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I Remember You Episode 8 Recap

I Remember You Ep 8: Remember Me!


Ji Ahn and her attacker engage in a fierce combat, even though he is more built than her, she is still able to hold her ground. Go, girl! Hyun is able to figure out the cards connection and quickly calls Ji Ahn as he drives to her apartment, but with no answer he calls Eun Hyeok who doesn’t know Ji Ahn’s whereabouts either. Sun Ho is really having a hard time deciding if he should rescue Ji Ahn or not. Tough choice, dude! He does end up fighting the attacker and seems he knows who the attacker is. Hyun arrives just in time to see the attacker run away, but he is too concerned about Ji Ahn to give a chase as he goes in to check on her.Seeing Sun Ho trying to help Ji Ahn makes Hyun highly curious about Sun Ho’s appearance, but before the guys can duke it out, Ji Ahn falls unto Hyun’s hands as she is too weak from the fight. Luckily, Ji Ahn got treatment for mild concussion and bruise. While resting, the guys take it outside as Hyun doesn’t believe that Sun Ho’s rescue was a coincidence as Sun Ho claims it to be. Hyun ask if Seung Hoon who is in China sent a hitman to attack Ji Ahn. Sun Ho feigns ignorance which Hyun doesn’t buy.


Ji Ahn wakes up to see a fine specimen, Hyun staring at her. She is awkward about it; but that doesn’t stop her from her seething anger about catching the hitman and making sure he pays for messing up her pretty face. Hyun takes her home and she is surprised to see the police tape placed on her door. Quick flashback: Ji Ahn is so dazed from the fight that she puts the tape on the door to scare the hitman away, also to preserve fingerprint evidence. She packs some attire as she plans on staying at the station for a few days until the matter resolves. Hyun drives her to the station, but he changes his mind as he tells her that she will be staying with him for the time being.

Upon arrival to his home, Ji Ahn tells Hyun that she is not in his debt; ink of it as a repayment of him hiding at her place when he was a murder suspect. Hehe! Se is quick to make herself at home, considering she knows the in and outs of the house due to her stalking him. Late at night, Ji Ahn wakes as she hears Hyun having a bad dream about little Min. She gives him comfort as he holds onto her hand and is able to calm down. Morning doesn’t turn out to be great when Hyun suggests that Ji Ahn stay in her corner or he kicks her out because she gave him a fright when her face was the first thing he saw. Pft!


A worried Eun Hyeok calls Ji Ahn if she is okay since she is not home and her door is police proof. At work, Ji Soo chews out Ji Ahn for not reporting that a police officer was attacked at her home. The team will see to investigate the attack and Eun Hyeok offers his place to stay, but he stays with his dad, Deputy Commissioner. Hehe! Yea, right!

Sun Ho tells Seung Hoon’s lawyer to relay the message that he has taken a keen interest on Ji Ahn that way, he can get to Hyun; kill two birds with one stone, figuratively of course. Sun Ho gets a call from Ji Ahn who finally has tea with him. She thanks him for saving her and would like to know if Seung Hoon is involved. Besides, does Sun Ho have an interest in her? He does actually, but there is one person, he still has in his heart; his first love, perhaps? Quick flashback: Sun Ho recollects when his dad was attacked by Joon Young. He escapes and hides in a parked car. Minutes later, the car begins to move and it is Joon young’s. Hyun chases after the car as Min calls out for help, but as the car turns the corner, Min loses sight of his Hyun, who is not responsive as he trips on the ground. Joon Young is unresponsive to Min’s cries of his brother and as the drive continues, Min thinks his brother left him in the hands of Joon Young.


Hyun is curious if a murder can take place without leaving a corpse as he asks ME Joon Ho. Joon Ho is reluctant to explain the gruesome details on how that could be possible. Hyun suggests he writes it out (wants to compare writings of Joon Ho), but Joon Ho explains that it is definitely possible for it to happen if need be. Hyun gets a call from art buddy who still has a hard time doing a background check on the cops, Sun Ho and Joon Ho. however, through a friend of a friend; he is able to find who the owner of the signature art is. However, the art is not registered, but it can be tracked to a shipping company. In order to investigate properly, Hyun decides to get a job at the factory that deems him too overqualified. Hehe! Rather than working, Hyun poses series of questions to his trainer to know how the work system is concerning the workers.

Eun Hyeok calls Hyun to know if he can come in, but Hyun vaguely tells him he is working at his part-time job. The Special team is still not able to find any prints on the attacker. Before the day turns dark, Hyun finds a body that is hidden in a shipment box. The Special team are super pleased that they are called into the case and to their surprise, it was Hyun who called them in. Hehe! Myeong Soo should just let it go. Hyun also calls in Joon Ho to inspect the body. The body turns out to be a female worker at the shipment who has been missing for three days. At the dock, Hyun thinks back to a corpse-less murder. Ji Ahn joins him and asks if this is Joon Young’s M.O. Hyun asks a question that I have been curious about, what she will do when she comes face-to-face with joon Young. She doesn’t know what she will do, however, Hyun brings her focus back to case at hand; find the killer of the woman.


The team separate in order to look for evidence and Myeong Woo is quick to apprehend a suspect. During the investigation, the suspect is quick to confess to be the killer. The team is glad that it is a quick wrap up, but Hyun is not totally convinced as he enters the room, closes the door and turns off the recording and tapes. Showing the infinity symbol picture to the killer gives Hyun an opening as to who the killer is working for. All the killer knows is that he gets instruction from a phone call to dispose crates into the ocean, but one day he accidentally came across persecutor’s body and realizes what he is doing; the coworker’s death was not intentional though. Though, he doesn’t know who the sender is, he can recognize the voice. So, the question is how many crates has he disposed of? The number of beads he is wearing, says the killer.

Sun Ho decides that now is the time to paint…WHAT? However, his painting this time shows two men whose heads are separated with the infinity symbol at the side. He thinks back to the tea time with Ji Ahn as he tells her that rather than revealing himself to his first love, he will turn the chase into a game. Myeong Woo is angry at Hyun’s tactic, but Hyun doesn’t give out the new information, but makes eye contact with Ji Ahn. As the killer is taken into custody, Sun Ho pays a visit to the station; he gives a sly look at the killer who doesn’t look at him. Ji Ahn is curious as to Sun Ho’s visit and as he speaks, the killer stops at his tracks and looks back at Sun Ho, recognizing the voice.




Sun Ho is really a character and kudos to Park Bo Gum for the portrayal of a sweet lawyer who turns up the creep-o-meter in a second. Like I got chills when he decided to rescue Ji Ahn from the attacker. I was like argh, however, his fighting skill elevates him from cute to hot. Hehe! So, yea…like seriously, do they all have the same trainer. they all got skills. Speaking of skills, Ji Ahn, girlllllll, I see you. A kickass female, who is not feigning to be weak and damsel. I mean what use of a cop are you if you cannot engage in hand-to-hand combat. See, she don’t need you Hyun, she can do well all by herself. Okay, enough of my mini-feminist talk. I really do like how the romance is taking a backseat as the show focuses more on the mystery. It is good to love in the present, but not when the past can still determine the future. Screenshot_2015-07-20-00-24-36[1]

We know officially know that Sun Ho is Min. Whew, suspense ended, now the question is, is he really a killer or just a messenger? He does say that the chase has become a game to him now, so does he want to elevate the playing field by actually becoming a killer in order to catch his brother in a bind? More questions as we go along? I do hope he is not a killer, but then again where is the fun in that if Hyun is not torn between what he tried to prevent little bro from becoming to making sure he doesn’t give Joon Young the satisfaction of what he wants to see.


Oh, I noticed that in last week, we see a picture of two heads sharing a body, but towards the ends of this week, both heads become separated, with one face staring at the other who is facing forward. In the above picture, the men are facing away from each other, but now the dynamic has clearly changed. Yea, this is definitely a game to Sun Ho as he has symbolically detached himself from the past and is really to become his own being by going all out. I don’t know, what do you guys think?




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