I Remember You Episode 10 Recap

I Remember You Ep 10: Please find me!


Unconscious Ji Ahn gets taken away by the two attackers in a van, while Eun Hyeok lies helplessly on the floor, due to the knife stab on his stomach. Joon Ho complements Hyun’s cooking which prompts Sun Ho to ask if they eat frequently together. Hyun asks Sun Ho about a corpse-less murder which Sun Ho refutes it to be a suspected murder instead if there is no corpse retrieved. Joon Ho cuts down the conversation about corpse since it is not dinner appropriate topic.Myeong Woo sees Eun Hyeok’s note, but with no location. Eun Hyeok calls Myeong Woo and calls out Ji Ahn’s name before passing out. Myeong Woo is quick to know something is up and tells Eun Bok and Seung Joo to track his cellphone location. Finding him alive, the team next’s order of business is to find Ji Ahn. Myeong Woo and Seung Joo ask the boyfriend of the first victim of his little brother’s whereabouts, but he is definitely of no help.

Screenshot_2015-07-26-20-31-56[1]As dinner continues, the men talk about three past classical composers and the “tenth symphony.” What’s interesting is that all composers died before the tenth symphony. To Hyun, this symbolizes that whether the tenth murder is unfinished or it never existed, either way, Hyun thinks that he will try to stop the tenth murder from happening. The conversation begins to get more cryptic among the men, when Hyun gets a call from Myeong Woo about Ji Ahn missing. Joon Ho and Sun Ho insist on following him in order to help in the investigation. Myeong Woo attacks Hyun upon his arrival on the scene for involving Eun Hyeok and Ji Ahn in his scheme, but Hyun just asks for the brother of the attacker instead. Joon Ho, Sun Ho and Hyun begin to profile the brother. Big Bro doesn’t care about his little brother, Jae Shik, who begins to develop inferior complexity and from there, he killed big bro’s girlfriend due to jealousy and anger. His first taste of murder made him obsessed to kill. The guys leave no room for big brother to talk as they walk away to talk about Jae shik’s hideout.


Ji Ahn wakes up and sees Hyun sook, tied up as well. Ji Ahn recollects her memory and asks Hyun sook about their attackers and is surprised to hear a woman was involved. The three profilers begin to deduce the Jae shik’s hideout and his accomplice who could be his girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriend, Jae shik’s girlfriend comes down to meet the two hostages. Ji Ahn thinks back to when Hyun states that the killer cleaned the victims’ faces out of guilt. She tries to talk to her to appeal to her, but it falls on deaf ears as she walks over to Hyun sook’s side to clip her nails—she scratched Jae shik. Eun Hyeok’s surgery went well to Deputy Commissioner’s relief. Hehe!  Eun Hyeok is so worried about Ji Ahn that he beats himself up when he cannot think of the her location due to his concussion. Ji Ahn gives some survival tips to Hyun sook about acting brave so that her attacker doesn’t see her fear, however, she hides her outward fear so well to Hyun sook as she thinks, “Hyun, am I doing this right?” Ji Ahn has faith that they will be rescued, when Hyun sook cries that no one will find them and at the same time, Hyun believes that Ji Ahn will survive the attack.


Eun bok finds the location of the hideout and as the three profilers head out, Jae shik approaches the hostages. He goes over to Hyun sook who showed her fear and as he is about to attack, Ji Ahn begins to verbally attack his manhood which makes him angry. Eun Hyeok finally remembers the location and calls Hyun to relate the information. Joon Ho mentions how the chase is like a game, but Hyun counters that it is not a game to him. Seems Jae shik took the bait as he throws Ji Ahn on the floor like a rag. She tries to hold her footing, but she is clearly no match for him. The three profilers are at location and spot Jae shik’s girlfriend. Sun Ho and Hyun run to find the hostages, while Joon Ho stays behind. Hyun kicks off Jae shik, who is choking Ji Ahn. He checks up on Ji Ahn, while Sun Ho finishes the job. Joon Ho stares intensely at the girlfriend who explains that she is a victim as well. As Joon Ho moves closer to her, she pulls out a gun at him out of fear, but Myeong Woo and Seung Joo are there to disarm her, while Joon Ho pretends to have been scared.


Jae shik is taken in, Hyun sook is still shaking as Myeong Woo walks her out and Hyun checks up on Ji Ahn with Sun Ho looking at them in jealousy. Ji Ahn wakes up in the hospital to a room full of fine-looking men, except Dep. Commissioner (too old, hehe!). She is grateful to her rescuers and sneaks a look at Hyun, who is standing by the window. Pft, he pretends not to care, but his smile says otherwise. Sun Ho doesn’t fail to notice the exchange. Myeong Woo interrogates Jae shik who admits to everything, except torturing the victims. Jae shik’s girlfriend tells Hyun that she was forced to torture the victims per Jae shik’s order. Apparently, she has susceptibility disorder—a mental illness found in couple murderers. Hyun wonders if Min is suffering from the same disorder, especially if he was under Joon young. Joon Ho pays a visit to Ji Ahn and they talk about the kidnapping couple. Joon Ho throws out a theory, if there are ten people in a similar situation, would all make the same choice? He believes the girlfriend already had a tendency to kill before meeting Jae shik. Sun Ho brings flowers to Ji Ahn and as she admires them, both men give each other a distasteful look.


Hyun meets with Ji soo to confront her about Joon young. She thinks back to when Joon young rightly guessed that she wants to elevate herself in rank, especially being a female in a male dominated field. Dad stopped all communications from Joon young, but Joon young made a deal with her; let him go in exchange about other criminals. This was a huge career boost for her, but she didn’t know the type of guy she was dealing with. By the time dad died and Min disappeared, it was too late as she came into realization. Hyun is clearly hurt by this information as he yells uncontrollably that she raised him out of guilt and because of her, he believed Min was dead. He takes the blame upon himself as he says, “I didn’t look for him.” Sun ho thinks to himself, why didn’t Hyun look for him? Ji soo hands a fishing magazine to Hyun and tells him she got them in the mail, shortly after Joon young disappeared.


Hyun looks at the magazine and decipher that the addresses are location of other criminals. There was also a poem about grieving over a child’s death which might have led Ji soo to believe that Min was dead. Hyun decides to send a message to Joon young by advertising in the same magazine for them to meet. At the same time, a mysterious figure puts a book on Hyun’s table. Art buddy tells Hyun that Sun Ho has no birth records, adoption files, but Eun bok lived in an orphanage. Eun Hyeok is sad to see Ji Ahn gets discharged. He asks her to visit him before he goes home, but he gets discharged the next day, so retracting his statement, he apologizes for not protecting her. As Ji Ahn waits for aunt, who is stuck in traffic, Hyun shows up, looking awesome stepping out of his white car. Hehe! Ji Ahn quickly tells aunt to go back home. Hehe! At home, Hyun tells Ji Ahn that she is a patient for a day, so her wish is his command. Ji ahn tells Hyun about how being kidnapped made her think about her dad. Also, she was afraid that she would never see Hyun again. Hyun steps closer and tells her he is in front of her. Caught up in the moment, Ji Ahn kisses him.


First, let’s talk about romance. As surprising as the kiss was from Ji Ahn’s side, I would not be surprised if Hyun leaves her hanging. Even though, they are both aware of their chemistry, their romance is building up in a subtle way, meaning that it will take a backseat until the matter at hand is resolved. They are both in a vulnerable state at the moment for them to be mental and emotional ready to commit to a relationship. I can understand Ji Ahn falling for Hyun first because she did follow him mostly all her life to know what type of guy he is, but if Hyun reciprocate the feelings at the current situation, it will be uncomfortable to see. Don’t get me wrong, I want their romance to happen quickly, but the reveal of the murderer, Sun Ho/Min and Joon Ho/Joon young case is something that needs to be cleared out first.


It does seem that Eun Hyeok might be falling for Ji Ahn, but I doubt if there will be any love triangle because 1. It is just too awkward for this show to bring it in late in the game 2. Ji Ahn already has someone else at heart, again, awkward. 3. He keeps apologizing for not protecting her. We all know Ji Ahn is no damsel, so why apologize for not protecting her repeatedly. He is a mysterious person who is no ordinary team leader, so there is more to him, than being a second lead. Besides, the second lead title goes to Min, fighting for Hyun’a affection/attention.


I definitely know that Eun Bok is fishy, but I don’t want to go as far as being him being a killer, just because he is an orphan, well, for now that is, because there are still more clues for Hyun and us to piece together. Speaking of clues, Sun Ho/Min is definitely a killer. There is no doubt about that and I will like to be proven wrong. But, for now, he is. What I do love about the case of the week is that they reveal more about the characters. We do not know who Hyun, Min, Ji Ahn, Joon Ho and Eun Hyeok are, but with the case of the week, we are given some information about the cases, but it is more about these characters personality about either becoming a monster from birth or created by the environment. It is really brilliant writing, indeed.



Eun Hyeok is still a big mystery because we barely know about his past, but he does have a key role to play as well in the past of Hyun and Ji Ahn. We are yet to find out, but I want to believe that the next episode will dwell on it a little bit. Beside, when Deputy Commissioner said a little thanks in the bathroom, I had a feeling that he was glad his son didn’t die as a way to compensate for his past sins. I don’t know, I guess I am reading into the whole mystery. It was fun to see three smarties show us their other side and them working together. For now, Joon Ho holds the upper hand, just look at the dynamic of the upper picture, like they are being reprimanded for doing something wrong. Ahh! Well, it did feel creepy to see Hyun enjoy their collaboration, but at the same time, it felt so right. Would like more of this, but I doubt it. Hehe!




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