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Loving or Bashing: The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days

I am starting a new segment “Loving and Bashing.” I am simply venting out the frustration of the shows I watch without any filter. Hopefully, there will be many more dramas in which I do not recap, or give half-time opinion, that will be in this section. Hehe.


First of all, the title is too long. Titles like “Longing for you,” or “I belong to you” works well for this simple story of two best friends who eventually fall in love. Okay, those titles might be contrived, but that is exactly what this story is about.

Quick summary from Asianwiki:  34 years olds, Oh Hana (Ha Ji-won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin-wook) are best buds of 17 years. When it comes to love, they both have different expectations of what love is, however, it seems like when they are together, their expectations are met, even though, they do not realize it. Well, one of them doesn’t.

Taiwanese Drama is not Korean Remake
There is nothing like originality in life. So, dramas are bound to repeat the same plot lines, however, it’s the execution that matters the most when presenting. “In Time with you” was one of my first t-drama I introduced myself to. The simplicity of that drama got me excited when I read articles and blogs that the remake would be picked up by SBS.

Of course, I had to be realistic, t-dramas are way too different than k-dramas, but I had hopes that the remake will not veer from the original. Wrong! Episode 10 into the drama, and I am like what the freak.  Okay, I lied. I stopped watching fully around episode 6, but I do keep up with the recaps and do fast forward alot when I tune in.


So, why should my opinion matter, if I am not watching the show and just reading? Well, first, I want to write on this show and second, there are awesome bloggers who write more interesting recaps than watching the show itself. I do find myself tuning when I read an intersting recap, so, I start forward to that part of interest and finish the episode from there. So, technically, I am still watching, right?

Anyways, I want to believe that the drama is losing sense with its characters and deviating away from the original, due to the switch up of writers. This is the third writer this show has gone through and the characters just get dumber with their choices and annoying by the minute. It is only a drama. So, I will calm down!! Argh!

Granted, this show is NOT like the original. In order not to be called out as plagiarists, a remake is made to show that is different from the original. The characters are not the same, but, just more irritating in this remake with the way it is spinned. A story about two best friends falling in love is the whole point of the Tdrama which I recently wacthed two days ago. The Kdrama is not portrayed that way. In fact, it has turned into the typical kdrama and that is no fun at all. Let’s talk about the characters.

Hana vs. Won and second leads
These two characters, Hana and Won are almost going to get a piece of my “you-are-adults-stop-acting-like-teenagers, you-are-past-that-age, you-know- what-you-want-in-life, stop-being-stooopid” cake. You know that cake you want to smack someone’s face in. These two best friends go back and forth with what they are seeking for in a relationship.


First, let’s look at Won, who’s a flight attendant and Hana’s knight in shining armor. He is the best male friend every girl dreams of having. The one flaw Won has is that he is deeply and madly in love with Hana, but he cannot tell her because of …? Yea, up to this point, there is NO clear reason why this guy cannot love the woman of his dreams.


Okay, I gave him the benefit of doubts: he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship, he is afraid of rejection. That’s all I can think of. But, there is a difference between fear of rejection and just being a coward. Oh, you guessed it, he is a coward. What the heck, dude. Whatever stopped you from confessing in high school should not be the same, dumb reason from stopping you now.


Even though, the reason might be someone what sympathetic, it is the same thing that is making you miserable. People deserve to be happy and it is really sad to know that he purposely doesn’t get close to women he dates or wants to date because Hana becomes the center of distraction. This is where I become frustrated with the writer’s vision. Won is made into a stale guy all because he is in love. He is not given that oportunity to try to let go of the love. It will take Hana a while to get around, so, he is just a guy blindly following the footsteps of a woman who is seeking for love elsewhere. Tsk!!

Hana! Hana! Oh dear, I don’t know if she is just plain naïvity or obliviously clueless or just ignorant, (almost the same definition in this case, hehe) about what love means. Yes, people have different definition or what they want to experience. But, you sure are a kucklehead if you do not change your tactics to obtain results. One cannot say, they need to lose weight, yet they do not eat right or exercise. They delude themselves in eating no carbs and more protein (okay, I am talking about me, oops). But, the idea is there. She wants to find that love that makes her feel butterflies in the stomach and just extra loved. Yet, the men you date are not the ones that can give you that. Sadly, this does happen in reality. So, I 100% feel her struggle. The struggle is real!!.


With the introduction of Cha Seo-hoo (Yoon Gyun-Sang), her ex-fiancé, I can see why she would fall for the wrong kind of guys. Seo-hoo is the epitome of a douche, who is verbally abusive and controlling and Hana is either too blind to see it or she really is stupid to want to be in love again. Yes, second chances should be given to people, but at the same time, the Hana of then is totally different from the Hana of now, and I really wish she showed the new Hana to Seo-hoo in order to put this scumbag in his place.

I am confused, but how does a pianist become a celebrity for a shoe company to use him as their spokesperson? Regardless, of his profession, this guy makes her super uncomfortable, especially when they are out together, yet, she doesn’t see the signs. Funny, she is no longer in love with this guy, but in love with the past they shared together. I guess love is really blind in all times. I am not saying she should be with Won, but she needs to be with someone who understands her completely and still can give her the love she really envisions herself having.


Question! Is she really that oblivious to Won being in love with her. I am so confused. Yes, you are best friends, but has she ever sat down with Won to ask, hey do you like me more than just my BFF? Oh, okay, Won told you in HIGH SCHOOL that he will never love you, and still kind of repeated the same words in adult life, but you can see the signs that he does. Girl, please wake up. I am sure, she has feelings for the guy as well, but she, like Won, is afraid to venture that road. It is just really sad to see two people who like each other make themselves suffer because of a silly reason that really has no ground to them being in love as adults. Again, so realistic…I have been there. It didn’t work out. So, I know that feeling. It is just irritating when you see the same thing in others. Hehe! You see yourself in them and think argh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that, or maybe I should have done it a different way.


Lastly, there is an annoying pest, Lee So-eun (Choo Soo-Hyun) who also works with Won as a flight cabin attendant. She likes Won and is actively manipulative in order to get him, but ain’t happenin’ ‘cuz Hana has his heart. She is just a constant remainder for Won who needs the push that Hana is the only one that can have his heart. Everyone around him tells him to actively pursue Hana, but he is the only one in the way of his love and happiness.

Oh wells, six more stagnant episodes to go. I guess more reading and fast forwarding six more times will not make me go sour. But, in all, I am still enjoying the show. I cannot have cake and eat it.

Photocredit from dramabeans. Watch full episodes on Viki


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