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I Remember You Episode 4 Recap

I Remember You Ep 4: Lee Hyun

2015-07-08_21.52.29[1]Backed to the stair rail, Hyun curiously asks Ji Ahn how she is able to find his house considering that he purposely sent her the wrong number and no complete address. Ji Ahn thinks back to when they were younger on how she stalked little Hyun multiple times. Hilariously, on multiple occasions where Ji Ahn faces Hyun, he repeatedly tells her to get lost. A persistent little girl, as Ji Ahn stalks Hyun to Church and overhears his confession on being the cause of his father’s death. Back to reality, Ji Ahn claims that she is Hyun’s fan, since she cannot bring herself to truly confess. Twisting her words around, Hyun deducts that she is just a stalker rather than a fan since she knows where he lives and all. A little more prideful than she is supposed to be, Ji Ahn tells Hyun that she is done obsessing over him since she is now channeling her energy on EXO, K-pop boy group. She calls truce, but Hyun kicks her out instead. Ha, the nerve!


2015-07-08_21.58.00[1]Sun Ho gets a surprising call that Ji Ahn is the person behind Seung Hoon’s arrest, rather than Hyun as he suspected. Deputy Commissioner is highly pissed that Seung Hoon is being persecuted in a different country since he is a Korean citizen and because of Ji Ahn tip to the cops in China, he wants to issue a disciplinary action against her and have her demoted. This news doesn’t sit well for Planning manager Ji Soo and Team leader Eun Hyuk. Eun Hyuk is so pissed that the Commissioner is acting irrationally that he let’s slip by shouting “father” as he slams his fist on the table. Ouchie! This is a surprising news to detective Myeong Woo and rookies Seung Joo and Eun Bok. What is more surprising is that Ji Ahn overhears her disband and is highly pissed at Hyun. The day is definitely full of surprises as Sun Ho announces his presence at the station. As they speak outside in private, Ji Ahn is about to give herself away when her thoughts catches up with her mouth, she wonders how Sun Ho knows that Hyun one who did the behind-the-scene work of catching Seung Hoon.


2015-07-08_22.02.50[1]At home, Hyun finds Ji Ahn’s handcuffs on the floor (she angrily threw her backpack at him when she went to his home to confront him). On his way out, he gets body sprayed with a garden hose by his neighbor, medical examiner, Joon Ho. As they exchange pleasantries; both of them are giving themselves clues on what type of profession they are into. Joon Ho invites Hyun inside to dry up and in a tense moment, there is a scalpel that is rising higher and drawing closer to Hyun’s neck as he backs Joon Ho while changing shirt. Whew! Joon Ho just wants to remove the cloth tag from Hyun shirt. The moment is still tense and awkward as both of them sip tea, while Joon Ho explains that he is excited to have a neighbor over since his family lives aboard.

2015-07-08_22.18.36[1]A hooded figure walks in an abandoned warehouse, spewing words of regret as he leaves a body behind. Sun Ho visits Seung Hoon, who is being detained in a Chinese prison. Seung Hoon just wants to get revenge on Ji Ahn and Hyun, rather than focus on being released. Since Ji Ahn is demoted to being a customer representative for the cops, in essence, she hates it. So, she takes a break to visit her old team. They are not too keen on her presence, but they are quick to shield to her from Deputy Commissioner who happens to walk by. Such cuties! Hyun goes down to the house basement when he gets a call from his dad’s old colleague, Yang Jin Suk (the guy who called little Hyun a genius for getting the correct number of the match sticks). At first, Hyun declines his offer, until he tells Hyun that he has information on Joon Young, the psycho. Hyun arrives at Jin Suk’s apartment, but there is no response when Hyun presses the door bell. That is because Jin Suk got stabbed by the hooded figure who visited him earlier. Hyun finds Jin Suk on the floor reeling from the stab wounds and quickly calls the police for assistance, but it is too late as Jin Suk passes out before he can utter a word to Hyun. As Hyun looks around the apartment, he feels a presence and before he can assess the scene properly, the hooded figure comes out from hiding and engages in a rough, but awesome hand-t-hand combat with Hyun. Hyun is definitely winning the fight, but the hooded figure quickly jumps out of the two-storied window. He limps away uttering words of forgiveness as Hyun watches him escape. Hyun is quick to leave when the police arrive to the scene. It is not long before the team realizes that Hyun was at the apartment, thanks to a parked car video black box that places Hyun at the scene of the crime.

2015-07-08_22.19.23[1]Ji Ahn gets a wind of the case as Myeong Soo calls her to know Hyun’s whereabouts. She rushes to Hyun’s home to find it empty. Upon arriving at her apartment, she is startled to see Hyun calmly sitting down playing games. Hyun guesses correctly that Ji Ahn went to his house first and he gives her an opportunity to arrest him with her handcuffs she dropped at his home. He does claim his innocence, since he is a kid who is rebelling against his father, he refuses to kill (father labels him as a monster). He admits to Ji Ahn that he has nowhere to hide from the cops who now peg him as a murder suspect. Sun Ho and lawyer anonymous are having a meeting with an old dude who is telling a story about Boy A and Boy B. Both boys were paying with bows and arrows and boy A shot boy B to death. Old dude believes that A intentionally murdered B. Besides, A grew up well and as he says that, he smiles at Sun Ho. When alone, old dude ask Sun Ho for a favor of borrowing his body for a deed that needs to get done. This doesn’t bode well for Hyun.

2015-07-08_22.20.04[1]Ji Ahn decides to aid a murder suspect after having a debate with herself. After giving her rules to Hyun, while hiding some part of her pasts, she asks why Hyun was at Jin Suk’s apartment. Hyun states that she should have asked him how she knew Jin Suk first. He claims his innocence and Ji Ahn strangely believes him. She lets him hide in her place for the time being. Later that evening, she brings Hyun to the crime scene. Hyun inspects the apartment as he comes across a medication of Jin Suk, which he pockets. He recounts how he encountered the killer and how Jin Suk’s home or wound did not show any sign of defense against his attacker. Before he can go into full investigative mood, they get interrupted by the arrival of Eun Hyuk and Myeong Woo.

2015-07-08_22.21.31[1]Hyun and Ji Ahn hide in the closest as the two cops inspect the apartment. Myeong Soo tells Eun Hyuk that he really doesn’t believe that Hyun is the culprit, but he just wants to get the satisfaction of cuffing Hyun. This irritates Hyun, and pleases Ji Ahn. Hehe! Ji Ahn is slightly getting more uncomfortable as the notices the proximity to Hyun…whoop!!! Myeong Woo, then, flips the table when he tells Eun Hyuk that he doesn’t find Ji Ahn attractive due to her lack of figure; he wants a curvatious woman. Irritated by his statement, Ji Ahn is readily about to pounce on Myeong Woo, but Hyun signals her to stay calm. Realizing how close she is to Hyun, Ji Ahn starts to hiccups. Girllllll!!!!! I felt that too. Oops, I mean, Eun Hyuk and Myeong Woo hear the sound coming from the closet and as they approach with weapons drawn, the hiccups gets louder and panic is written on Hyuk and Ji Ahn’s face.


Screenshot_2015-07-08-19-07-42[1]All I know is that episode 5 better start with a kiss to silence Ji Ahn. Oh, my imagination keeps running wild. Hehe! New information is beginning to unravel as we enter into the world of Hyun and Ji Ahn. There is more to Ji Ahn than her stalking Hyun for over 20 years. I am sure there is a deeper reason to her stalking him since her early years. What I did find interesting is that she approached Hyun, I believe, post-amnesia. If that is the case, that means, genius Hyun does remember her, but he wants to know the reason for her obsession over him, since, he never gave her the time of day, when they were younger, for her to explain herself on why she follows him constantly. I mean c’mon, what is the title of the show and besides he used the keywords, “get lost” before throwing her out of the house. Hmm hmm! Ji Ahn has a tendency to talk out loud, say the opposite of what she thinks; she says one thing in her mind/voiceover and says another with her mouth, what she doesn’t realize is that this is a habit that she is so used to, she doesn’t even know when she says her train of thoughts out loud. This is a trait of hers that could be of importance as the story continues—either in the romance sector or in crime solving.


Though their meeting started out in a weird way, Hyun finally gets to meet another mysterious character, Joon Ho, aka Joon Young, in my opinion, the dude just gives off these weird vibes. Unless, new characters are introduced or the present characters act beyond their current role for new suspicions to arise, I will say Joon Ho is the pycho who is literally by Hyun as he watches Hyun curiously. By the way, Joon Ho, thanks for the wet shower, I mean, the garden hose scene. It was very commercial-like and slow mo. Hehe!

Screenshot_2015-07-07-23-02-46[1]Lastly, Eun Hyuk. I was kind of thrown off when he yelled dad. However, what actually got me curious about him is the fact that he is more than just a bumbling team leader. When he slammed his fist on the table, due to his father irrationality, Eun Hyuk shows that he is someone who is more capable than he lets on. For example, when Myeong Woo “stylishly” took his picture of him shedding a tear at Jin Suk’s crime scene off the investigation board, Eun Hyuk is quick to catch that even though he says nothing. I get a feeling that he is someone who upholds justice dearly or someone who is just as bad. Given that this show is a mystery, anyone who is encounters Ji Ahn or Hyuk is not someone to be highly trusted, considering the fact that they show an entire different side to them or give off a vibe that plays with an inconsistency of what their character is based on.








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  1. Yes I don’t trust Joon Ho, I think he might be connected to Hyun and he think he has an ulterior motive. but let’s see how this plays out. Lovely write up by the way.


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