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I Remember You Episode 6 Recap

I Remember You Ep 6: Murderer’s Blood

wpid-2015-07-15_15.07.53.jpgJi Ahn revisits the files of the dead cops killed by Dae Young and the next victim he has in mind is Prosecutor Shin Jang Oh. Speaking of Jang Oh, Hyun questions why Jang Oh let innocent Young Chul; Dae Young’s dad, go to jail instead of dead victim, Hyeok Jo.

That is because Hyeok Jo was an informant to the cops against the mob,
but Hyeok Jo killed Young Chul’s wife and daughter, so someone else had to take the blame because the mob needed to be imprisoned for their heinous crimes; it is for the greater good Jang Ho claims. Hyun is not buying that logic because Jang Oh did what he did in order to claim the title of a hero and righteous persecutor. Hyun basically compares Jang Ho’s train of thoughts to that of a psychopath; kill one, save many.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.11.26.jpgJang Oh turns the table around as he mentions Hyun’s dad and his involvement with Joon Yeong’s case, since Prosecutor Jang Oh was the one who put Joon Yeong away for a robbery-murder case. He tries to put Hyun in a corner as he mentions Hyun having two memory losses episode when he was younger before Hyun can process this new information, he gets whacked on the head from behind. Hyun’s subconscious takes him back to when his mother was happy and alive, to his brother calling for him, to his mom screaming at him to run, and a Hyacinth flower splattered in blood. Ji Ahn wakes up from her nap, at home, and muses that her home is empty as she thinks of Hyun keeping her home lively. She shakes off the feeling, but it is clear that it is not gone. Looking at the picture frame with her dad and younger herself, she sees the note Hyun left behind about remembering his old stalker. Hyun wakes up to Ji Ahn’s call with a bloody head as he sees that Jang Oh is missing, but a small drawing of a purple hyacinth flower with blood on it was left behind.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.12.14.jpgDeputy Commissioner begrudgingly reinstates Ji Ahn due to Eun Hyeok’s persistence, while Eun Hyeok is still reeling in his glory of apprehending Dae Young. He believes that his team will give him the utmost respect and see him as someone of worth. Infact, he wants the team to have an advisor. In a room, a mysterious man gives a young man a copy of Hyun’s book with instructions in it. The young man sits in on Hyun’s lecture as Hyun begs the question, can the son of a murder become a murderer himself? Hehe! Ji Ahn and Eun Hyeok also sit in the lecture as well.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.13.39.jpgAfter class, Hyun dismisses his number two and three in order to speak with number one first. The young man wants to know if a child of a murderer, who grew up in a harsh environment can also become a murderer. Hyun is not too sure on how to answer as the younger man goes on to ask how Hyun’s perceives him. Eun Hyeok informs Ji Ahn about the missing Jang Oh who sent a note to the cops and persecutors that he doesn’t want to be found. Number two, Eun Hyeok, goes straight to the point, he wants Hyun to join the team as a consultant, with a minimal pay and lots of gratitude. Hyun declines, but he will work for free when the case is of a high interest to him.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.15.08.jpgNumber three, Ji Ahn, asks if Hyun’s memory is back. He teases her for a bit until a flashback shows that he had met Ji Ahn as kids, while she was trying to defend her father’s name and also eavesdropping at the cops who were kinda talking smack about Hyun and his dad. They banter a bit about who deceived whom, until Hyun tells Ji Ahn that his memory came back when he saw Joon Young’s stole case file at her apartment after Ji Soo clearly told him that there was no file on the case. Hyun sits in the basement with the picture from Jang Oh’s house and thinks back to the conversation with the young man about the son of a murderer becoming a murderer himself. The young man get package of The Wolf Story sent to him by Hyun.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.17.43.jpgHyun invites Joon Ho over for dinner, while the latter offers to assist Hyun in the kitchen. While they are busy forming a weird relationship, there is a murder between the young man and another in an apartment. But, the young man is not dead as he tells the cop beside him that he killed the other victim before passing out. Hyun decides to tell Joon Ho about the conversation he had with the young man when he gets a call from Eun Bok that Joon Ho was the first to arrive at Jin Suk’s crime scene before the paramedics or cops. Dinner turns from weird to creepy as Joon Ho states that the dead are the reason for him not going to the States to visit his wife and kid. Hmm, apparently Eun Bok arrived earlier to the crime scene before the cops did, per Seung Joo, but he did not mention that to Hyun, neither did he explain his reason.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.18.37.jpgThe paramedic sees Hyun’s phone number scribbled on a paper that the young man, Joong Ha’s held. Soon, Hyun gets a call and Joon Ho decides to follow him to access the victim. At the hospital, Hyun and Joon Ho dive right into questioning the cops about the incident, rather than answering the cops’ question. As the guys split, Hyun calls Sun Ho and asks him to represent Joong Ha. Ji Ahn overheard Eun Bok’s phone call to Hyun earlier and is curious on why Hyun wants to know who were on Jin Suk crime scene when she gets a call from Hyun to meet her outside. While waiting, she sees a couple cute interactions and she blushes as she assumes that that is what Hyun has in mind. Ha! Bubble burst. They are just going to the crime scene.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.20.45.jpgJoong Ha’s case is not given to Ji Ahn’s team, but Eun Hyeok is able to pull some strings. Before Hyun can enter the crime scene, Eun Hyeok traps Hyun to agree to be a consultant to the team. Hehe! At the scene, Ji Ahn and Hyun come to the same conclusion that the killer was right-handed, while Joong Ha is left-handed, due to the blood splatter. Even Joon Ho confirms it after accessing the other victim’s wound mark. Sun Ho arrives at the hospital when he sees Joon Ho sitting by Joong Ha’s bed side. Yeaaa…I think they know each other and my heart just skipped a beat in a scared way.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.23.26.jpgEun Hyeok briefs the team about the new case; though the credit goes to another jurisdiction if they do solve it. He also informs the team that Hyun will be joining the team. This irritates Myeong Woo as he theorizes that whenever there is a case, Hyun is always there; first as a cop impersonator, second as a murder suspect and third as Joong Ha’s friend. Hyun and Ji Ahn are still at the scene reenacting what transpired and conclude that there was a third person involved. Ji Ahn wants to buy that, but she is not completely sold yet on Hyun’s conclusion. Myeong Woo is still bitter about Hyun and believes that Hyun’s involvement in all the crimes is to manipulate for murder to happen. This makes Eun Hyeok more glad about Hyun being on the team because the best profilers are criminals.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.26.30.jpgHyun and Ji Ahn visit Joong Ha at the hospital and see Sun Ho sitting by his bedside. Ji Ahn is confused as she clarifies that Sun Ho and Hyun are familiar with Joon Ha and Hyun hired Sun Ho as Joong Ha’s lawyer. Hyun sends them home and on their way out, Sun Ho offers to give Ji Ahn a ride back, but she politely declines even though Sun Ho tries to defend himself that a lawyer has to be neutral in all situations concerning his clients’ cases. The next morning, Hyun tells Joong Ha that he knows that he is covering for someone, but Joong Ha is mum as he only requests that he wants to read the book Hyun sent to him.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.30.21.jpg The team surmises that Joong Ha’s dad, Lee Han Cheol, is in jail and the victim, the ither guy in the room with Joong Ha, was a witness to the murder Han Cheol committed. Thus, Joong Ha’s wound is a result of the argument he had with his accomplice. Han Cheol gets a visit from someone other than his son. Ji Ahn is still disputing with Hyun that maybe Hyun got his theory backwards because he truly wants to believe that Joong Ha is not the culprit. Hyun goes to Joong Ha’s apartment to get the book Joong Ha needs. He looks around and comes across the message Joong Ha received earlier. He sees that the writings are clearly different and he is now certain that Joong Ha was being sent to him. Speaking of someone, Joon Ha is reading a copy of Hyun’s book as an ominous music plays.

wpid-2015-07-15_15.30.57.jpgSun Ho visits Joong Ha at the hospital only to find out that he went into septic shock due to an infection. Ji Ahn waits outside Joong Ha’s apartment when Hyun sees her. She asks why he is so obsessed about Joong Ha and Hyun replies that Joong Ha doubts himself “like me.”  Hyun then presses Ji Ahn for answers, why did she keep her identity from him when they first met, she could have easily revealed who she was. She says it is because Hyun pretended not to know her, and that hurt her pride. Wrong! Hyun states that it s is because she doubts him and thinks that he is a monster just like Joon Young then he asks her the same question Joong Ha asks him earlier in the episode, “how do I look in your eyes?”


Okay, I am done trying to make this recap as short as I can. There is too much info that I cannot miss, except I do mini-recaps and cut a chunk out, but it clearly will not do this show justice.

First, the Special Squad Team! Finally, these are cops that are actually doing their jobs, but at the same time, they are so suspicious, I do not trust any of their judgment. First, Eun Hyeok and his jujito-ninja skills, then Eun Bok leaving out bits of information, to Seung Woo just giving off a Cheshire cat weird vibe. They are just too mysterious and I do hope the writers take a step back and dive into the characters a little bit and take a break from the crime of the week so that we too can have an idea of what these guys are as we get to Hyun and Ji Ahn as well.

I mentioned in episode 5 that we always know what happens in Ji Ahn’s mind as she debates internally and speaks out, but we don’t know what truly happens in Hyun’s, except when he is solving a case. Hyun definetly suspects that someone from the team is not who they seem to be and even Joon Ho, the creppy dude, is just too creepy for his taste. Like seriously, either this guy has major crush on Hyun or he is Joon Hoon.

As we progress, the characters get more mysterious and Hyun’s thought process gets harder to decipher. The only time I can read his expression or dig a little into his mind is when he is with Ji Ahn and that is because he lets his guard down around her. There is a sense of comfort and nostalgic feeling of the past that he feels around her and this could be because they both have something in common; lost family and Joon Hoon.

So, it is sad to see the desperation in his eyes as he waits for Ji Ahn’s reponse of her perception of him. I mean for someone who hasn’t killed and doubts himself to be a killer, I can see why he clearly needs someone to believe in him for once in his life. hHs dad didn’t and I am sure older Min didn’t either. Speaking of Min, Sun Ho is Min. That is what I will say for now, until I see episode 7.




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