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I Remember You Episode 9 Recap

I Remember You Ep 9: Stalker S


Il-joo tells Hyun that he was working for someone, but only recognizes the voice of the person, since they never met. On his way to be detained, a familiar voice stops him in his tracks, Sun Ho’s. In the interrogation room, Hyun wonders if the killings are Min’s doing, if so, what should he do.Hyun confronts Ji Soo about Min’s death. Ji Soo tells him that she’s certain Min and Joon young are dead. Deputy Commissioner who overheard the conversation by eavesdropping also confirms it and asks Hyun if he still believe both to be alive. As Hyun walks by the team, he thinks that Min and Joon young are close by. Walking by Sun Ho, he thanks him for taking Jeong Ha’s case and offers to treat him to a meal.


It is movie night at Hyun, since it is Ji Ahn’s last day. Afterwards, Ji Ahn asks Hyun about Il-Joo’s interrogation, but he asks her if she believes her dad is alive. Quick on the uptake, Ji Ahn asks if Hyun believes his brother is alive. Hyun would like to believe it, but he is afraid of the outcome. He tells Ji Ahn that she can stay longer at his place until the hitman is caught. There is an eerie feeling of being watched as a woman is taking a morning jog, but it is just Joon Ho and Hyun who were doing their morning run. Joon Ho feels great because he can smell death in the air. The woman taking a jog stops again, still having the feeling of being watched. Cut to a woman’s body laying dead under a bridge.


Ji Ahn comes across Hyun’s childhood drawing book and sees the drawing of the two-headed men with the infinity symbol, which takes her back to former crime scenes, before she can truly access it; Hyun comes in from his jogging, as she urges him for breakfast. Hehe! While washing the dishes, Ji Ahn puts some clues together and voices out loud, “no way.” Hyun wakes her from day dreaming as he pokes her on the face with the dish soap. He asks her to share her thoughts, but that just leads to more soap on the face. Hehe! Sun Ho cuts to the case with Il-Joo; why did Il-joo opened the box without permission? Il-joo tells Sun Ho that all he told Hyun was that Prosecutor Shin was the last victim. Cut to, Sun Ho knocking out Hyun cold in Prosecutor Shin’s house as he apologizes to his hyung. CONFIRMED! MIN IS SUN-HO.


Hyun sits in his basements as he looks at Il-Joo’s recent transactions and body disposals; the dates corresponds with the time he visited Korea, but he convinces himself that it is a coincidence as he locks the account book away. Myeong Woo is on a blind date with the jogger lady, Ji Hyun Sook, who gets to the point , she believes that she is being stalked, so she needs police protection, aka Myeong Woo’s. Ha! Art buddy happens to dine in the same restaurant as he over hears the conversation; Myeong Woo mistakes him to be the stalker so, he confronts him. As Hyun Sook leaves, Myeong Woo doesn’t notice that a man follows behind because he is too distraught from her rejection.


Myeong Woo takes his bitterness on Hyun whose desk is position right in front of him. The team finally gets a case; the woman whose body is found under the bridge. Joon Ho states that the killer cleans the wound mark on the victim and with that Hyun infers that the killer either cleans off the evidence or feels guilty for killing. The crime is simlar to other cases; per Eun Bok and Joon Ho. This gets Hyun super excited because it could be a serial case. Ji Ahn tells him to contain his excitement because he sounds like a psycho himself; their interaction doesn’t go unnoticed by Eun Hyeok and Eun Bok.


The team put together similar cases and deduce that each victim was found a week after their death. Hyun Sook notices that she is being watched, per a camera she discovers hidden. She quickly calls the police, but is too restless to wait as she heads outside to call Myeong Woo. Unfortunately, she gets abducted. Ji Ahn gives a clue about stalking which triggers Myeong Woo’s conversation with Hyun sook about being stalked. With that, he dispatches his team to search for the missing Hyun sook. Hyun explains that the MO of the killer is to kidnap women then kill them a week later. However, the killer is getting more confident as the killing time between the ladies is decreasing. Hyun sook wakes up in an abandoned place, tied up and bruised. She screams at her abductor to show it face, only it is a woman who comes out and motions her to be quiet.



Hyun tells Ji Ahn that he is working hard at the case because he is trying to run away from his thoughts, Myeong Woo and Seung Joo question the landlady of Hyun Sook’s building who denies any claim. Eun Bok calls them to alert them that there is a sex offender in the building. The landlady screams at her son, who is returning back home, to run. The cops give chase and search his home as they find evidence of him stalking. Sex offender, Park Soo young, tells Hyun that he has done nothing wrong since the missing women were his girlfriends. Hyun explains that Soo young suffers from de Clerambault’s syndrome—a delusion where the affected person believes that a stranger is in love with them. Therefore, if Soo young attacks the women, he believes it to be a form of love.



In order to get more out of him, Ji Ahn volunteers herself to interrogate him. Holding his hands, Soo young reciprocate the gesture and tells Ji Ahn that anytime he mentions his girlfriend, a man with a star on his head takes the girlfriends away in a black van. After the interrogation, Ji Ahn washes her hands profuriously and tells Hyun that she cannot get the disgust off her hands. Hyun takes her hands in his to make her feel better. Recovering information from Soo young’s computer shows that Soo young uploded the women’s video files online and with that, the team is at lose because it would be hard to track the killer since the website has thousands of visitors. Sun Ho calls Hyun to take up his offer and suggests a meal at Hyun’s place.



Hyun and Ji Ahn carry their investigation late into the night as the team sleeps. Hyun deduces that the killer is neither rich nor confident like Yang Seung Hoon since the victims suffered heavy blows to their heads. Hyun prepares the house for his date with Sun Ho, while Ji Ahn and Eun Hyeok go to the house of the boyfriend of the first victim. Eun Hyeok apologizes to Ji Ahn, on their way, for not catching the hitman who attacked her. She is definitely not in a hurry for him to a catch the killer because it means she spends more time staying at Hyun’s. They cut to the chase upon meeting the boyfriend of the first victim who is less than willing to cooperate.


Sun Ho arrives at Hyun’s place and as Hyun finishes up, Sun Ho looks around the home with tears in his eyes as he recounts his past. They both see each other in their younger form as there is a realization of being the lost brothers. Ji Ahn notices a car with a familiar license plate hidden in the garage. She notices a black star on the windshield and confirms that this is the same van. Joon Ho is an unexpected guest to Sun Ho as Hyun explains that he invited his neighbor to join them. They both exchange looks which doesn’t go unnoticed by Hyun. Eun Hyeok and Ji Ahn get attacked in the garage by a hug dude who throws them around like a doll. As Ji Ahn is about to calm the situation by shooting blank in the air, she gets knocked out from behind and at the same time, Eun Hyeok gets stabbed.



What an ending! First of all, let’s appreciate Ji Ahn and her ability to face danger head on without being seen as a damsel in distress. She knows how to hold her ground, even if her attacker is bigger than her. She is a no-nonsense cop who knows how to defend herself and this holds true because it shows that she had to be able to defend herself while growing up since she had no father or siblings to defend her. What is supposed to be her weakness is now her strength. The attacker might have the upper hand, but she shows that she has the determination to go down without a fight. Kudos!

What this episode is leaning towards is revealing the hidden cards of each character. Hyun already has an idea who Min and Joon Young are. Now, the question is, how will he take the news if Min is actually a psychopath or not? Each character is getting more suspicious by the minute and it is almost time for the writer to reveal some character’s background, including our new addition of potential mysteries, Deputy Commissioner, something doesn’t seem right with him. why did he side with Planning Officer, Ji Soo?

Other than the mystery, I’m loving the subtle romance that is budding between our leads. It doesn’t overshadow the storyline and it looks like there will be a love triangle which will form from Eun Hyeok. Cannot wait to see how that plays out, even though he doesn’t have a slight chance with Ji Ahn.


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