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I Remember You Episode 5 Recap

I Remember You Ep 5:
Thou shalt murder, however…


Ji Ahn comes out of the closet and quickly apologizes for impending on the crime scene without permission;
she is just so eager to come back to the team. She distracts Myeong Woo and Eun Hyuk from pressing on as she states that Myeong Woo would be reported for sexual harassment. Hyuk is impressive as he lets out a smirk when Ji Ahn successful leads the men outside the apartment. Eun Hyuk tells Ji Ahn not to go to crime scenes alone again. Alone in the apartment, Hyun wonders if Joon Young had framed him for murder, but he lets the idea dissolve as questions why Jin Suk did not defend himself.

Seeing that the man was taking medication for chemotherapy, maybe he died out of guilt as the murderer could be avenging. Sun Ho thinks back to the old dude words, he wants to find his missing son. In a warehouse, another body, maybe left by the hooded figure, is discovered by a random guy in the warehouse. The scene later changes to the hooded figure standing over two dead bodies of a woman and her daughter.


Ji Ahn is eating noodles with Eun Hyuk and Myeong Woo, whom the former feels deeply apologetic over Ji Ahn’s downgrading. However, it is Ji Ahn who feels sorrier for harboring and aiding a murder suspect, but you know she just smiles and accept the apology; Myeong Woo is just hungry. Ji Ahn comes home to find Hyun cuddled up in a fetus position on the rug. She tells him to stay within the boundaries of the rug. Ji Ahn notices blood on Hyun’s shirt as she cleans up. She quickly rolls him over on the floor to inspect the wound stab. Though, Hyun insist she gets her hands off him, she still treats the wound which he allows as he sleeps off.

Hyun wakes up a little while to see Ji Ahn curled up beside him, sleeping. He carefully carries her towards her bed, but he quickly comes to his senses and drops her instead. Ha! What a gentle-boy! The next morning Ji Ahn wakes up to a clean apartment and food almost ready to be eaten. After cleaning up, it is time to dig in. Ji Ahn is a messy eater as Hyun can testify when he constantly cleans up after her. This triggers a memory of when he used to clean up after little Min. back to reality, he tells Ji Ahn that all the niceness doesn’t come for free; he needs a favor.


Ji Ahn visits the old team as they are in the process of investigation. Myeong Woo hilariously tries to block her from viewing the investigation board. Art buddy complains to Hyun of being his personal driver and bank as he drives him to the meet Joon Ho. Hyun finally lets his art buddy know that he is a murder suspect, but he cannot call the cops because he will be an accomplice. Ha! Poor guy! Joon Ho thinks Hyun is there to see the body of the new victim, Jo Hyeok Jo. Joon Ho explains that the death of the victim is similar to that of Jin Suk. As Hyun leaves, Joon Ho tells him to buy him a meal once name is being cleared up. This surprises Hyun who just agrees.

While lounging as the old team works, Ji Ahn secretly prints out Jin Suk’s record. Hyun calls her to tell her to check on Hyeok Joo’s case file to compare to Jin Suk’s. Myeong Woo is suspicious of her still hanging around; luckily, he gets distracted when Eun Hyuk announces another body being found. Ji Ahn takes the files of Ji Suk and Hyeok Joo as the team leaves for the scene. Looking over the files with Hyun at her apartment, Ji Ahn’s conscience begins to eat her up as she complains of doing major obstruction as a police officer. Hyun strokes her head as a sign of good job; so offensive, yet adorable. Ah, my contradictions!!

They burn the night light as they work; Ji Ahn ends up falling asleep. She wakes up and finds Hyun outside staring at the stars, while sipping beer. He tells her that the Big Dipper has many interpretations in different cultures on how the stars connect. He relates that to the case and says that he is yet to connect the dots; they talk while in directly drinking beer from the same can.


A guy in a hoodie follow a man home, next the team arrives at the scene for their next case. Seung Joo fills Ji Ahn with the new info which brings a smile to Hyun’s face as he overhears the phone conversation. The stabbed victim is a retired policeman who was involved in a huge case 15 years ago. Hyun tells Ji Ahn that the suspect of the old case was the father and husband of the dead woman and daughter from earlier who was convicted of their murder. The only person that survived was Park Dae Young, his ten years old son, who hid, while the crime took place. Hyun thinks that Dae Young is just a “the sole survivor” like him, while Ji Ahn thinks that Dae Young is “like me,” as they drive.

Guy in hoodie, aka, Dae Young, reassures his dead sister and mother that there is one person left to kill. When he leaves the room, so do the corpses, which disappear. Myeong Woo wonders why Ji Ahn is looking into the case as he catches Seung Joo looking up on Dae Young.


Ji Ahn and Hyun try to meet with Park Young Chul, the father of Dae Young, who is at jail, but he is currently meeting up with his lawyer, who turns out to be Sun Ho. Hyun and Sun Ho trade Greek philosophical barbs at each other which confuses Ji Ahn. Hehe! Smart jerks! Sun Ho asks if he looks familiar to Hyun, but Hyun doesn’t know him which makes Sun Ho smile creep in, however, as he leaves their midst, he smile fades away, maybe from overhearing that he is not that important for Hyun to remember him.

Seung Joo calls Ji Ahn to inform her that Dae Young’s home address is still the same and he has no phone records. Hyun decides to play bad cop as he questions Young Chul who claims to be the killer so he brings out the big guns as he asks if Young Chul ordered his son to kill. This breaks Young Chul as he sobs uncontrollably. Good cop, Ji Ahn is left to finish the job as she shares her backstory with Young Chul on how, like Dae Young, she is a criminal’s daughter.

Her dad was one of the prison guards who escorted Joon Hoon in the ambulance, however, they were never found again. Due to that, she was made fun of because people believed her father conspired with the prisoner. Still, she remained strong in her convictions that her dad is innocent. She wants to help Dae Young because she clearly understands where he is coming from. Ji Ahn informs the team about Dae Young’s whereabouts. As the team head to the location, without Eun Hyuk, who is feeling the struggles of constipation, Dae Young looks at crossed out pictures, except one; the Old dude.


The house is empty as the team arrives. Myeong Woo is quick to know where to look as he finds the pictures and deducts that the Old dude is Prosecutor Shin Jang woo. Ji Ahn and Hyun arrive at the house as the team is heading out and Ji Ahn begs Myeong Woo to investigate with them, though Myeong woo is just irritated at the sight of Dave, aka, David Lee, aka, Hyun.


Hyun stays behind to survey the house, while Dae Young is in Pros. Jang woo’s bedroom. As Dae Young is about to attack, Eun Hyuk jumps out of the covers and tells Dae Young not to press further. That doesn’t deter Dae Young as the two decide to engage in a fierce combat. As I pick my mouth off the floor, the team arrives to see Eun Hyuk cuffing Dae Young. However, Eun Hyuk’s glory is short-lived when he trips the stairs.

Hyun scopes through Dae Young’s room full of books and picks out The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He reads the marked line which talks about going to the past to right the wrong. Deputy Commissioner commends the team and Myeong woo and Eun Hyuk subtly tells him to reinstate Ji Ahn, which he refuses, but Ji Soo promises to get her back on the team. As the team drink to success, they don’t seem too excited as they talk about how Pros. Jang woo prosecuted Young Chul wrongfully while, he had let go of  the real killer, Hyeok Joo, due to their associations.


Young Chul denies to be retried and Dae Young is put in the same prison as his dad as he admits to the killings per an order from someone in a bigger position. Ji Ahn cannot shake what Myeong woo had stated earlier about Dae Young living with the dead; he lived in the same house where his mom and sister died. At home, as Hyun makes tea, he sees his dead dad in the kitchen as Ji Ahn wonders what life would be like to live with the one’s dead family.

(I am slow on recapping because I need to catch up on all the shows, anyways here is my analysis).

This show is too good to recap. There are a lot of details and I do not do it justice by writing a summary of the show which I intended to do. If you are not watching this show, NOW IS THE TIME TO.  Everything and everyone just connects with the main characters which is what I figure what this show is trying to do. The case of the week is not an individual case that will build the characters up, but they are cases that do relate to the characters and try to give us a glimpse of who the characters were in the past and what they are now.


Dae Young is a perfect example of how Hyun and Ji Ahn are living in the present. He shows the complexity of living in the past as he fights in the present of a past that he cannot let go. He is a product of what is like to be pushed to the edge due to a situation that messed his caused the lives of his family. We are yet to find out the reason for his killings, but so far, we know that he is not doing it for fun, but out of obligation. But who is he obliged to is the question?

He is so similar to Hyun in the sense that he still lives with the dead and that is not literally, but figuratively. He cannot move on. He is stuck because he doesn’t know how to get past a life that he never had answers to. They are both stagnant and it was really sad to see Dae Young break down at the back of the police car because you can see that he is stuck and wants out.


As for Ji Ahn, she feels that it is her duty to finish what was never started. She bears the cross of scrutiny because she cannot seem to get past that until issues of the past are cleared. It almost seems eerie that she might also be living with the dead; being static because she is needs answers. She feels like she needs to clear the family name so that they can move on, but what family? When she herself is the sole survivor of the past that.

It really is sad to see children take on the responsibility of their parents at a really young age. Hmm, this brings me to a question that Joon Hoon had asked, are psychos born or made? Ack! I cannot wait to watch episode 6.


I don’t care if Eun Hyuk is shady, but for the time being. A ninja-skilled Eun Hyuk is a hot Eun Hyuk. Eek.


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