I Remember You Episode 7 Recap

I Remember You Ep 7: Shall we be Partners?


Taking her silence and hesitation to answer is enough reason to make Hyun form his judgment on how Ji Ahn perceives him. Ji Ahn sends the team the picture of Jin Woo, the third person who might be involved in the crime. Seung Joo and Eun Bok verify his picture with that of a CCTV footage f him being around the location of the crime scene and off the team goes to track down Jin Woo.

The air sure is tense and awkward in the car as Ji Ahn and Hyun drive to meet the cops at Jin Woo’s apartment. Ji Ahn tries to break the tension and as she speaks, Hyun cuts her off to tell her not to be too mindful of him; it is burdensome and awkward. He gets a call from Sun Ho who keeps him updated about Joong Ha’s condition. Rather than letting Ji Ahn on the info, he drops her off at the side of the road and rushes to the hospital, Ji Ahn berates herself for almost feeling too guilty about earlier.


At the hospital, Joong Ha’s condition is stable and Hyun encourages him to press on, but he is going to bring Jin Woo, whom Joong Ha is protecting to justice. On his way out, Sun Ho asks why Hyun is fixated on Joong Ha since they are not related and all Hyun can say is that Joong Ha is someone who he considers a friend without any reason. Coming back from school, Jin Woo stops by a window display of knives and looks at his index finger which Joon Ha explains to Ji Ahn that the killer would definitely have a knife wound on his finger due to the force used from the stab. Ji Ahn joins Eun Hyeok and Myeong Woo as they get ready to approach Jin Woo. Myeong Woo chides Hyun’s absence as he claims that Hyun is always missing when they are about to apprehend a suspect.

The cops give a chase when they spot Jin Woo and Ji Ahn is able to use her ninja skills to apprehend the kid, though she did get bruised on the lips. All in a day’s job, people! Hyun startles Jin Soo and Eun Hyeok as he tells them to crack up the AC in the interrogation room; that’ll make Jin Woo more nervous and anxious to talk. Ji Ahn bumps into Hyun as she is buried in her readings, Hyun notices the cut on her lips,but before he can make a snarky remark, she is quick to say that her face will still be pretty regardless of a little scar. Hehe! He tells her that he needs her assistance in the investigation which pleases her; at least he is talking to her again.


Oh Hyun! The only reason why he needs her to at Jin Woo’s home is for her to crack Jin Woo’s computer password, since she has a mind of a violent teenager, it shouldn’t be too complicated, well either her or Myeong Woo who was unavailable at the time. Hehe! While going through Jin Woo’s stuff, he notices that the kid mostly keeps to himself, has strong anger issues, not too close with his mom and a deep longing of a father. Mom tells Hyun that Jin Woo never knew his father because he was murdered by Han Cheol, Joong Ha’s dad, before Jin Woo was born. So, she hid that fact from her son in order to forget the memories.

Whoop! Ji Ahn is able to log in, but Hyun’s no-respect for personal space gets her quiet and bothered for her to press on as he makes fun of her. Okay, turns out that Jin Woo might have misunderstood who his birthfather is. Since the mom remarried, there has been some confusion and since Joong Ha knows about the confusion, Joong Ha decides to befriend Jin Woo in order to protect him. Sun Ho pays Joong Ha a hospital visit. Joong Ha finds the story of The Wolf Story fascinating, since Hyun always read the story with his dad and younger bro. Sun Ho, though familiar with the story finds it childish, as Joong Ha falls asleep, Sun Ho wonders why Hyun is interested in Joong Ha.


At the station, Hyun promises to get a confession out of Jin Woo as he interrogates him. He reads Han Cheol’s rap sheet Jin Woo and tells him that the witness he killed was the one who saw Han Cheol commit his last crime. Jin Woo basically confesses as he states that the witness had it coming to him. The team is confused, but Ji Ahn breaks it down to them. Han Cheol is actually Joong Ha’s dad. Joong Ha decides to befriend Jin Woo after a meeting about broken families because Joong Ha realized that his father murdered Jin Woo’s dad.

However, due to the mom’s secret about his birth dad, Jin Woo mistook Han Cheol to be his dad; therefore, Jin Woo is exacting revenge on the wrong dad. Jin Woo states that his life would have turned out differently if only he had his dad present in his life; he wouldn’t have suffered in the hands of his step-dad. Hyun ask if Han Cheol is really his father and Jin Woo says yes, but as Hyun begins to throw doubt his way and with that realization, Jin Woo breaks down, while Hyun just stares coldly.


Sun Ho narrates the Native American legend of the two wolves.

–The Native American grandpa tells his grandson the story:

We have two wolves within our hearts.

One wolf is evil with rage, envy, jealousy, arrogance and inferiority

The other one is a good wolf. He brings with him dignity, peace, love, hope and  faith.

            –Grandpa, which one wins then?

–The one you are feeding the food to.

He finishes his story as Ji Ahn and Hyun stand beside Joong Ha’s bedside. Joong Ha’s condition has gone from bad to worse, so they need to prepare. Ji Ahn takes Sun Ho outside to give Hyun and Joong Ha some space. Ji Ahn thinks Hyun and Joong Ha are both alike because they doubt themselves; however, she doesn’t speak her mind to Sun Ho who suggests they become acquaintances. Joong Ha tells Hyun that he tried really hard not to become like his father before he dies.


Ji Ahn feels sad that she cannot comfort Hyun, who is grieving about Joong Ha’s death. Her aunt tells her to keep on banking on the emotion of hating Joon Young as a suspect because that is what has kept her going for a long time. With that, Ji Ahn calls Hyun for them to meet in a central place between their homes; the park. Once encountered, she throws insults his way, but at the end, she states that she doesn’t think he is a monster. After stalking him, she has come to realize that he is not a bad person. Hyun is so touched by this that he looks at her intensely, which makes her avoid eye contact. He turns her towards him and she looks him in the eye to say that he might be a weird dude, but he is a good guy; he should never allow himself to think he is a monster because he is not.

Hyun looks at her with intensity which makes her utterly uncomfortable, so to break the awkwardness, she proposes they become partners and to commemorate, she asks him to see a movie. She is about to die of embarrassment, but Hyun suggests they see the movie the next day instead. Hyun visits Han Cheol to break the news that his son, Joong Ha is dead; the irony of his death is that he lived his life in fear of trying not to be a murderer like his father, while Jin Woo, who is not his real son, became the murder that killed his own son.


Eun Hyeok commends his team for keeping busy on a weekend, even though they are really not working. He asks about Ji Ahn who usually works on a weekend. Don’t worry boys, Ji Ahn has other plans as she gets ready for her date-or-not date with Hyun. When Hyun gets to the theatre, Ji Ahn prompts him that the movies playing are not his style, so she suggests they eat. Stunned at first, Hyun realizes that through her stalking him over the years, she knows what he likes and doesn’t. That same concept is applied when she states that there are no restaurants he prefers to eat it. So, Hyun asks her to pick a place and she chooses an old amusement park she used to go to as a little girl with a dad.

The park is abandoned, but Ji Ahn still drags Hyun along and let her imaginations run wild. After taking selfies with a reluctant Hyun, Hyun notices that they are being followed as they head home. At home, Hyun muses that there is a myster that he momentarily forgo about, Joon Ho. Ji Ahn contemplates if the day spent with Hyun was a date or not, when Hyun calls to ask to see Joon Ho’s writings of the death certificates and autopsies reports; way to damper the mood, dude.


Hyun thinks back to the park when he gave a chase to the guy following them. Sun Ho looks at the picture of Hyun and Ji Ahn at the park and sees that they are getting closer than he thought. He thinks back to when he visited Seung Hoon in China and tells his secretary to set up an appointment. Hyun asks his art buddy friend to do a background check on the Team Squad because one of them is a murderer; though he says Myeong Woo is not really included, but art buddy should still go ahead with the checking.

Sun Ho tells Seung Hoon to take care of Ji Ahn, while he leaves Hyun to him and as he leaves the room, a picture with the two heads and infinity symbol is revealed. Ji Ahn runs into Sun Ho at the grocery store and they pay each other complimentaries. On her way home, her car refuses to start, so Sun Ho offers her a ride home. as he unloads the groceries, some fruits fell out, but he doesn’t pick them up as he offers to carry her bags, but she declines.


He looks at her with an ominous look as she climbs up the stairs. Hyun looks through his mail and sees a red, unaddressed envelope. Inside is a card with car spelt on it and blood splatter with the letter V written at the bottom. Upon arriving at her home, Ji Ahn puts down her bags to open the door and as she bends to pick it up a faceless man appears behind her, she feels a presence, and her eyes widen with surprise as she turns around.


Never a dull moment. When the show gets climatic, it gets climatic. Every little move each character makes, I get on edge because I don’t know what their next train of thoughts might be. Though, it can be predictable, it is the execution that makes the suspense works.

By now, we should begin to have a little bit of idea who Sun Ho is, like common, it is written clearly for us to see. He is Min. The Wolf Story really sums up this whole episode and raises an awesome question, are people born evil or made evil? How can two people of the same blood become different as time goes on? This kinds of questions really do boggle my mind, not due to the drama, but in reality as well. I did a little bit of research on Juvenile children and things that came up where similar to what this episode covered, so in a way, this episode made me think back about my research encounters, really powerful stuff here and I applaud the writers for going out of the way to incorporate The Wolf Story into the plot.


I just cannot wait to see how the crime of the week brings us closer to solving the mystery of why Min/Sun Ho turns out to be the way he is, or so we assume him to be. But, before we can do that, can we have more fake date, pleaseeee.


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