skeleton has a rosary on it, therefore, the person practiced maybe Catholic. Therefore, the body being buried inside could mean that the person wanted to be erased from memory by the murderer through their sin. Also, the person might have committed suicide or was murdered; therefore, they cannot go to heaven. With Hyun having a Masters in forensics, the skeleton belongs to a woman, but to make sure, he sends the body to Joon Ho for a proper analysis. Before, they leave, Hyun and Ji Ahn finds the woman ghost staring at them through a window once they are at the top of the stairs.


Being interrogated, the woman tells Hyun and Ji Ahn about the history of the house. The youngest daughter of the family came home one night in a bad condition and nine months later she gave birth. She rejected her child from birth as the child was raised in secret with no birth records in relation to the family. The child was abused by the family and they feared him at the same time. Hyun realizes that Joon young was indeed telling the truth when he was being interrogated by his father. The woman was hired to work for the family when she was in high school. After the little boy’s mother committed suicide, the woman became his only contact as brought him food and sometimes books. She gives a sketch of the little boy’s name and it is definitely Lee Joon young’s. The team celebrates Eun Hyeok’s discharge from the hospital.


Hyun goes back to the abandoned house as he thinks back to when the woman said she released Joon young who in return knocked her unconscious. When she got to, she sees dead bodies in the house. Hyun imagines the 13 dead bodies lying in pool of blood and sees Joon young’s apparition behind him. Joon Ho is carefully putting together the skeletal remains and once done, he greets his mother. SPOILER: This is LEE JOON YOUNG. Sun Ho remarks on Joon ho’s reunion with his mom, while Joon ho informs him of Hyun’s arrival shortly. It seems like both men have a different agenda with Hyun. Sun ho wants Hyun to know what is like to feel abandoned and to show him who he has become. As Sun Ho leaves, Hyun sees him and brings him back inside the lab.


The three geniuses are reunited as they begin to profile the story of the body. They talk about understanding and sympathy and Hyun concludes that he’s not interested in those two traits. He gets a text from Ji Ahn about what he needs from the grocery store. As he takes his leave, he promises the men for a drinking outing later. Ji Ahn tells Hyun that she feels grateful for the two men saving her life that she would like to treat them. Hyun disapproves and Ji Ahn thinks he’s jealous. The two go pillow shopping. Ha! The salesman thinks that they are a freaky couple. Hyun cleans the house and thinks about how each murder were connected to the time he visited Korea and the bank deposits. What best way to replay forgotten memories, than have your stalker tell you what exactly happened each time you visited home? Hehe! She tells him that anytime he came home, he always got gifts from students which he never opened. Ji Ahn tells him that she will wait as she completes her inner thoughts, “until you tell me about your brother,” while Hyun tells her that his mind is all jumbled up. However, Ji Ahn doesn’t get that message.


A new case about the death of a high school student brings the team together. The parents of the boy come to claim the body. Though, distraught, Hyun doesn’t buy the crocodile tears and stoic disbelief from the parents as he questions the adopted boy’s grieving family. Hyun and Ji Ahn search through the home and come out empty, well Hyun has a picture of the boy with the family and definitely something is up. At the station, Eun Bok and Seung joo find the boy’s bullies info, while Myeong woo collects a package for Hyun. Hyun opens the package at home and each package contains a crossword puzzle and drawings-similar to the ones he got previously. He realizes that Min has being sending him a message for Hyun to stop him. Sun ho thinks back to the times Hyun received the packages, but never opened them. Hyun begs art buddy to do another search, but this time, maybe he should connect art and the people he is doing a background check on. The team minus, Ji Ahn, Hyun and Eun Hyeok, catch the bullies, but something doesn’t feel right as Ji Ahn finds Hyun in front of the boy’s home seeing a happy family. Myeong woo and Eun Hyeok question the bullies who look like they are about to confess, while Hyun interrogates the couple with the only lawyer in Korea, Sun Ho.


The couple seem like all their fear is gone as they challenge Hyun to look for evidence on negligence. The team finds footage of the bullies beating the victim, but there’s a dark figure who watched the scene unfold without doing anything, aka, dark figure is mom. Sun ho tells Hyun to provide concrete evidence of the adopted parents abandoning the victim. In the elevator, Sun Ho prompts the couple to confess. Art buddy presents Hyun with an envelope of the information he needs. Min is at the forensic lab as he tells the victim that he will remember him since no one seems to. He runs into Joon ho on his way out and victim’s adopted mom gets a drawing in the mail-the same one Hyun received. As Hyun is leaving the art buddy building, he stops to take out the information from the envelope, nut stops short as he fears that his brother, Min, might be the person.


My biggest question is why does Hyun think that Min is a murder in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I am not missing any information from this show, but why should his first thought be Min? This brings us back all to the beginning of this series; what secret did he tell Lee Joon young and is the consequence of that secret, in the past, beginning to play out in the future?


Finally, Joon young/Joon Ho gets a back story, so it definitely makes sense why a young man of that age becomes a murderous psycho. This makes his character sympathetic, but not to the extent of planting seeds of psychotic, murderous thoughts into young childrens’ head because of some sick experimentation on abandonment and becoming a sociopath.


As for Min/Sun Ho, clearly, he was seeking out for attention to his brother, whom he believed had abandoned him. If he is, indeed, the murderer whose picture is in the envelope, the question is how will Hyun take the news of his little brother being something he tried hard to protect from becoming. We all know that Min had the tendency to become a sociopath, the question now is, is that what he became as an adult? Or did he become someone opposite of what Hyun thought him to be? Like Hyun, is he rebelling against the idea of what his brother believed he had turned into?


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